VLOG – Grocery Shop With Me & Workout Tips/Program for 2020!

hello baby so welcome back to my channel
I did post my very first video from when I came back in the new years to make
sure you guys check that out it was kind of my Black Friday sale everything that
I got kind of on sale during the holidays today is my first grocery haul
of 2020 with you guys and I know you guys love grocery hauls
but there’s definitely something I need to mention so so kind of like recovering
from a flu or whatever I had in New York but it was so weird while I was in New
York trying to find a grocery store I was like do you guys have like grocery
stores like we do here in Canada like the big like what do you call them like
the chain grocery stores like we have all these like big chain names I would
assume like in more Jersey you guys would have those big grocery stores but
let me know it out where I was in New York or just maybe New York in general
maybe that was the problem like maybe they’re they don’t have these big
grocery stores but I did go to Whole Foods and I was like oh my god a grocery
store a real real grocery store with like lots of aisles give me some names
and stuff so that when I go back I can look out for them travel to New York if
you guys don’t know for like right right right after the holidays I went on
Boxing Day which for us is the 26th and I really have just always always wanted
to go there for the holidays to see the Rockefeller Center the tree of course
justify their around the holidays in the Christmas time is just it feels like
Christmas is not over when Christmas is over in New York but hear it like it
feels like it’s over I’m doing why don’t you today for you guys a brand new one
that I’m so excited about I have my little tripod which I get questions
about I can link this for you guys this guy is what I use when I’m like
literally like hey guys this is what I use or when I go to the grocery store I
like to stick this in my purse let you guys know 2020 is brand new year brand
new chance and I feel like when it comes to like health and fitness number one
obviously I want to do healthy more healthy groceries like when I go to the
store I want to be more mindful and I want to include more healthy things do
pretty well with my groceries already shop pretty healthy but I think I can
I knew things and I think that I can be even more healthy and told you guys like
late last year that I got back to my weight loss and everything and while I
was in New York I could not stop thinking about the gym I’m like I just
want to get back to the gym what has really like helped me out is knowing
what you’re going to do at the gym lower your expectations a little bit you know
what I mean or even maybe depending on your personality lower them a lot
why are you overwhelmed because you’re just literally going to the gym and
doing a forty minute to like 45 minutes to an hour ago
like what what is overwhelming about that you know and then I realized it’s
me I’m overwhelming myself that’s what’s
going on I think I knew it in the back of my mind but it’s like I just I’m so
hard on myself and I just push push push push push myself to a point where it’s
like it’s too much and set smaller goals for me I was like you have to do an hour
workout like literally this is how I would talk to myself I’m like you have
to do an hour workout you have to lift heavy weights
you cannot take breaks in between and I’m like do a sergeant or something like
are you like are we in boot camp or something like that like you need to
make it super realistic and that is what’s gonna make you keep going back
unless you like Sergeant mentality you feel like because it’s a new year
there’s like this pressure to get back to things
my advice is go super slow if you feel like you’re not able to guide yourself
you might need something to help you out and that’s fine and as you guys know
there’s like so many apps that you guys can use out there that have so many
different workouts but the one that I’ve been really liking is 30-day fitness if
they are sponsoring this video so thank you for da fitness so I’ll show you guys
what you get with them just set up like your profile with them and then if you
go to your fitness plan this is my favorite part obviously you get to put
in the difficulties so again if it’s like if they’re going to easy on you you
can make it harder if it’s too hard you can go lower
start with small goals if you want to just start by being a little bit more
active that’s the first option that they have which I love that they even have
that option if gain muscle and there’s lose weight which is what your girls on
watch is though which will look really cute number workouts per week what I
have it on is number two so that I can just kind of get into
things to snipe it off for a little bit if I feel like I can get to three great
they let you do as Louis ten minutes you guys like that is something see now I
just thought to myself I’m like okay so you can do a 10 minute workout with
three times a week or four times a week because it’s only ten minutes of your
