Unboxing the Hats You’ve Made! – #hatnothate Mail Time!

Hey everyone! Today we are doing mail time for hat not hate! Hat not hate is an anti-bullying campaign that we started
in 2018 and we are doing again in 2019 We are looking for 25,000 blue hats by August 1st. That’s right! 25,000 you heard me, and I’ll say it again!
25,000 blue hats, and we’re looking for blue hats because blue is the anti-bullying color without you this campaign does not exist so I need to always call out what I’m calling my little blue soldiers out there you guys are crafting away and you are making these
hats with so much love and helping me communicate this campaign to hopefully
the world because I want to end bullying and you guys are helping me do that so with that I’m gonna go ahead and start
opening some mail So this first one here
is from Joanne P. in Florida Hey! See that! People always wonder if people are
knitting and crocheting in Florida They totally are because Joanne is That is one, saucy big hat I’m gonna put that on.
Hey! We have Patti W Oh, there’s a little heart in here.
Hand made from the heart. “#Hatnothate with love by Raddy Patti” Some big hats here, I like this! We have Trish B again from Florida, Florida showing up this year! Thank you! This is a nice, nice long- this looks like some Heartland and some Wool-Ease thick & quick I know my
yarn when I see it, thank you so much let’s see what we got going on in here. One lovely blue hat with a pom pom!
Everybody loves a pom; I love a pom “I’m happy to donate this hat for such a worthy cause I am only crocheting for about three months I got this design from YouTube
regards and best wishes on this campaign” Susan, is this your first crochet project
and you did it for hat not hate/ If so, yes!
You are a champion and I love you You rock Susan. Ann R from Illinois Oh boy. Oh boy.
Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! “Dear Lion Brand, please find enclosed my
donation to your hat not hate campaign this is a new effort for me this year, I recently became informed of it from a Facebook feed to me.” Ann, your efforts are
making a difference. Your craft is making a difference Just by doing what you did today And thank you for helping me make a difference in
hat not hate It’s a box it’s a box guys we have a box!
City Fritters! New York!
You are local “Hi Shira, and the Hat not hate team-” FYI not such a large team But thank you for thinking that it is “I made these for the cause,
thank you for doing this for the kids Happy to be a part of it all the best, Amy.
Instagram: @CityFritters” You’re awesome @CityFritters! Four beautiful hats.
Thank you very much for this Lighthouse crochet C. Jennings, this is coming from New York Okay Whaaat!? “Hi Shira, love having the chance to help
you in your quest towards eradicating bullying Here’s 11 blue hats all
different shades and no two are alike” Cheryl, you get the award for the nicest packaged
hats I have ever seen in my life Oh look, oh my God! The tags, the bows! Look at-
She really wasn’t kidding What!?
You’re out of control I love this This is… Wow. Laura S. from New York “Dear Shira, thank you for being a voice
for those who cannot speak for themselves in the Bible Proverbs 31:8 says “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, ensure justice for those
being crushed” and this is what you are doing Thank you, I know the Lord is with
you it is a blessing for me to be a part, though it is just one hat, of something
so big and Noble. With all my support and with all blessings Laura S. Laura, thank you so much for your note I really appreciate it and it’s also you that has the voice too because you can spread this message using the hashtag #hatnothate you can post about it you can share it with your friends because I believe
that 10 times out of 10 there’s at least one person in your group of friends that
doesn’t know about this and that is crafty or that knows crafty people and
we can spread this message so you are just as much as a voice as I am and
thank you very much for your beautiful blue hat Thank you guys for sending in
your hats remember the deadline for the blue hats is August 1st we are looking
for 25,000 it’s a lot I know but I believe that we can do it share a
picture of you wearing a blue hat or the blue hats that you’ve completed maybe
watching this video today has inspired you to make a blue hat or maybe even you
saw your hat today and you’re like that’s not enough I gotta make more
we will take it! We’re looking for 25,000 blue hats and then in
October we are going to distribute them to schools around the
country for National Bullying Prevention Month My goal is to inspire and to
empower these kids across the country that they can stand up to bullies and
you have helped them do that Keep on sharing the Hat not hate message tell
your friends tell your family tell anyone and everyone that we want to get
25,000 blue hats and I cannot make it happen without your help so thank you
thank you thank you to everyone that I called out today my heart is blue for
you and I love you and I appreciate you and just keep on doing what you’re doing
you guys are wonderful Hat not Hate

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