Vibrationsplatte kaufen 2019 ➡️ Die 9 besten Vibrationsplatten im Vergleich [3 Preisklassen]

Hi, in this video we compare the 9
best vibration plates. And by “the best” I mean the currently
most popular and best rated records, rated by the most honest critics there
outside – the customer himself. We have split the vibrating plates
in 3 price ranges. 1) Vibration plates under 150 €
2) Vibration plates between 150 € and 300 €
3) Vibration plates over 300 € 4) At the end of the video, I’ll tell you more
about the prices of the mentioned products. Before you start: An important note in
own interest, the most sellers and manufacturers conceal or only in their
Disclose product instructions. During my research, I found out
that persons who have a knee, shoulder, back or have neck injury, these plates
either with caution or not at all should. There are also people with artificial joints
and retinal problems. Should one of them be the case with you,
I recommend you to buy before you either more accurate on the Internet for reviews
to look around, to contact the manufacturer immediately or talk to your doctor to play it up
Safe to go. From personal experience and almost daily
Application I know that the vibration is straight in the higher stages already very extreme
to act on the whole body. Therefore at this point please be careful! Because we realize that over time always
again new top vibration plates compared with new ones Technologies are coming to the market
You always have the current bestseller with you Click on the link in the video description. After the intro we start! -INTRO- Buy vibration plates under 150 € I’ll put you here the 3 selected vibration plates
for under 150 € and summarize the most important mentioned advantages and disadvantages of the customers together,
so you have a decent overall impression get the vibrating plates. The first vibratory plate is from Newgen
Medicals This is what customers say about their advantages
– It has 20 adjustable vibration frequencies – It offers an effective training with good
usability – a positive surprise effect
– Someone wrote: I feel very well after two applications
– You have the calorie consumption or the rest Training time at a glance
– It has a nice design and many possibilities to train Some customers did not like this:
– The manual is poor – Depending on the setup and practice, it does
already strong knocking sounds. The conclusion of most customers: price-performance
is TOP No. 2 is Pinty’s vibration trainer These are his advantages:
– 99-speed speed settings – Very easy to use board
– my tensions and back pain have improved a bit
– Vibration test passed well! – Easy operation and fast delivery These problems brought the plate to some
Customers with themselves: – The cable (training band) is after a few
Painting canceled – The power cable was unfortunately broken All in all, according to most customers
“A great fitness machine at this price” Next up is the vibration trainer from VITALmaxx These advantages were what customers called:
– 99 individually adjustable training levels – I have the device now for about 6 months in use and it purrs like a
Kitten. – Space saving – and the programs are easy
to use and very effective. – I enjoy it, my back pain
are gone and you quickly see a success in the figure. The disadvantages are:
– After 15 months every day training of 10 Minutes, at 53 kg body weight is the
Drive axle of the vibrating plate broken. – Send the device now defective for the third time
back Overall, it is a cheap alternative Vibratory plates between 150 € and 300
€ Let’s start with the Vibro Shaper from Mediashop These are the benefits that I personally
can only confirm, since I have just this vibrating plate own and tested them sufficiently: – 99 training levels
– Super stable feeling – I am very excited. Easy to use. Is not too loud. – Only 200 watts of power consumption
– You feel better in a short time and fitter
– My well-being has improved a lot. The disadvantages:
– For some customers, the product was defective on. In the end it is a very good value for money. I personally can use the vibro shaper
best conscience recommend! Next we have the “ultra flat
Vibrating plate “from Bluefin fitness We like the following: – 180 speed levels
– Good device with good workmanship – The different levels are not from
Trained up to fully athletic suitable. – Very nice vibrating plate with a lot of power
and settings. – She is extremely quiet and the delivery came
faster than announced The disadvantages:
– Also this vibrating plate was at some delivered defective. All in all, a great sports equipment for
great price. As 3rd we have the Home Vibration Plate
500 from Skandika This is what the customers wrote: – Good quality, very good to use at home! – Very good for muscle relaxation as well
to build muscle – It has a massive design – good function
and for a cheaper price – It is a super processed vibration plate
– The instructions are simple and understandable explained That did not like: – Some thought the record was too loud,
despite rubber backing. – Some models were broken and some left
broken shortly after expiry of the warranty. In conclusion, one can say that most
consider them a “TOP vibration plate”. Let’s come to the last category: vibratory plates
over 300 € The first candidate is the Sportstech – VP400
4D vibration plate – Commissioning was really easy
and self-explanatory – Nice and quiet in operation
– Practical remote control as a bracelet – Bluetooth speaker with iphone alike
connected – Strong rocking and vibrating function
– chic design The following has been described as a disadvantage:
– The rubber bands scrub the red case and leave black tracks
– Only one customer wrote that the vibration plate was delivered defective. The overall conclusion is: the price-performance ratio
is perfect. No. 2 also from Sportstech, the direct predecessor
VP400: the VP300 3D – Test winner of many vibratory plate tests
– Someone wrote: It works !!! Sportmuffel decreases
– high quality workmanship – sophisticated optical and technical
design – low noise with two powerful
Engines – Except for a few defective delivered devices
the reviews were consistently positive. People are excited about the VP300 vibration plate test. She is rightly so often to become test winner
his. The last vibrating plate in comparison is the POWRX
– Active Evolution 3.5 It is by far in the highest price range,
compared to the other 8 models and The only one has a control column. This is what satisfied customers say:
– Top device! Delivery fast and good! One of the best fitness equipment I have ever
would have! – It’s incredibly stable and easy too
understand. – You notice already after the first practice sessions
a success. The weaknesses:
– Some just complained about the partly loud noises. All in all a great device that can be
Money is worth. Price information
You certainly noticed that I have no Have mentioned prices. That’s because they change every day
can. To not give you any misinformation,
I have you 3 comparison tables created on our website where the prices
be updated daily. In addition, you can there the technical data
and characteristics of vibratory plates compare. If you have already discovered a favorite,
I put you all the individual links in the Video description. Thank you for watching! If I could help you, I would
I look forward to a thumbs up. Did I forget a vibrating plate,
in your opinion should not have been missing? Write it for everyone else in the
Comments. I wish you success in achieving
Your goals with the vibration plate! [Credits of the vibration plates comparison] Click on the first link in the video description to buy a Vibraitons plate and compare the best ones first.


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