day okay 30 day like they just made me go from two to three by anyways I love
it I love it we all love a skinny queen it’s just really good to look back and
see a physical number of how much work you’ve put into your weight loss journey
and there’s also a section called library’ so you guys can look up all
these different workouts there’s all these challenges that you guys can do
there’s just so many different things your workouts are all there they show
you how to do them that can download it down below in my description box and my
recommendation you guys is take photos in between take a photo of your body if
this is like your first day getting into it take pictures of your body because
when you look back oh my god it is so exciting I lost all my photos because
something had happened to me and my first trip to New York and everything
got erased you guys so I really like I can’t get those pictures back so those
things are gonna push you oh yeah I just I really think the app is amazing for
people who really need like a kickstart and all that they also have a trial
where you guys can see if it’s for you or not if you guys do want to try them
out again don’t forget to download them by using my link down below in the
description box guys my fridge is empty okay this was me struggling because I
had to find something to eat so I found these little like pizza naan bread
things will turn on bread but I turned them into like these pizza rounds and I
just made pizza so that’s why that’s there I actually need to add a butter to
my list and my breads one of them’s like kind of running out and the honest
wellness is not necessarily running out and I got that like fairly close to when
I was leaving so that one’s fine on this side over here you guys can tell I am
eggless I’m Angliss you guys and my milk and my creamer by the way if you guys
are new to my channel welcome to the channel we are so close to 100 K like
we’re getting closer and closer and closer guys we really are
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notified every single time I post a brand new video so let’s go fill up this
fridge it has within our avocado babies baby carrots yawn I’m making a soup so
that’s why okay now we need potatoes because I’m making a chorizo soup okay I just got a bunch of stuff for
like a Greek salad so I need some feta now I’m right yeah let’s go find the
almond milk I know where it hey this is where they have my collagen powder okay I have to get this one because the
earth zone I don’t see the unsweetened original one
this is my favorite creamer you guys to still calm in the hazel it it’s so good
I think I might grab two okay next is eggs I like to get organic eggs or
watching we’re good okay we’re gonna try yogurt
y’all I’m gonna try this one it’s non-dairy I’m gonna make like a yogurt
kind of parfait dish I’m not really a yogurt fan but it’s been liking sure you
need I’ve never tried this up before bye Kashi it’s just a cereal instead of
violent granola I feel like this will have more flavor honestly guys every
time I pass by the clothing section of Joe Fresh it just kills me like look at
those sweatpants they’re so soft and this feels like the sweater I’m
literally wearing right now but like no get me out of here why do they put this
here look guys that’s what happens when I go grocery shopping this is the
blossom that I have and they have this one like so what
like it’s one cell like do I take it I turn the corner and I see these like Joe
Fresh stop making cute stuff they are so I can count they’re so soft oh my god
I’m in my sunglasses guys this is that do not bother me swag
don’t talk to me it’s like I’ve been warning this role from them for like the
longest time but it was like regular $30 so it’s like 420 now and I kinda replace
my white one because it’s kind of oversized but guys I think I’m gonna get
it it is just gorge I ended up getting of the robe and the sweat pen I got some
romaine lettuce hearts because I want to make some Greek salads I’ve got some
collard greens because I want to do that sure Rizzo soup that kind of green soup
I did it in New York but I used spinach instead but traditionally that soup for
us is called called vert and we use collard greens to make it this time I’m
actually using the spicy Italian sausages that our veggie this time so
that I’m not using any meat I like to get these guys when I want to kind of
get a little bit of a break from me but I’ve been kind of doing that a little
bit I got some more sriracha because I like to use in my foie and it’s
literally at the bottom and I’ve had it for like ever
I ran out of my garlic and you guys believe it well yeah yeah you can’t
believe it because I just dumped garlic could eat
my food but I got this instead I couldn’t find that tub but then I
realized that I got it from Costco so I got this and said it’s garlic paste and
I just has garlic and a little bit of salt in it so I’m gonna try this out and
I might even make a garlic sauce on my own like I’m super excited about that
got some carrots I do like to put some carrots inside this soup even though it
