Vancouver Canucks talk about the “You Can Play” Campaign

>>If you can shoot, you can shoot.>>If you can score, you can score. BRIAN BURKE>>I’m Brian Burke, general manager
of the Toronto Maple Leafs. PATRICK BURKE>>And I’m Patrick Burke, scout
for the Philadelphia Flyers. Before my brother Brendan passed away in 2010, he was the first
person to fight for the rights of gay athletes in professional hockey. Since his accident,
our family has fought hard to carry on his legacy and ensure that LGBT athletes around
the world are afforded equal opportunity, judged only by their talent, character, and
work ethic in their sport. BRIAN BURKE>>We’re now joined by hockey players
from around the world supporting my son Brendan’s simple message.>>If you can play.>>You can play.>>If you can play.>>You can play.>>If you can play.>>You can play. ROBIN PERELLE>>This is Robin Perelle with here are Canucks headquarters in Vancouver at Rogers Arena. We’re here to check local
reaction to the Burke family’s “You Can Play” campaign, supporting and encouraging gay athletes
to join the NHL. So the question is, If you can play, can you play? We ask the Canuck’s
stars. ROBIN PERELLE>>How friendly a place is the
Canucks locker room for a gay player, do you think? HENRIK SEDIN>>Well I think it’s friendly.
I can’t talk for all of us but as with guys I’ve talked to, and myself, and my brother,
it would be no problem at all. It’s not going to change the way we see them or the way we
treat them. They’re one of us and they’re part of the team. RYAN KESLER>>I would be definitely ok with
it. You know I’m open minded to that and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.
You have a choice, and you know, if you’re ok with coming out, and strong enough to come
out, because we all know how people can be. It’s a different world out there. It’s very
closed minded and it’s good to see that this campaign is going to open some peoples eyes. ROBIN PERELLE>>There are no openly gay Canucks
that you know of at this moment, right? HENRIK SEDIN>>No, not that I know of. ROBIN PERELLE>>If there were someone here
hesitating to come out, what message would you want them to hear? HENRIK SEDIN>>I think the message is like
the rest of society, I think it’s they’re no different than any other people. It’s a…
It shouldn’t be any problem, but we know it is in the rest of society as it is in sports.
But in here, it would not be a problem. RYAN KESLER>>There might be some in hockey.
We know there are some in hockey, but we don’t have any here. I don’t know what… I don’t
know. ROBIN PERELLE>>How friendly a place do you
think the Canucks locker room would be if someone came out? RYAN KESLER>>Definitely. We’re a big family
in here, and I’m sure every single guy in here would be more than supportive and help
them along the way. ROBIN PERELLE>>Do you support the line If
you can play, you can play? HENRIK SEDIN>>Absolutely. It’s 100 per sent,
and like I said, to have this message, it’s a powerful message, and to have the Burke
family doing this, it’s great and I’m hoping it’s going to help a lot of people. RYAN KESLER>>If you can play, you can play.


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