Ultimate Portion Fix Training – Overview and Dates

coaches we are at the top of the hour
welcome to the special edition training on ultimate portion fix hold on guys
this is gonna be a lot of fun lots going on during this training but before you
get too anxious a little overwhelmed let me just tell you that this training is
in multiple parts we are starting early because we want to give you all of the
information before it actually launches autumn is going to come on at some point
not today sorry not today but a different time or I’m going to have another training to go over
what’s in the packs prices all of that good stuff
autumn is gonna be on the national wake-up call later we’ve got you covered
but today I am so excited to announce that we are ready to start talking about
it the ultimate portion fix is ready to go
it’s in the system for us to start talking about now for you it’s not in
the system yet but it’ll get there and so what I’m going to do today is share
with you my screen and I want you guys to just watch yes pull out a sheet of
paper yes take notes yes tag people below so that they can
watch this training over and over again so that you can become more familiar
with ultimate portion fix now so let me go ahead and get that started here sure
okay here we go guys Ultimate proportion fix let me just
give you a little story ahead of time I was able to go to the new leader
conference down in Los Angeles this past weekend autumn was there and she was
talking about this new program she was brought on stage and Michael interviewed
her and before I’m like yeah great containers I got it
but when I heard her talk about why coaches should be part of the ultimate
portion fix and why they should add this to your arsenal of things that you can
help coaches with I left going alright she really has done her homework Michael
really complimented her on look autumn doesn’t just give you the containers and
say good luck and however you deal with it I just want to sell more containers
that’s not how she is she honestly I think she even gets annoyed when she’s
when she watches coaches do it religiously for 21 days
and afterwards they take the containers and are like yeah okay thanks
and she’s like no this is a lifestyle and so she starts diving into it more she wants to figure it out she has talked to thousands of
coaches and has tried to figure out what are the things that they’re missing and
what it came down to was people look at these containers and they’re like oh they look at these containers there they are and
they’re like yeah it’s just containers look and they go to the customers and
say look you put carbs in the yellow one and like that’s the extent
of their knowledge got it they got the list of whatever carbs are you put your
oils and your nuts in this one your healthy fats go in here like it’s just
they have to be like oh yeah this you put proteins all right that’s the extent
of their knowledge Autumn is like no what’s missing is an extensive knowledge
behind why why this size why this amount why are the some of the foods
put in here and why are some of them left out there’s reasons behind all
of this and she wants you to understand the why behind because just like
anything related to business if there’s a why then you stick to it if you know
the background you stick to it if you know the science behind it you stick to
it but if all you know is that red means proteins you don’t stick to it and so
she’s really taking this time to say look this is why I put together the
ultimate portion fix and this is guys it’s not just these there’s so much
more behind it and that’s what she wants to show you and tell you guys she has
put so many hours into the ultimate portion fix it’s not just a workbook
it’s not just a log book there is so much research behind it and ultimately
when you’re done with the ultimate proportion fix you will have an entirely
new appreciation for this stack of containers you will understand
it to the point where you can look at somebody with their nutritional
disastrous lifestyle and you can say I got you that’s where we are at with this
okay I’ll go back to sharing so you guys can watch
this okay there we go diving into the program overview and key dates for the
ultimate portion fix gets me so excited to have coaches learn about this
here we go okay maybe I’v jumped the gun a little bit so this is yes it’s going to
contain the containers obviously I mean this is what this program is about but
once again it’s not about yeah you put carrots in the green one and
it’s just not that anymore there’s going to be three yes three versions three
different programs of the ultimate portion fix hang with me there’s going
to be the home program this one’s probably going to be very popular with
your customers because it’s the program associate and I’ll
go over what’s in it but this is kind of what the base pack kind of looks like
this is just the ultimate portion fix you can learn more about it and then
there’s a certification which I’m going to tell you guys you’re gonna want to do
because I’ve looked at it and it’s flippin’ amazing and then there’s the master
series first time we’re introducing a master series class and ongoing group
I’ll talk more about that in just a minute let’s dive into the home program
