Using Small Amounts of Time to Build Your Empire with Rachel Baldwin

hey Beachbody champions I’m so so
excited to be here today to talk about something that’s kind of a boring topic
by name time management but it can be a really sexy thing in your business
when you find your sweet spot and so I’m going to talk to you about that today
because it is a game changer in taking your business from zero to 60 and you
can have all of the things in finding your sweet spot with time management is
like anything else it takes practice and consistency but once you do they’re just
like there’s no stopping you so a little bit about me my name is Rachel Baldwin I’ve been a coach for
about three and a half years and up until last June I was a full-time
special ed teacher and I have an 18 month old baby so for a big chunk of my
business I was working full time and I was either pregnant or had a new baby
for like well for most of it and so I get being busy we’ve moved twice I got
married during that time it’s just it’s been like there’s always things like and
I’m a firm believer and everybody fills the time that they have and it can be
you know like it can be is we have to you have to choose to prioritize your
time whatever that looks like and it looks different for everybody but I’m
here to tell you that it does not you know taking on this venture this
side hustle doesn’t need to like I think people get you know say no right away
because they think that you have to especially if they see that
you that you are a full-time coach I’m a full-time but that doesn’t mean I
work full time job hours necessarily and obviously for a long time I didn’t
because this wasn’t humanly possible well I already had a full-time teaching
job and while I was teaching I was obviously not able to do things here
or there like it would had to be dedicated time so I really built my business
working one to two hours a day I am a six-figure earner and my team shoutout to flex force anyone watching live especially thanks for your love as of May we locked in for a leap for 2019 so I did that while I was working
full time so it can be done and I didn’t feel like I was on burnout mode
or anything I’ve been there I’ve learned from it so I’m gonna give you my tip
side notes because you’re at some that I’m a circle and I could talk forever so
I don’t want to I want to use your time effectively it doesn’t need to be a long
training so I worked one to two hours a day because legitimately that’s all I
had so I had to make it work I knew I wanted the freedoms that I knew that
Beachbody could give me that I couldn’t get from my full-time teaching job but I
am not a wizard so I couldn’t create time to like do the things so I had to
really learn to be disciplined and diligent with my time and so what I’m
going to teach you how to do today with my little tips thanks Taylor
LIIFT4 is where it’s at guys so you have to be diligent and disciplined
so this is just an overall time management tip in any part of your life
is to do all of one task start to finish so maybe the analogy of like cleaning your
house like and your mom like you’ve probably fallen victim to this like so
easy if you’re cleaning and you’re like start to vacuum and then
you’re like oh look at all the dishes you stopped that you mean you do some
dishes you’re like oh the counters really dirty stop doing dishes you start
to do the counters oh look at the kids toys are everywhere
okay so then you’ve done a little bit of a lot of things yet nothing is done see
I mean it’s the same thing in our business so you have to be we have to be
really diligent and do all of one task at one time so start to finish so for me
that means well I’m going to take it a step further the first things you
should be doing our income producing activities IPAs first so that does
not mean answering your messages this is gonna be like the number one thing I
want you to take away from this business is stop answering messages on the fly
I’ll say it a lot of times in my little training here because it is a game
changer in your business when you stop doing that because if you’re answering
messages on the fly you are getting no other work done it will take up all of
your time if time will go so fast it’s not it’s not really an income-producing
activity because a lot of times you’re talking to Carol
about her dog isn’t building your business you know so I get that you
might be in a conversation with somebody like who’s a potential client or coach
and that’s wonderful and you should set aside time to answer those messages but
not on the fly because you can’t track you will lose people and if you answer
messages on the fly it creates the illusion for your business that if they
were to become a coach they would have to be at their clients and coaches back
in call as well and that is Tagg not sexy that is not sexy we do
this business as a side hustle even if like my side hustle was a full-time
income but I was doing it as a side hustle to provide for my family you know
like to be able to have that freedom and being tied to your phone is not freedom
okay so that’s my little tangent so think about what moves your business
forward okay that should be a no-brainer that’s follow-ups and inviting and of
course like I’m not even going to talk about it like you guys have to be
products of the product like no business inviting to coaching or new clients if
you’re not being a product of the product like you have no business so I’m
