True XC9 Pro Gloves // Locker Room Review

What’s going on guys, this is Chris with Total
Hockey. Today I’m going to be talking about the True
XC9 Pro Glove. Anatomical fit. Designed to take the shape of the hand, the
XC9 fits snug against the hand, giving the player maximum control while maintaining full
mobility in the wrist. ZPalm technology. The XC9 comes standard with a 1mm Ax Suede
palm with pro grade clarino overlay for optimal comfort and feel. The patented Z palm system will allow the
player to effortlessly interchange the palms to any of the four additional performance
options, instantly transforming the glove and optimizing them to the individual players
game and needs. Optimized protection. Pro grade EPP foams and 24mm thickness combine
with 1mm PE insert provide the XC9 the most advanced build and protection of any glove
on the market today while maintaining an ultra light weight construction. TrueFlexx Lock Thumb. Like many pro level gloves this glove comes
with a locked thumb so you can get consistent movement. Just above the knuckle there’s an additional
PE insert that is segmented away from the glove for additional protection. Microban liner. The Microban antimicrobial protection system
helps reduce the growth of odor causing bacteria by up to 99%, keeping the material cleaner
and fresher for a longer period of time. You guys can find the True XC9 Pro Glove at Give us a thumbs up if you liked the video.
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