so the ultimate portion fix home program this is what the ultimate
portion fix will be for a lot of you this is going to be a 30-day video based
program it’s going to be found on BOD in nutrition tab remember we have 2B
mindset right there and then we have the Fitness with everything else
once you buy the home program it’s going to show up there and you can watch the
30 days and in fact there may be more than 30 videos but it’s the 30 day video
based program on it you’re going to be 30 plus video step-by-step videos that
goes over so much and I’ve seen snippets of some of these videos and
it’s not just autumn sitting there telling you she is showing you she’s at
the grocery store she said she’s making recipes she’s showing you she’s breaking
it down for you these 30 videos or more videos are gonna be broken down into
seven modules there’s going to be a workbook associated with this it’s a
companion piece to the videos the home program includes a daily
log book this is very popular nowadays where you should track what you eat you track how
you feel and what’s going on with your body we introduced this with 2B Mindset
we’ll continue it with the daily logbook here in the ultimate portion
fixe guys these these logbooks have really transformed so many people’s
nutritional habits before they were just they were unconsciously doing things to
their body that were ruining their progress but now that you log it
it really helps them understand ok this is why I feel this way this is why the
scales not moving this is why you know maybe I am starting to lose the pounds
or starting to trim up is because you’re logging that obviously it contains
the containers and it’s going to you guys hello introducing fixate volume 2
cookbook I believe it has I think you have it right here over a hundred it say 102 I can’t say over has 102 new fixate recipes yes we like that a
fixate cooking show now this is access to the same one that you have
now if you’ve never seen it before go watch it you have access to it right now
you can go watch the fixate cooking show on bottom of the nutrition tab and for your
customers who don’t have anything yet future customers your prospects as you
give them the home program you can tell them it comes with a fixate cooking show
and there are I’m looking I don’t know hundreds guys hundreds of recipes on
that fixate cooking show that they can use along with this program and
introducing this with this new home program something that is by popular
demand absolutely lunch ideas for the kids this one guys has been requested
over and over again and autumn said on stage at NLC see she get this she has a
kid she put together 75 healthy lunch ideas for kids that they will love
that are delicious but that are approved with this program how awesome she
puts so much work into this okay and if you purchase this that’s not all folks I
want to say if you purchased the ultimate portion fix as you know because
you went to super weekend because everybody does the
ultimate portion fix comes with a live stream of 21 day fix and 21 day fix
extreme let me just give you a small testimonial
I can’t show you because it’s inappropriate but if I could my butt
hurts so bad right now and my hamstrings hurts so bad right now because at
NLC and I don’t know if I’m even supposed to say this but at NLC she
introduced us to one of the 21 day fix workouts and she said you know what it’s
not just a live version of the same thing over and over she goes you know what I’m
gonna ramp it up and if I’m not supposed to say that autumn I’m so sorry I’m so
sorry erase what you just heard but guys I’m
like okay this is great I did the workout and it felt good the next day
still can’t walk I did this what day was it Saturday Saturday I did the work out
today’s Monday I’m still that oh I have to get like a jazzy chair and just like
scooter around town because I hurt so much this program the live and she does
not let up guys this is so much fun even if it’s just for this reason 21 day
fix live tape streaming of 21 day fix 21 day fix extreme is worth it ok so that’s
the home program here’s what it’s designed to help you do guys this is
going to help you like I mention it’s not just put healthy fats in the blue
container that’s I don’t know just go look to see what autumn says what does
the healthy fat and put it in here no no no you’re gonna learn the container system
and understand the fundamentals of proper portion control you will know the
reasons behind it the science behind it the why is it this size I mean it’s just so
amazing what she’s gonna do with this you’ll learn ways to feed the entire
family healthy meals everybody’s got it work on that you’re gonna know how to
teach it to your entire family including kids which has not been done until this
point you’re gonna learn how to eat for performance beat sugar addiction with
these containers understand what drives your eating decisions once again it’s
the why behind it why do I eat like the way I do what’s causing me to have these
addictions why can’t I break that Plateau a lot of times as you talk to
customers and prospective coaches they may ask you a question where your like ah crap I don’t know and you come up with some answer out of thin air and