gonna say that again so you’re inviting and follow-ups for me
those are like number one things client and coach invites if you’re missing on
one of those categories you’re missing a whole bucket of people there are two
buckets some people want to start right out of the gate as coaches and some
people want to start as clients and both are fabulous buckets so you have to be
inviting from both of your buckets and follow up so for me in the morning after I do my workout and I usually listen to PD you well I work out or I’m
getting ready or in the car later that day whatever but for me my day is not
complete until I do follow-ups and my invites so I just start with those
because then when I get through those the rest of the day or my pockets
throughout the day is gravy basically I get to do I get to answer messages then
and I get to check in with my team but those other things don’t bring you
direct income they don’t actively grow your business you have to focus on the
things that do first start to finish okay so make that make that commitment
to yourself make your business sexy make it a priority because you’re a boss and so
so you can totally work in power
pockets or in power hours it doesn’t matter just do your start to finish you
know like it doesn’t end again don’t get that confused like you don’t if you have
a power pocket of ten minutes don’t think you need to get all of your
follow-ups done but just do follow-ups during that ten minutes and then when
you’re done I’m at your next power pocket may finish your follow-ups or if
you are done go to your invites you know like just get disciplined with your
activities like you want to think like a to-do list a checklist and like you want
to mark all of the things off so start and finish each task start with the
things that bring you income and actively grow your business so and
another thing is new convos like growing your network so growing your network /
new combos inviting and follow-ups like my big parts of my business so a
couple of things that can really deter you from rolling and staying diligent
with your time I’m gonna warn you of these things so that you can learn from my mistakes
okay so how many of you give me a like if your thumbs up or a heart if
you’ve ever found yourself scrolling social media and then you’re like well
okay it’s been fifteen minutes you know how many invites I can do in 15 minutes
now that I’ve really disciplined myself these past couple of years fifteen
minutes is like I see dollar signs because that’s people that I could be
reaching out to and like it’s just a waste of time to be honest like set aside time that you can scroll social media and mindless
like at night when you’re getting in bed or some people don’t like to do that
because it was like screen time or like when you’re watching the show or
something but don’t do it when you should be doing other
income-producing activities how many of you guys follow a lot of coaches
other coaches might be people on your team might be just people you look up to
probably a lot of you because I sure did and there’s nothing wrong with
following people for inspiration or people you’re genuinely friends with in
this business there’s nothing wrong with that but here’s my like warning is it
can be a time waster it can be a joy stealer if you follow somebody who is
you find yourself comparing and feeling jealous and feeling like you could never
be them click that unfollow button promise me you’re gonna do that because
comparing is a joy stealer you should find people that inspire you to push
harder but you shouldn’t be following a zillion coaches because you’re gonna
find yourself just comparing what you’re doing to what they’re doing and you may
lose yourself I have like a parrot personality so when I I just I do so
when I find myself like watching the same people I find myself like I do this
in a social setting if I’m around the same person a lot I pick up there like
mannerisms and they’re like little like ism’s the way the little ways that
they talk I pick that up not on purpose but you’ll find it you may find yourself
doing that too and comparing and jealous is not something that’s going to
grow your business like you’re gonna have to do twice as much PV to get out
of that so find people that you’re genuinely happy for and people that
inspire you to keep pushing I like to tell my coaches just like follow no more
than five other coaches and that’s not to say like if you’re friends with
somebody where you want to show support on their stuff like go you can there’s a
search bar you can search and go watch their Instagram stories at night or
whatever I don’t follow every single coach on my team because I
would find myself like doing audits of what they’re doing at all times of the
day and that’s not moving my business forward either it’s their business I’m
not their boss you know what I mean so we can also get and that leads me to
my next point is we can get distracted by all the shiny things like if you see
what Taylor’s doing you’re like I need to do what Taylor’s doing so you abandon
ship on what you’re doing it which might have been working it might not have been
working yet but you’re you were building consistency and you jumped ship to do
what Taylor’s doing you’re gonna have to start over with consistency in time and
all of that stuff that’s so important so don’t do that don’t get distracted by
