Treadmill Running Interval Workout For Weight Loss

Right now, at this very moment, you’re going
to start looking good naked, because right now, you’re about to burn a
lot of ugly fat off that good looking body you have, in only ten minutes
using your treadmill. Before we start this workout, make sure that you’ve
warmed up for at least five to ten minutes. If you’re already warmed up,
then let’s go ahead and get started. Okay, first, let’s go ahead and get set up.
So go ahead and put your treadmill at a speed and/or an incline that’s
going to make you work real hard or very intense during this entire workout.
But do not run or walk on your treadmill at this time, and just stand
at the side of the treadmill like I’m doing now in the video. For example, in this workout video here, I’m
taking my treadmill all the way up to ten miles per hour because that’s
the speed that’s going to make me work hard enough to burn a lot of fat during
this ten-minute workout. You don’t have to go at the same speed I’m
going, but you do need to go at a speed and/or an incline, that’s going to
make you work real hard during this short, ten-minute fat burning workout. Okay, I’m going to give you just a few more
seconds to get your treadmill set up and then we’re going to start. Okay,
are you ready? Don’t step on your treadmill yet. We’re going to start in
ten seconds. Get ready, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three,
two, one, go. Go really fast, only ten seconds. Watch that
countdown clock in the corner. All right, keep going. Keep going. Keep going.
All right, stop. All right, rest. Keep an eye on that clock, and get ready
to run when it says, “Go.” All right, keep going. All right, two, one,
go. Keep running or walking really fast, do what
you have to do to make this really intense, only doing it for ten seconds.
Keep going. Almost there, almost time to rest, and stop. All right,
rest. Come on now. Let’s hang in there. We just got started. This is the easy
part. Get ready, go. Start running. Remember, you can keep your
on the clock in the corner or look at the clock on your treadmill. All right,
get ready, and stop. Just rest, relax. All right, three, two, one, go.
All right, pick it up. Start running or walking really fast. Come on, almost
there, almost time to rest, and stop. All right, don’t give up. We’re just starting
now. This is very intense. You’re probably not even used to this. Go.
There you go. If you think about this, it’s real easy. You’re only going for
ten seconds, and then we’re going to, stop. Right here, we’re going to
take another quick ten-second break. That’s all we’re going to do throughout
the whole workout, ten seconds of running and ten seconds of taking
a break. Get ready. Get ready, and go. That’s right.
That’s right, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, almost, and
stop. That’s right. Come on, this workout isn’t hard. It’s a really easy
workout. “Real easy, real easy,” just keep thinking that, real easy,
real easy, go. Keep going. Remember, don’t give up. Don’t
give up. Just keep going, and stop. Don’t give up on yourself. Whenever
you think about giving up, just think about that sexy body you’re going to
have after you finish this workout, and go. Come on. Come on. Just five
more seconds. Give it all you’ve got. Come on. Come on. Run. Come on,
do it hard. Come on. Ready, and stop. All right, keep it going. Remember if it ever
gets too easy for you, you can always speed it up just a little bit.
If it’s too hard, just slow it down just a little bit. Go. All right, keep
going. Keep an eye on that clock. You’ve got five more seconds, three,
two, one. Stop. All right, if it ever gets too hard, just slow down just
a little bit, but don’t give up. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Ready, and,
go. If you’re at a point now and you get real,
real tired and you don’t think you can make it just stop right now, and take
a rest. Take a rest, but keep going. Here you go, and stop. Keep resting.
But like I was saying, if you’re really tired right now, go ahead and
rest. During the next break, we’ll only be running for ten seconds. All
right and go. Keep going if you’re doing all right, you
should be running faster now. If you’re really tired, just stop and rest right
now. But keep going, no matter what you do, don’t step off that treadmill.
Stop. Do not step off that treadmill until the ten minutes is up.
No matter what you do, I don’t care if you stand there for the whole ten
minutes, as long as you don’t give up, all right. Get ready, and go. Run, run, that’s the whole point. You may
not be able to do the ten-minute workout the first time, but after a couple
of times, you’ll be able to do this whole ten-minute workout without stopping,
and stop. All right, keep an eye on that clock. Five more seconds of
rest, then we’ve got to pick it back up. Get ready. This is hard for me too.
Go. I’ve been doing this for a long time and it
still gets me. But I like it because I love the results I get from it.
All right, keep going, and stop. All right, rest. Remember, if it’s too hard,
you can just take a longer rest. If it’s too easy, speed it up, and go.