it’s not the answer you want to say because you don’t know fully this gives
you the knowledge as to why people eat the way they do and how to overcome that
that guys that knowledge will get you so far in helping people achieve
their goals I hope you understand that’s the concept behind this entire program
it’s not learn the containers it’s not even though that’s part of it it’s
the why behind it amazing stuff and it can be combined with any Beachbody
fitness program as Autumn said on stage at NLC she cannot figure out why people
do it for 21 days and then stop and go back to their old habits or they start a
new program and they get lost it’s different because it’s different
programs look this program can be done with any Beachbody fitness program true to
her word okay so that’s the home program that’s kind of the basis of what
the program is now we’re gonna dive into now the certification and the Masters
Series this is where it gets real fun the guys the two bottom ones are for
coaches only this is the home program can be for your customers or coaches but
the certification and the master series you do have to be a coach for this here
we go or get into it so right now on Beachbody on demand well not right now
when it launches your customers will see when they get to the nutrition tab they
will see 2B mindset and the ultimate portion fix and all the other stuff here
for coaches when you purchase this you will see the certification section
here where you can click on it and go through the certification very cool
stuff okay let’s talk certification so it does require the purchase of the program
okay and here’s what is designed to help you do gives you a deeper dive into the
program to better support your customers personalize the program and run more
effective groups oh my gosh that there’s more reasons but I can stop right there
because I know so many coaches I’m looking at you right in the eyes
you’re probably one of those people that could better run effective Challenge
groups that can help you probably need help on how to personalize in
eating nutrition program for your customers and the support system is
there guys you’re gonna learn soft skill training that’s the
person-to-person training that we’re looking for those are the soft skills
that’s taking somebody and helping them overcome whatever problems are coming
along with and help them overcome that that’s included with this certification
very personalized certification you’re also going to get social media marketing
tools and support to help sell the program and lead challenge groups so
much of our business is run on social media so much sometimes coaches to say
and it comes with the containers and that’s all they know how to say this
will help you with your marketing abilities you’re getting so much with
this program you’re getting knowledge you’re helping with
emotional support and you’re learning how to sell and lead challenge groups
there’s so much associated with this also it comes with 20 additional videos
to help you implement what you’re learning along with this program there’s
worksheets to help you translate your learnings into practice
which is what we’re all about social media insights tips and strategies to
maximize your social platforms sample daily posts and topic ideas to keep
challengers engaged I mean come on guys I mean we’re doing the work
for you here all you have to do is to sign up and participate and the stuff is
there for you insights on how to improve prospecting enrollment and retention
marketing materials to help you better promote your groups unbelievable and
guys the ultimate portion fix master coach certification and E badge so you
do it there is an exam at the end of certification if you do pass or when you
pass you do get an e badge you get the certificate and you completed the course
and something that you can say and you call yourself not yet and then you do
get your first 30 days into the master series and I’m going to talk about that
here in just a second but once you complete that you get your
30 days into the master series coaches who complete certification we’ll be able
to market themselves as an official ultimate portion fix master coach now
I’m gonna pause here and just say this if I’m a customer at home alright I’m a
dude I’m gonna be on my couch I’m going to be eating cheese puffs I’m going to
have yellow fingers I’m going to be miserable with my life and I’m going to
be scrolling through social media and I have two options I have somebody who’s
marketing the containers look you put proteins in red and then somebody who
says look I’m an ultimate portion fix master coach and I can help
you get the results you’re looking for that’s what I’m gonna go with and
it’s because I I trust you have knowledge you’ve been certified and
that’s who I’m gonna go with rather than somebody who’s just marketing the
containers because they’re colorful that’s just an
obvious answer right there okay let’s go to this master serious guys introducing
for the first time ever ta da the master series it’s so excited about this
because it is an on going thing it does require the purchase of the program and
enrollment in certification here’s what it does master series helps coaches stay
