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Tea, See, do what I said here, you know what are the benefits in it? one side, weight loss also be there… Morning at the empty stomach, that much beautiful.! See, if something preserved inside a pocket means… Instant Tea, Instant coffee Dip tea… that and this.. etc. Watchfully without skipping this video… I will give you more interesting information today..! Music Intro The milk you know? right? This milk has been introduced from the 17th century.! The British people started drinking milk and then… Then they sharing it and planting tea..! Made the next generation drink tea with milk.! But before the 17th century itself, Tamil people have been drunk tea. that is truth.! There is a book called “Namma Ooril Coffee illai” Our Venkatachalapthy Tamil Researcher wrote that.! If you had time kindly read it.! You can get this information from that ook.! Now we are drinking milk with Tea. But, before the 17th century, we had tea with Eclipta leaves.! In so many songs the Saint ” Vallalar” will portrait that, In the morning we should drink Eclipta Tea because, In the morning empty stomach will have high bile in our body.! So, from those days itself, we had tea with Eclipta leaves.! Same like that Amla Tea, Ginger Tea Keep Understand, what I’m telling had Without milk. Try what im saying, do you know what are the benefits in that? s also been we have used.! One side there will be a weight loss.! For diabetes, The sugar level will be well maintained. Cholesterol can be controlled. It will prevent heart attacks.! It will prevent Cancers.! See how many benefits, isn’t? got it? How to make tea? means… No big deal. As usual with tea powder, Boiled tea powder and kept it first. Make amla as powder and you can add it to that.! You can add honey for sweetness.! Strictly milk is not allowed.! we don’t need milk.! ok? that is amla tea.! The ginger powder will, People who are getting stress at work will get migraine issues… Keep a ginger powder in a bottle.! See, keep 5 bottles filled up with, Eclipta leaves Powder, Amla Powder, Then, Ginger Powder, When you keep these items in bottle means, then, Tanner’s cassia powder There is a song in Tamil.! That is ” Avaram Poothu Iruka Savorai kandathundo” Everything has been written already in Tamil songs by our saint.! So keep, Tanner’s cassia Powder, You can add these powder with tea powder like lemon tea green tea etc., For taste and sweetness add honey with this mixture and have it I say drink daily at empty stomach.! Highly benefitted. Actually, we don’t have time to prepare it.! We are becoming lazy.! Instant Tea, Instant Coffee, Dip Tea this and that tea etc., Keep remembering one thing, friends, When something gets into packing means, Definitely, it is a preservative item Particularly for preservation, some chemicals will be added.! First, understand that.! or else it will be expired right? It is a matter.!


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