Vitality Fitness – Who We Are!

At Vitality Fitness we help you focus on your personal goals by providing personal training in a group setting. as you can see we’re not your
traditional health club or gym Vitality Fitness has the right plan for
you to become heathy, fit, and strong. Our members each have
different personal goals, and we’re here guide, support, and encourage them to meet those goals. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at and everyone’s so
welcoming Dave was always really encouraging. He also knew when to push me to take it to the next level cause he knew I could handle it Our programs help you get in shape, lose
weight, get fit, and help you achieve amazing results. All the staff here are very
hands-on, um, they are very big on form and making
sure that you’re doing the exercises correctly, um, they don’t
want you getting hurt and not being here and trying to achieve whatever goals you have, so, um, form is extremely important with it
and that is one of the things I really
gravitate towards. it’s the right plan because
individualized, custom tailored for your specific fitness level and intensity
requirements. What we do is provide you with a one-stop location to help you
achieve your health and fitness goals whatever they may be., I love coming here. I have a set of friends that’s here. There’s a huge
social aspect and every class a great time you’re working hard, you’re sweating, you’re pushing yourself and you might be cursing a little bit but to
having a great time. We stay focused and we work hard. Did I mention we have
have fun too?

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