Walking Interval Training : Interval Training for Muscle Building

Alright. I just finished showing you how to
incorporate interval training into your walk using cardio bursts. And, of course you know
whenever you get that cardiovascular system working you’re definitely burning more calories.
Well, this another way to burn more calories. And, that’s through building muscle. So, the
next set of exercises I’ll show you deals with interval training for muscle strength.
Did you know that every pound of muscle burns six calories, compared to every pound of fat
that burns two calories? That’s the importance of building muscle. Now, it is a myth that
fat can turn into muscle and muscle turns into fat. They’re totally different entities.
So, in order to build your muscle it’s important to do muscle strengthening exercises. And,
I’m going to show you how to incorporate those into your walk. Just imagine, building muscle
and burning calories today and forevermore with the more muscle that you build. So, that’s
what we’re working on.

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