doesn’t traditionally take them then these bacon rounds are my favorite
they’re perfect for putting them inside of like breakfast sandwiches and I’ll be
having them with my avocados if I want to have the avocado the next day I get
one that’s a little bit soft and starting to get ripe there’s one of
these like this one is not it’s gonna take this one’s gonna take about two
days um many cucumbers for my grief salad which I love two organic bananas I
don’t like to get a lot because they just go bad and I don’t really have a
lot of fruit so I like to be realistic this I’m actually
going to try out so I like to try different natural deodorants the one
that I use every day is by Schmitz and it’s the rose one and I’ve been kind of
like eyeing this one and seeing if I really want to use it but I was like you
know what just test it out and see so I like the native one I use the I think
Rosen vanilla or coconut in Rose or something like that so I like the native
and the Schmidt’s a lot of other natural ones do not last this one’s more of like
a powdery scent it’s called a powder clean and also from live clean
I really like this brand because I have the I have their bubble bath liquid in
my bathtub and they also have body wash but this one is body lotion I was
actually looking for a hand lotion but honestly i use like body lotion for hand
lotion sometimes and this one is argan oil so it smells really good has that
kind of like tropically sort of scent to it I told you guys this is my absolute
favorite creamer so I got two of them and then I got some feta I like to get
the one that is crumbled this one is goat feta and I like to put her over top
of mine I can get a phone call and I got some cherry tomatoes this is also for my
Greek salads as well and this I’m super excited so I’ve actually been wanting to
do like a yogurt parfait with like granola and fruit and stuff like that
which is so not me because I’m not a yogurt fan you guys are but I do like to
give things a shot so I’ve never tried like a yogurt parfait before contains
live non-dairy bacterial culture so which is really good for like gut health
which is what I need kind of excited to try that out because I want to see if
I’m actually going to like like these yogurt little dishes that I see all over
the place that looks so super cute fill up my whole earth stevia this is the one
from Starbucks that they use that’s my favorite if you’re new and this one is
no sugar added 100% natural no pulp orange juice this is the one that I like
to buy then I got some Triple A batteries by PC these were like two
dollars and 78 cents this is for my facial razor that I like to use when I
have like a little bit of facial hair on the sides or anything then I got these
golden potatoes so I only like to use yellow potatoes because they’re a little
bit sweeter they’re a lot softer and they’re just more easy to cook and this
is to be used for our chorizo soup I’m so
excited with my new robe and I’m gonna like a little ego switch it up right now
my white one has like stains on it and I bleached it I’ve done everything and it
like just has not come off I forgot to show you guys the butter that I got so
this is the one that I got by melt I’ve never bought this one before but this
one is plant-based butter the one that I have is vegan by Bissau but I decided to
get this one it’s a lot smaller the other one that I have takes up so much
room in my fridge and it’s like really bulky this looks a lot better guys
follow my stuff back to normal why do they do this again I guess because I’m
used to something else being here that looks better have my milk my orange
juice my yogurt I’m gonna be trying my new butter and I like to put my avocados
up here and all my other kind of veggies I like to put greens down here my bacon
for tomorrow that I’m gonna be doing fridges all replenish I don’t like to
overflow my fridge because don’t forget I am the only person here so makes no
sense and things go bad and stuff so I like to buy for the week or what’s up
and coming so that I’m not wasting food I’m really excited to try out that new
deodorant the first Cory haul of 2020 there’s more
to come if you guys want to see more of these halls let me know down below if
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new video I have to film two videos for you guys today so I am doing a wedding
in a day like in between all of this more clothing hauls more 180 days just
more vlogs in general my new closet is getting installed at the end of this
month I’m so excited so I’m gonna vlog what it looks like now and I’m getting a
whole new closet that’s going in my den area because it’s completely empty don’t
forget guys to check out these 30-day fitness app if you guys are interested
in something that’s gonna motivate you and kind of get you started with your
workouts I’m really excited to get back tomorrow there’s some love down below
let me know your thoughts and you guys and I can’t wait for all the
20/20 videos and to reach 100k finally thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video


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