all the shiny things find what works for you this business is so simple blinders
on when you’re working be working and don’t compare yourself to those other
coaches and don’t get distracted by all the trainings there is like I said this
business is so super simple like the vitals are what grow your business and
you ask any top coach anyone who’s ever been a top coach the current top coaches
they will tell you what they did to move their business forward if you get there is the
vitals that’s what they’re gonna tell you they’re not gonna tell you that they
did this like miraculous training these 75 trainings and the compilation of that
you know 75 zillion hours is what got them there they’re not gonna tell you
that it’s our business is so simple it takes hard work don’t get that twisted
but it is simple so just buckle down and do your stuff talk to your coach find
your groove to find what works for you and the biggest thing with time
management is scheduling your time and this sounds can sound like so rigid and
kind of weird but I have a Google Calendar and I schedule
everything if I don’t put on my Google Calendar I will forget to do it
so my workout is on there and I learned this from Melanie Mitrol like she
showed us that new leader conference this year and it was like it was
beautiful it’s like they teacher in me like love that you can like color code
and stuff and it doesn’t get so like bogged down I schedule in family time
because that is important to me that’s a huge part of why I’m at home now is to
spend quality time with my son if I’m just like oh well I have I’m home all
day I have 12 hours now to work my business I can just send a couple
invites here and there that’s not diligent time that’s time wasted that’s
not being present for my son or my business it’s not fair to anybody that’s
involved it’s not fair to me either and it’s not gonna bring me joy it’s gonna cause burnout because you’re gonna feel like you’re on your
phone all the time and your significant other will probably feel that way times
10 so do yourself and your whole family a favor and just schedule everything it
feels weird to put in a block that says family time but you will find yourself
if you like don’t honor that you’ll find yourself feeling super guilty because
you schedule it like if you weren’t at your job and you had a meeting and you
were just like no my goal like I’m just gonna be on my phone you’ll get fired
you know like treat everything like that that you’re making a commitment to
yourself so my workout is on there I try to
put my PD on there if I know it’s gonna be a are like a tricky day team calls
obviously things like that I know I need to be a part of if I see something
on champs page that I know I want to tune into I’ve blocked that off so then too
especially on the weekends when my husband is home I can show my calendar
and show him like what I have going on evenings too especially so that’s all like
my tips on time management I think my biggest one is you have to set goals
obviously pretty much everyone is pretty good at setting goals like we know what
we want out of this business but all of these things I taught you are
you doing those things are you doing the work to get to those goals and it can be
something that you can easily lose sight of so my little tip and you’ll hear this
in tons of PD books and it’s been a game-changer for me and my team is to
just it doesn’t need to be fancy but just I like to just write it on a sticky
note and put it where I work the most it’s my office right here and it’s on my
computer and I have a daily affirmation on my computer too so I find myself
looking at those two things and it’s almost like a subliminal message like I
don’t need to think it or read it but it just seeps into my brain and then I’m
like this is why I’m doing it this is why I’m doing the work you need to have
a concrete goal it’s not enough to be like I want more freedom because in your
are gonna sit down and be like well I want to go outside you know what I mean
so have a concrete goal and write that down so you know why you’re doing these
income-producing activities and it will just it will be a game-changer this all
these things sounds super simple and kind of boring and that is a good thing because
that’s how I grew my business was consistency and doing the same things
compounded with time it’s nothing crazy I promise I don’t have like this crazy
training that my coaches go through and that’s like the secret sauce the secret
sauce is being consistent in managing your time that’s it
and it’s it’s so simple and that’s why every single one of you can do it and
become whatever type of earner whatever rank you want to be whatever you want to
do with this business you can do it because it’s simple it takes hard work
you have to be hard-working but the actions are simple so promise me and put
this in the comments like I am committing to time management I don’t
know if that’s the phrase like but so just say like I’m
committing thanks girl a mic drop I’m glad oh this is simple but put it
into action like let’s go like let’s do this together and if you have any
questions or anything about how I schedule or whatever just tag me in this
and I’m happy to answer any of your questions but thanks for letting me hang
out today go get some focused work done start to finish any overtime they will
be a game changer in your business I promise

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