up to speed with all the new findings new fads and answers to new questions
surrounding nutrition each month we give you live answers we give you live
training we give you up to date information guys as as this rolls out as
new things new questions come up new findings you’re going to be added to
this you’re going to be included and you get exclusive access to all of this fun
stuff okay it also provides coaches or you with early access to new fixate
recipe videos the latest news and tips from autumn and she’s going to be
so active in here including Q&A with Autumn where you can ask her the questions
and say hey I went through the series went through the class and I’m certified
here’s where I’m at here’s a question I have and she’s gonna been right there to
answer them for you business building tactics and best practices exclusive
access to other master coaches content tools and insights
so much associated with this okay so the content starts April first the master
and I’m going to go over dates I know this is the first time we’re kind of saying dates here but the
master series content starts on April 1st okay moving on
here we’re kind of breaking it up two related launch groups these are going to
be groups on Facebook the first one is an exclusive coach test group okay so
we’ve talked about the home program we’ve talked about certification we
talked about the master series now it’s on to the groups that are associated
with these groups first one on the left exclusive coach test group to gain
access you do need to be a coach obviously you need to purchase the
ultimate portion fix and then you need to request to join the group you’ll
have a chance to do that to request to join and then you get to work with
autumn and go through the program you get exclusive access to the new 21 day
fix and 21 day fix extreme and live time workouts as they are being
filled it’s just the exclusive coach test group now what’s
different about this exclusive Coast test group versus if you’re in the
transform 21 right now I’m doing trainings in that group business
trainings associated with that autumn does not want that to happen in the
exclusive coach test group she’s going to push that over to the master coach
training group and it’s going to be ramped up even more she has told us how
involved she’s going to be now the exclusive coach test groups going to be
great she’ll be involved in there it’s going to be coaches kind of interacting
with that not a bad group to join you get access you do get
information great group now the master coach training group now to get access
to this one you can you have to be a coach you have to purchase the ultimate
portion fix certification I’ll go over Packs next time not today we have to do
a pack that includes certification and then you request to join will
validate it we put you in group you get to work with autumn to go through the
program to get exclusive access to content tools and insights that includes
more than 20 videos worksheets social media samples marketing material and 30
days of the master series this is legit stuff this is a true-blue
master coach training group very excited about this
okay moving on to the date I hope I haven’t lost any of you yet guys
once again we are going to go over these trainings we have many of them slotted
before this actually goes live so don’t panic that this is the only training
Kevin I’m lost we’re going to go over this again and
watch it again a we’re gonna have autumn talking about it I’m gonna
come on to talk more it’ll get there it’ll get there but we wanted to start
putting this out there so that you guys can start talking your coaches now so
let’s go over some key dates because there’s a lot of dates associated
because we have three different programs there’s a lot of dates associated with
this and then there’s Facebook groups so hang on to your hats here we go
there’s the top section the launch dates and the bottom section the coach
groups here we go the first one the ultimate portion fix launch go with me
at the top here launch date is March 4th in fact it’s March 4th through the 17th
that is on purpose coaches only get an exclusive chance to figure this out
before they talk to their customers I mean hallelujah we figured this out we
have gone say ok instead of launching the same day and customers expecting you
to have answers the same day that you get the content and you haven’t watched
the content and you’re already getting questions we’re now saying look on March
4th and guys March 4 don’t wait till the 16th March 4th purchase the program
watch the videos go through as much content as you can
between March 4th and March 17th so that when it launches on March 18th for your
customers you’re like yeah I got ya I’ve watched the videos I understand it so much better I
can answer your questions now that same day you purchase on March 4th
the master coach training group certification now if you purchased the
certification the would be group for that opens up between March 4th and
March 17th you can purchase the certification now if you purchased
just the regular ultimate portion fix that does not include certification the
exclusive coach test group also opens up that day and we’ll go over a few dates
here in just a second okay now the master coach training group