Come on, I know you’re getting tired, but that’s a good thing. That means
the ugly fat is coming off your body. That’s all that means. Come on. Keep
going, and stop. That’s right. That’s right. If you don’t like
the sound of my voice, just hit the mute button, and just look at the
clock, and go. I know my voice doesn’t sound all dramatic and loud and all
of that. But, hey, I’m just here to help you work out, and stop. All right, come on, we’re still doing good.
Still doing good. Stick with me. Just don’t give up. That’s my main point.
Don’t give up. Go. That’s right. That’s right. Just look at me. This
workout is a little bit hard for me too. It’s not just you. Stop. All right, do not give up. I can’t say that
enough. I know it’s hard. Stick in there with me. Go. Come on, run. If you’ve
been walking all this time, up until now, try to speed up a little bit.
Just try to get a faster walk. Stop, just rest real quick. Keep an eye on
that clock. All right, get ready, and go. Remember, we’re only doing
this for ten measly seconds, just ten seconds. Give it all you’ve got, ten seconds.
Give it all you’ve got. Come on, ten seconds, and stop. Now you get to rest for ten seconds. All right,
almost there, almost time, almost time, and go. That’s right. That’s
right. Pick it up. Pick it up, and stop. If you think about it, for this
whole ten minutes you’re only actually running for five of the ten minutes
of the workout. So you’re only doing work for five minutes. All right, just
five minutes of work. Go. You’re doing five minutes of work to burn
of pounds of fat. Just five minutes, all right? That’s why you’ve got
to stick with this. Don’t give up. Stop. Look at me. I’m sweating too. It’s
getting me too. All right, I’m not going to lie to you, this isn’t easy,
but it works. Go. I’m going at ten miles per hour. What are
you going at? Can you go faster than me? Pick it up. Pick it up. Stop. All
right, now hang in there. Hang in there. Hang in there, don’t give up on
me. Get ready. All right, run. Come on. Go a little bit faster if you can
this time. Push that speed button on that treadmill to go up a little
bit faster. Walk a little bit faster. Run a little bit faster. Come on.
Stop. Remember, we’re only working for five minutes.
Just five minutes of work and five minutes of resting, that’s all this
workout is, all right? If you push yourself in that five minutes of work,
I guarantee you’ll have a sexy body. Go. Come on, now. I’m sticking with it. I want
you to stick with it. Come on now, let’s go. Almost, almost, and stop. There
you go, just rest it out. Rest it out. Come on now. Rest it out. I think
we’re almost finished, and go. I think we’ve got about two or three more
minutes left, and you know what that means, two or three more minutes divided
by two is what? 90 seconds. Stop. You’ve got about 90 more seconds of
hard work to go, and 90 seconds of rest time. That’s all that’s left to it.
But I’m going to say it again, I know you’re tired of hearing it, don’t give
up, and go. Come on. Come on. Dig, dig, dig. Go faster.
Come on. Try to go faster the last few seconds of this workout, and stop.
That’s right, I know it’s hard. But look, if you’re getting tired right there,
like I said, that fat is being burnt off as we speak. Go. Come on. Run, fast, fast. Think about that
sexy body you’re going to get. Think about how you’re going to look after
this hard work. Come on. Keep going. Keep going. Come on. Almost, and stop.
All right, so look at me. It’s getting me. It’s getting to me too. It’s
almost over. Come on. Stick in there. Go. If you’re feeling pain, you’re feeling tired,
like I said, all that means is that fat is being stripped away from your
body. Come on, now hang in there. We’re almost finished. Stop. Almost
finished. Come on. Almost finished. Get ready to go. Come on. Push it
real hard for these last few seconds. Go. Push it hard. Come on. Hard! Pick it up if
you have to. Come on. Speed it up. Come on. Go. Go. Let’s go. Almost, and
stop. Like I said, I think we’re almost finished. I think we’re almost finished.
Come on, now. Come on. Go. Come on. Pick it up. Pick it up. Be strong.
Come on. Stop. Keep going. Come on, three more seconds and then we’re going
to really pick it up, and go. Come on. Please give it all you’ve got. Give
it all you’ve got. I think it’s less than two minutes left. I know I
said 90 seconds, before, but I think I was wrong. Come on. Stop. I apologize
for that, I thought it was three minutes left. But I think it actually
may be less than two minutes now. I’m not sure, but I know it’s almost
over. Come on. Come on. Go. Whatever you do, I don’t care what you do,
you don’t step off that treadmill. I don’t care if you just stand
there for ten minutes. But you don’t get off that treadmill. Stop. Tere you
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