Walking Interval Training : Muscle Building Bird Dog Exercises

Step fifteen, bird dog. So, we’ve been doing our moderate walk. And,
now we’re going to stop and so more strengthening exercises. This one is going to be the bird
dog. And, this really strengthens the core and it helps you balance. And, it really helps
to stabilize the muscles. So, what we do you find a nice grassy area somewhere in your
walk. Or, if you don’t mind getting down on the ground is fine. So, on your hands and
knees find a clean spot. Make sure you’re in a stable position. And, what we’re going
to do is rotate opposite arms, opposite legs stabilizing your core. Hold it for about five
to ten seconds and switch.
You’ll feel this in your lower back and it definitely helps strengthen the back. And,
your abdominal muscles. And, of course those stabilizer muscles. So, after doing this for two minutes continue
on your walk.


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