Vert Shock Review & Results: The TRUTH About This Program!

What’s up everybody, Phill here, I’m going
to be talking to you about the Vert Shock jump system created by Adam Folker and Justin Jus
Fly. But Before I start talking about that I’ll just give you a little introduction about
myself. Like I said my name is Phil, 27 years old, living in Manchester England, always
been a huge basketball fan and always loved playing it as a kid. I was good at certain
thing like 3 point shooting and I’ve always been good at handling the ball but at 6’2″
I’ve never been the tallest guy on the basketball court, getting blocked and rebounds, making
a dunk, that kind of thing I’ve never been a faulty of mine. I’m also not the most agile
guy in the world so I’ve always been wanting to improve my dunk, it’s been a goal of mine
since day 1. Of course it’s one of the most important abilities
on the basketball court if you want to be the best.
In the past I’ve tried BeachBody workouts, heavy leg workouts, box jumps, I even tried
the strength shoes but nothing has worked for me significantly well.
I did get some improvement, maybe 5 or 6 inches improvement on my vertical jump but the results
never stuck, they all seem to disappear as soon as I changed my training regime again.
So I got a little bit frustrated and put the idea in the back of my head and started focusing
on my good points again, which was of course my 3 point shoot, but you can’t be a one trick
pony as you all know on the basketball court. The older I got the more the idea seemed to
be slipping away from me that I’d actually be able to have a dunk, and then a friend
emailed me about 6 months ago and told me about this system that promises to improve
your vertical within 9 to 15 inches within 8 weeks. And yet, I was the same when I first
heard it, I was like hmmm… not going to buy into this hype because you hear about
these fads all the time. Until I found out who’s name was on the front
of it which was Justin Jus Fly. If you don’t know who this man is then you need to check
him out on Google, he’s a vertical jump freak, he’s a slam dunking freak, I only mean that
in a good way of course. This guy is incredible, talented and gifted. He makes it look so easy.
He’s won some of the biggest dunking competitions in the past year including that Lebron James
with Nike just dunk it. The other guy is Adam Folker, he was a former
division 1 player, turned basketball pro. They basically came up with the system together
that can work for anybody to improve their vertical jump and the system works, it’s advanced
formulas and methods and everything. They really have helped me.
It’s an 8 week program, you don’t have to stick to the 8 weeks but when I started doing
it I couldn’t compare this to any other thing that I tried before in the past. It’s I wouldn’t
say abstract, but completely different to anything you would have done before and I
think that’s why it works so well because it shocks the system and the body so much.
The 8 week program has 3 phases, you start with the Pre-Shock phase which is basically
your warm up to all and getting your body ready for the hard work ahead. This is like
a pre-conditioning. Then you’ve got the Shock which is the second
phase and this is really where the hard work comes in to it, this is really where you have
to step things up again and this is where I made most of my gains and where most of
the magic happened for me. Then you’ve got the Post-Shock phase. So that’s
Pre-Shock phase, Shock phase and Post-Shock phase. The Post-Shock phase is where you solidify
everything, all of your gains, and where you make it stick so it becomes second nature.
I managed to get in 10 inches on my vertical within 8 weeks of this, I know it’s crazy,
but I’ve carried on doing it for longer cause you don’t just have to do the 8 week. I feel
the longer you do it the better results you’re going to get and I don’t want to stop until
I reach 40 inch vertical altogether and I believe with this system I could do it.
But don’t be fooled, it does take some work, well in fact a lot of work but I found the
sessions and everything, the help from Adam Folker are incredible. The encouragement and
all that kind of personal training on every aspect. There’s help with information on nutrition,
agility, strength, velocity… They look at every aspect and that’s what you need to do
when you want to improve something as an athlete, you can’t just focus on one area.
So I definitely feel they cover everything that needs to be covered, and like I said
the follow-up and everything is unreal. I couldn’t fault it, the process, the system
whatsoever. But don’t be fooled, the system is not as easy as they say it’s going to be,
you do have to put in the hard work for this, it’s not going to happen if you don’t put
in the time and effort. But if getting a slam dunk and improving your vertical is what really
matters to you as a basketball player then the hard work shouldn’t be a problem for you.
Another thing is you need the internet access for this to work, the program is online so
if you don’t have the internet then this is going to be a problem for you because you
basically need an internet connection to access it. But you know, modern society… everyone
has WI-Fi now, there’s always going to be somewhere or somebody you could get the internet
connection from. It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee,
so within 60 days if you’re not happy with the system you can get your money back, so
there’s no risk involved. But I honestly don’t think by the time you’ve seen the results,
if you’ve put the work in, then you’re not going to want your money back anyway because
the results are amazing. I can tell you but you experiencing it yourself is going to do
so much more. Like I said I’d like to give a shout out to
Adam and to the program, I’ve improved more with this system 3 months than any other training
program to try and improve my vertical put together. So I’m going to carry on with it
and I hope you give it a try as well because if you’re an avid basketball fan and passionate
about improving your dunk and your vertical height then give it a try. You’ve got nothing
to lose like I said, I’d just like to give a shout out to Adam and this system, give
it a try for yourself and let me know how you think.


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