Ultimate Reset Review: Day 7 (Phase I)

Hi, I’m Monica Ward. And I’m Dave Ward. And we’re here to do a recap on our first
week on the Ultimate Reset cleanse. So Dave, give me a little bit of your thoughts
on this week. On week one, went really well actually. We have one meal left on… It’s Day 7 today. Kind of surprising actually for me. I was expecting something very different. I’ve done a couple of cleanses in the past
and they’ve all been really harsh. Even the ones that start out with sort of
giving you maybe half of all the supplements that you’re gonna be taking. They’ve all been really, really harsh and
this hasn’t been that way at all. I mean I’ve definitely had some withdrawals
from caffeine and that type of stuff and I’ve had a little bit of
an up and down emotional roller coaster. I talked about that in the video that I shot yesterday. But, I have to say overall my impression is
that this is really just so far a week of eating super-good, super-healthy food, taking supplements that are designed to increase
your body’s alkalinity, restore your body’s pH and drinking a lot of water. And that’s kind of been my experience so far,
the food has been really, really good. I keep walking away from meals saying “Wow,
that’s something I could eat all the time!” or like the salad that we had for lunch today,
I just sort of said “Wow! If we had a chicken to that, I would
eat that every day.” So, I’m really good so far, I feel really
good… Pretty much no coffee cravings or anything
like that and I feel great. How about you? I definitely feel great. I wouldn’t say that I haven’t had any coffee
cravings or chocolate cravings or… I definitely think though that by not reacting to those cravings, it allows me to see what’s going on, the associations it’s like pretty
much habitual, like I love to have a coffee right before
I pick up my kids from school or from an event, in fact I went to a meeting last
night for parents and at the parent meeting this woman ran in and said “Oh, I forgot to get my latte” and I’m like I would have definitely had a
latte in hand or something of that sort. The recipes are amazing; I’m gonna be honest. I’m definitely breaking up with Tempe after this cleanse. In fact, I’m pretty certain that we’re on the rocks. Yeah. And if there’s something that I can sub it
with, I’m gonna be done. I hope it doesn’t hurt its feelings, but I’ve
had it with Tempe. Sorry tempeh! I can’t make it taste good and but I do feel great, the recipes and the prep
time is so minimal and that’s what surprises me when I grab maybe
some processed food in the past or something just totally that I wouldn’t coach anyone else on grabbing. I think that being able to
prepare clean healthy meals has been simple and really the important part is the planning. And that’s what I’ve noticed that with having
the plan all laid out for you, you head off to the grocery store, you get
the things that you need, you already have them accessible in your fridge and you can create delicious meals based on
what’s already designed. And they are really outstanding. OK, but I
will say the zucchini cashew soup… Yes. That’s gonna stay in my life forever. Not breaking up with that any time soon. Not breaking up. We might go… I might get
it a ring or something! I’m definitely in love with it. So that’s it. Yeah! Amazing soup, just on that point; amazing soup, one of the
cool things I think we’ve learned this week is… If you didn’t know that it was made with
basically, what? zucchinis, cashews, onions, anything else? No, I guess, it’s just zucchinis and cashews. And it’s like some of the water from the steam
that you use to steam the cashew… You would think that it was a cream-based soup; I mean it tastes like that. Like something you would have put heavy… I would … if I was making the soup
I would put heavy cream in it and it would have tasted the same. So, small little modifications like that… Yes, cashews are gonna be more expensive but way, way, way more healthy when you look
at preparing things. I think one of the other things that Monica
touched on briefly that I think is sort of happening for us,
or at least for me anyway, is that habitual nature of the things we do, you know something like coffee… I don’t even really think about
how much coffee I necessarily drink I know that first thing when I wake up, at
least… except for the last 10, 15 days I have had to have a cup of coffee in order to function. But then after that, I know just over the
course of the day, you know, I work… this is my office right
here, and so I work right here and a lot of times I’m just you know, grabbing
a coffee or… You know, grabbing something else that maybe
isn’t the healthiest choice that I can make. And what I love about what the Reset is doing so far is it is starting to establish these simple healthy habits of preparing your meals, you know, the supplement
protocol is really, really simple; I think the first 2 days we were
kind of looking at the sheet going “OK, what do we take and when?” And now it’s just, you know, you know what
the next thing is that’s coming and you know what it is to take it and it’s
like no big deal. So, I think that, you know, a lot of people
say it takes 21 days to establish new habits and that’s really a big piece of what I’m
looking forward to. And frankly, I can’t believe it’s only… It’s the first week already… that’s just went by like that. Yeah, it definitely went by. Yeah, anything else you wanna add? No, just coming to you very color coordinated and while he’s talking of course that’s all I’m noticing. And we’ll come back to you in 2 or 3 more
days to talk about the next phase. Phase II, which has a scary thing called detox in it. Yes, phase II is the detox, so we’ll let you
know what that’s all about but so far so good. So, anyway, I think that’s it for us. I hope you guys are doing well.
We’ll talk to you soon.

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