Virginia Fitness Test

My name is Larry Mangino, and as a major
with the S6 staff, it is important for all of you to realize the essential
parts of our VFT or VMI fitness test. As we progress through this video, members
of our staff, our S6 staff, will demonstrate sit-ups, pull-ups, and a 2,400
meter run, so that all of you realize all the techniques that will be utilized
with the VFT. I’m the S6 captain Taylor Jenkins. The first exercise of the
VMI fitness test is the pull-ups, which tests muscular strength. Cadet Frizzell
will be demonstrating proper technique for the pull-ups. When you get on the bar
for the pull-ups, your palms will be facing away from you, with your thumbs
wrapped underneath the bar. To start, you’ll be at a full dead hang with the
arms fully extended and then pull yourself up so your chin is above the
bar. After each repetition, you will return to a dead hang with your arms
fully extended before you pull yourself up for your next rep. The minimum score
for men in the VFT is 5 pull-ups. For women, it is one pull-up. Hi, I’m S6 sergeant Logan Pinoti.
Today, we’ll be discussing the second exercise of the VFT, the sit-up. Both men
and women will have two minutes to complete minimum repetitions of 60
sit-ups. Next, we’ll go over proper VFT sit-up technique. Cadet Frizzell will
demonstrate proper sit-up. You’ll start lying flat on your back and your partner
will hold your ankles with only his hands. He will not place his knees on
top of this demonstrator’s feet. Fingers will be interlocked as such in place
behind your head. Each repetition you will come all the
way up, breaking 90 degrees, and then return down with your shoulder blades
flat on the mat. You’ll have 60 repetitions to do in 2 minutes. I’m S6 sergeant Joseph Kohm. The last
event of the VFT is a 2400 meter run. It’s executed by running six laps around a
400 meter track. Be sure to time yourself for an accurate
measurement. The passing score for men is 12:30, and for women, 14:30.

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