USA/ Chile Cultural Differences: BBQ’s and Salads!

asado the Spanish word for roast but here in Chile we say barbecue mmm good goodbye goodbye [Music] the laws we gotta get across good afternoon guys and welcome to another beautiful day here in Chile we are at our friends house again to celebrate a birthday and we’ve got some good food just check it out today by the way is going to be less weird and more of the normal John I think we’ll find out Cheers there is a moment of wash and now you may be but I already play this not interested when you’re right let’s get it I take my hand just follow me [Music] okay guys so I cannot do a video today without talking about the cultural piece being in asado asado is the Spanish word for a massive barbecue with usually three kinds of meat today we’ve got lamb we’ve got chicken and we’ve got beef and we’ve got I think seven salads in which salads here are different just take a look it’s pretty amazing though and I cannot wait to eat I’m starving and I think after an asado you really don’t need anything else for maybe two days that might be an exaggeration but maybe not [Music] okay so yesterday you saw me making a salad that was a tuna sound well chicken salad in the description below but salads are much different here in Chile than they are in the United States in that one you peel the tomatoes always people tomatoes and anything you really feel but you peel them and then you put some onion you put some salt and you put some oil on it and then you top it all off with a little cilantro mmm also you’ve got your corn your green beans and your cucumber as a salad with some mayonnaise on top you’ve got another salad here that just hasn’t lettuce broken up and then some pepper on top and then you’ve got some broccoli with the corn as well here a lots of different varieties but these are typical Chilean salads and they’re delicious I prefer them ten times more than any other salad in the United States yesterday was good today even better [Music] [Music] alright guys so I literally cannot eat anymore I had one meal today and that was sufficient because my goodness three types of meat I didn’t even talk about the longganisa which is kind of like a broth but way better delicious but I didn’t even have any but oh my goodness I’m so full and there’s always dessert and dessert here’s a little different too because it’s with fruit what do you think about shadows at least and there was my there were mojitos yeah there are no more and I was good it was good and I think even better than the food and everything is that people that you get to hang around to it because we were just sitting around and talking for a really long time which is hard to make a video about but it’s basically Chile moving it’s building relationships is talking with people and becoming a part of for us becoming a part of a new family and for them it’s just being a family and that’s what they do and usually you would stay till only as well that will be another video but we left a little early because we have Montand tons of stuff here like this [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so the shoutout for today goes to Carol it is her birthday well it was on Thursday at least and we got to celebrate it with her thanks for inviting us and she watches these videos Mankato Carol I mean Carol but anyways guys we are getting super super super excited now for Patagonia we’ve been looking forward to this for how many 45 years or something yeah I like for years we’ve been thinking about Patagonia yeah and now we finally get to go so Oh time to pack tomorrow get ready for a sweet episode of all of our good stuff that we have to pack and we’ll see you next time but for now ciao ciao oh my goodness guys what a blessing to have a day where I could be inside and get things done on my computer we had a fun morning where we got to travel around and try and find things downtown


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