Upper Body Home Workout ( NO EQUIPMENT ) Ft. Nick Tucker

(slow music) – What’s up, guys? Right about to get into breakfast. Today I’m switching it up, I’m actually eating breakfast. I guess when I’m traveling around I get a little more hungrier, so today I have four
eggs, spinach, onions, and a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread. Whipped up by chef Zay Tiggs. I’m gonna go ahead, finish off breakfast, and get the day started. – What’s up, man? We out here. – Hey, it’s about to get lit. Vanilla chai tea latte. – [Nick] Can you get the
board? I like your board, man. – That is crazy. That’s you, right? – That’s me. – That shit looks like you.
– It’s my alter ego. – Damn. That’s the Boo, Nick,
Harry collab right there. All right, guys, so we’re
in LA with the homie, pro-skater, Nick Tucker. You ready? I’m gonna run you through
my morning workout routine. – I’m ready. Let’s get it.
– I’m gonna put Nick through some headstand pushups, pushups. If you guys wanna do this
workout routine with us, it’s gonna be absolutely no equipment. Open the Heria Pro app, look for the home body builder workout, we’re gonna be working on our
chest, triceps, and shoulders. And since we’re not using any equipment, this is just gonna be
a body weight routine. We’re gonna go high on the reps. So this is actually gonna be pretty tough. For the warm up, we’re
going for 120 pushups, like right off the bat, bro. You ready for this? – I better be. – Yo, we’re gonna put those
skate skills to the test, man. And it’s freezing out
here, so as you go see, we got the new Heria hoodies. Check that out, chrisheria.com All right, Nick, we’re gonna get started right away with the warmup. For the first exercise, we’re
gonna go for 40 pushups. You ready? – [Nick] Ready. – Let’s get started, bro. (exhaling) Yo, we’ve trained harder
than this in Miami, so I know you got this. Yeah, you got it bro, here we go. All the way down, all the way up. (hip hop instrumental music) If you do happen to get tired, just get on your knees
and continue the rest. – Getting tired! – (laughs) Just don’t stop bro, 40. Here we go. (hip hop instrumental music) Woo! All right. We’re gonna for 30 tricep extensions. This is high reps, so go on your knees, so that you can be able to
increase your repetitions. All right?
– All right. – Let’s go for it, man. – I’ve got skateboard knees, so. – [Chris] You get some cushions. – Gotta soften the blow. – There you go. Let’s go for it. There you go. Yup, let’s go. (slow hip hop electronic music) Sometimes I like to do them closed. (intense hip hop electronic music) After a couple months you’re
gonna be flying through this. All right, you ready? Keep it goin’. No rest. Go straight into 60 jumping jacks. And we’re gonna do this
routine three more times, and we’ll get started
with the real workout. (exhales) Let’s do it. (slow hip hop drum kit) Woo! Okay. Working out in jeans, boy. All right, we have
three more sets of that. (electronic hip hop music) – [Automated Voice] Heria music. – All right, we just finished
up three rounds of the warmup. It’s time to get into
the real workout routine. You ready? We’re goin’ for handstand pushups and reverse plank hold back to back. Five sets of that, so that will be a total of 50 hand stand pushups. You ready for this? – Ready as I’ll ever be. – All right, since we
just blasted our arms, we did like 120 pushups,
and 90 tricep extensions with the jumping jacks as well, I’ll be doing free
standing handstand pushups, but I’m gonna have you doing a progression to handstand push-ups, which
is gonna be pike pushups so that you’re able to continue on with the high repetitions,
and the more you do the pike pushups, you’re
eventually gonna be repping out these handstand pushups. So we’ve got 50.
– 50. – Let’s do it.
– All right. (slow electronic hip hop music) – [Automated Voice] Heria music. (exhales) – Woo! All right. We’re gonna go into reverse planks, and then we have this four more rounds. Let’s do it. All right, brotha. – Let’s do this. – So reverse planks, basically, it’s like a plank, high plank, except you’re gonna be backwards, so. Put your feet on an elevated surface, and then you try to lift
your body up from your hips as high as you can. Tighten your core, and
keeping your arms straight. Pushing your scapulars down. Perfect. – Like that?
– Yup. You got it. Look up into the sky. Push your hips up and hold. We’re gonna hold this for 45 seconds. (intense music) Phew. All right, man. (laughing) We got four more rounds. Let’s do it. How you doing, Nick? Feeling good?
– Good, man. – Oh yeah, you gassed yet?
– Got my blood flowin’. – Yeah, man, you just
gettin’ started, bro. When you skate, you normally
skate for like hours, right? – [Nick] Yeah, all day. – [Chris] So this is nothin’. – I wouldn’t say that. – I mean, we’re running
through this, actually. (laughing) You ready for these next ones? – Yeah. – Let’s do it, bro. Let’s get those pike
pushups, handstand pushups. (slow jazzy electronic music) – [Automated Voice] Heria music. (breathing hard) – Woo! My guy. You see me struggling over here? – Keep it up, bro. – Damn, bro. We running through this. All right guys, we have
50 handstand pushups down. Next we got 50 bench dips for three sets, that’s gonna be 150. Let’s do it, man! So all the way down, all the way back up. Lean back on your shoulders and triceps. (slow hip hop music) – [Automated Voice] Heria music. – Phew! Not bad for the first round, huh? – Yeah. – Yo, on fire though. My arms are on fire. We have 100 more to go, and
then we’re gonna go into burpees and in and outs,
and that’s gonna complete this routine, but we’re
gonna do like 80 burpees. – Okay. – So it’s gonna be a little minute. – Burn it out? – We still got a lil ways to go. And then after, if you’re down, let’s go get some food?
