Transform :20 Week 5 Review! Shaun T Weight Loss Transformation!

okay wow I can’t believe chapter three
conquer is here I’m in week five and I really love that none of the workouts
are the exact same I don’t get bored every day is new it’s only 20 minutes so
I can easily show up for 20 minutes there’s something about that time limit
that just helps my brain wrap around the fact that I’m not gonna go do cardio I’m
gonna hate my life for a minute and it’s gonna be over really quick so I did have
some extra time on Monday where I added in some Brazil Butt Lift because when
you join me you get over 800 workouts right at your fingertips so I was able
to add on a little extra 30-minute booty lifting workout and it was really fun so
here as you can tell I’ve spray tanned and some of these moves were really
interesting the fancy footwork was tricky at first to get down but once you
get it you can really find your cadence and it’s almost like a dance routine
where you find your rhythm and you can just go I actually felt pretty energized this
week I’d say overall it was a good one I definitely need to watch my form on
some of these moves still because it’s easy to tweak out your upper neck and
your shoulders if you’re not making sure that your form is correct so you can see
I’ve got my three mirrors and my workout space that I really do look in and focus
on but trying to push for the full twenty minutes trying to do every move
really hardcore for the full whatever like 30 seconds 45 seconds or a minute
that he has us doing the move and of course I’m up being almost every time my
number on the Transformers sometimes I’m breaking even because I’ve just gone as
hard as I can the past few weeks on them and I’m not gonna get any more reps in
but it’s really fun to count and push and feel how much easier these moves are
getting and you know I love hearing the motivation from Shante he talks about a
lot of different things I actually had a moment where I got pretty emotional this
week every Saturday after the balanced workout there is a reality TV type of
episode with Sean and the cast and I was stretching kind of just looking at my
phone checking into my online challenge group and Sean starts crying during the
episode this week because of a workout we do in week six and I was incredibly
moved by his how candid he was with the abuse that he had faced in his childhood
and how the silence during the workout that we do in week six really affected
him because it reminded him of the silence that he had as a child sitting
in his closet hiding and I just broke down I broke down in my Instagram
stories I couldn’t believe how raw and real he was and how truly when we dig
deep and we focus on our fit we take care of our bodies we’re also
taking care of our mental health as well because my anxiety is so much lower now
that I focus on these healthy habits I am almost a different person than I
was before I’m way more productive I’m happier I
feel more confident in my skin and even though I didn’t walk through the type of
abuse that Shawn did when he was little I we all still have our baggage we all
have our things and taking care of yourself will never return void and
that’s why if you need hope if you need help you need to join me you need to
join our crew I’m here for you and so are these trainers they are just you
know living their best doing their best and loving on us during the process and
it’s it’s such a cool community if you have not joined yet you just need to do
it it’s the best as you can tell I am loving the balanced
I love the balanced workout every Saturday it’s so great here’s one of the
Transformers doors I love you all work out together my son did everything get
out of here but look how cute his burpees are I’m sorry this is such a
cool thing to be able to do at home and let the kids work out with us and to be
that example to show them what that endorphin high can feel like the energy
the momentum that comes from a Roberto hey guys I’m at the frittata game again
I forgot tomatoes at the store but I’m doing onions sprouts as you can see
spinach i buy this grilled asparagus and the freezer section at Trader Joe’s and
then just microwave it for a little bit and some water in a bowl and then I also
microwave these just for a little bit to get them warm in the microwave and then
I did some avocado and I’m gonna do my eggs over the top now so while the oven
is heating up to 400 the typical rule is a fourth a cup of cream to every six
eggs but I like to do nine eggs and then I just use salt pepper and since the
kids don’t really like it Matt and I just add this in because


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