is going to get a head start on their stuff we’re saying look we’re ready to
go so on March 11th are gonna start their
first trainings they’re gonna start providing the group content so that
coaches are ready to go and they can start going through certification on
March 18th this goes live – I don’t wanna say the
world because everybody who has access to this your customers I’ll
say that this goes live to your customers on March 18th and that’s
when the exclusive coach test group goes live so you can request access to
the group before but that’s on March 18th that’s when it goes live the
exclusive coach test group ready to go moving on okay next the 21-day fix real
time workouts now obviously if you purchased it any of the portion
ultimate portion fix packs you get access to the workouts that begins on
April 1st now there is a Facebook group associated with that that group also
begins on April 1st through the 21st and it’s going to be awesome Autumn’s going
to be involved you can go in there ask questions help kind of you know watch
the videos kind of like the transform 20 ones it’s going to be awesome very excited
about that and then on April 29th the 21 day fix extreme real time workouts go
live there’s a separate group for that one that we can request
access to and that goes for the 21 days until May 19th the last date 21-day fix
extreme workouts added to the BOD member library a lot of coaches are
asking so is the only way I can get this is if I purchased well I’m going to tell
you this guys get involved now go through the workouts because
your stories your testimonials of what these programs can do will help sell so
much will help people say yes to you so that those that do not purchase it May
31st is when the live workouts will be added to the BOD member library okay
so don’t panic if you’re panicking here going I am NOT writing fast
enough to write all these dates down I will post this in the group here
underneath in the comment section but we’ve also put together these cute
little badges here that help show the dates kind of the same thing on the left
March 4th the exclusive test group launch March 18th is when it actually
launches 21-day fix real time starts April 1st 29th extremes starts in the
31st is when it goes to the library March 4th exclusive coach test coach
purchase window begins and i’m gonna be talking about being certified and I
don’t see the other date there because there it is March 18th ultimate portion fix
official launch date for the coach exclusive for the Coach test group also
begins that day these will also be available and you
don’t have to make up your own you can if you want to put more containers on
there make it yours it’s great and that’s kind of what this is now I’m going to do
one more slide I think I’m gonna go live here again a different day it’s slotted
right now for the 20th Wednesday the 20th I’ll let you know but we’re gonna
go over packs and bundles we’re gonna go over more tools and resources and launch
strategy ideas and also guys it may be then or maybe a different time
I’m gonna bring autumn on to talk more about this so here’s what I would do
now I need to stop sharing so here’s what I would do so if I just watched this
training video I would do a couple things number one I would get familiar
with the dates so that it doesn’t creep up on you at NLC I
think it was Ali Tessitori talked about the advantages to planning out and how
it maximizes your business I would take the dates and I would say okay so this
is happening on this date this is happening I need to request by this
group I need a certification starts here all of those things happen and then I
would backtrack and say okay so if that’s happening what do I need to do
now how can I start advertising how can I start getting people excited about
these now so that when it launches it’s not a
oh crap today is the launch day and then I need to start marketing you’re too
late find the dates now second I would
become familiar with why somebody should become certified if your coaches
are looking at you going look I’ve done the containers for a long time
what’s different about this have those conversations have a team call as
to why certification matters now get people out get these false
beliefs of it’s just the containers I know how to work the containers the why
behind it the reasons behind why somebody should be certified have that
call so that they know I would start once again making those lists of
coaches about who’s going to purchase the certification or who’s going to
purchase the home program and thinking with customers which customers going to
purchase the home program so that on March 18th it’s just a go-go-go type of thing
get excited now show your excitement the containers have changed so many people’s
lives but there’s more behind it there’s reasons behind it and as you become
certified you’ll understand that and you guys will understand that lives
can be changed even more with this and they cannot just be a 21 day program but
it can be a lifestyle change guys we’re so excited about this program hope you
are too I’ll see you another time here to talk about the containers
and have an amazing day thanks guys


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