– Let’s get it. – But first we’re gonna
finish this workout routine. 100 more bench dips. Let’s do it. (intense hip hop music) (laughing) We got this, bro.
– I’m out. – This is that home body-builder workout. Absolute no equipment. I feel swol already, bro.
(Nick laughing) This is crazy. High reps. If you don’t have any weight, and you’re still trying to
build solid muscle from home, you need to increase your repetitions, and increase the time under tension, creating hypertrophy during
your workout routines. And start building some solid muscle with just your body weight. All right, we’re gonna
go ahead and close out this workout routine with
just two more exercises. It’s gonna be burpees for 10 reps, and in and outs for 20 reps. We’re gonna do them both
for a total of eight rounds. It’s gonna be 80 burpees, bro. And that’s 160 in and outs. So if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and get this started, bro. 10 burpees, let’s do it. (slow hip hop music) Woo! Jeez. Those are killer, bro. – [Nick] We’re killin’ it. – Yo, straight into those in and outs. (breathing hard) Gonna go straight out and in. Let’s go for 20. (slow hip hop music) Phew! All right. Seven more rounds to go. This is so much harder in jeans. It’s crazy. Maybe I should start training in jeans. Take it to the next level. (laughing) I’m just kidding. All right, 70 more burpees. We’re gonna go get some
food, then go skate. (slow drum kit music) All right man, so how you feeling, bro? – Feel good! – That was a crazy workout routine, right? – Yeah! – Hell yeah, dude. So there you go, perfect workout routine, absolutely no equipment. If you’re trying to build your upper body, and you’re
running short on time, you want an efficient workout to burn fat and simultaneously build solid muscle, then definitely check out this workout on the Heria Pro app,
and if you have already, to get my personal
workouts, become a member at heriapro.com, and
download the Heria Pro app on the app store. Start taking the workouts
that I actually do every single day, and start
getting in the best shape of your life. So we’re gonna go ahead and
get some food goin’ now. Get a skate session goin’. I’ve taken Nick out of his element. Now he’s gonna take me out of my element. And don’t forget guys, check
out the brand new hoodies chrisheria.com just
dropped a new collection. Go to chrisheria.com and pick one up before they’re all sold out. (hip hop instrumental music) All right, we just stopped by Pharmacy skate shop in Hollywood. I gotta get some hardware
and some wheels on my board so we can go skate. – So you should do the
Tucker wheels right there. – What? – (laughs) Just kidding. – What, are those yours? What? Let’s get those. Damn! All right, so there we go. We got the Tucker wheels. – [Nick] Shameless plug. – We need the game. Yo, so if I have your wheels
and I have your board, I’m gonna be able to
skate like you, right? (Nick laughs) Back to the homie. – Isn’t there something
up here to the right? – Time to go skate. Here we are at the first spot.
– What are we gonna get? – We’re about to go skate,
so I was gonna get like some salad or something like that, but I’m gonna have to get a burger. It be like that. I’m probably
not even gonna eat the bread off of this burger. Don’t go all the way on
empty calories for no reason. And if you’re gonna have a bunch of carbs, actually have like a lot of complex carbs. That’s why I have a lot of
broccoli and stuff like that. Eat mad amounts of broccoli. It’s smaller amounts of
carbs, but it’s complex carbs. Carbs are way better for you. We’re gonna get you shredded versus like eating basic carbs,
that’s gonna do nothing but get you fat, bro. (laughing) So I’m good on that. – This is good though. – All right, this is the Umami burger. – There it is. – Ketchup, one mushroom,
(laughter) one slice of tomato, this crispy thing, literally a swirl, and
then caramelized onions, a patty, and I think that’s a brioche bun with more ketchup underneath. Hot sauce or something. – Thank you
– All right, I’m gonna check this out. Here we go, guys. There’s too much bread for me. I’m gonna have to take that off. (slow hip hop music) Yeah. (drum kit beat) – [Automated Voice] Heria music. – Try this. Put your front foot a little lower. So you have more time. – Like that? – Your back foot, hang
it more off the tail. – Like that?
– Yeah. (groans) – This is why I love
skating, ’cause it’s like – This is the ultimate
challenge right here. – It puts you on the spot, dude. – Yup. Okay, now push your board forward, and scoot that back. Yeah, forward. – Got you. (groans) Dude! (hip hop instrumental music) (groans) – [Nick] Oh, this looks so good! – All right, this is gonna
be the last one, for real. If I land it, dope. If I don’t, I’m gonna have
to keep it up tomorrow. (slow hip hop beats) ♪ I’mma make this time go rolex ♪ ♪ ♪ I’mma make this time go rolex ♪ ♪ Listen right here, lil mama, you bad, ♪ ♪ The way I make you feel
like you just got me back ♪ ♪ The Benny in that cool do you know ♪ (gunshots) – Smash that like button, guys. (gunshots)

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