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Hey, guys Chardét here with Corpão Fitness. This is your total body workout. No equipment, Brazillian flow, just going
to set up your mat and let’s go ahead and get into it. OK, guys, we’re gonna get into this total
body workout. It is about 15 minutes in total and we’re
flowing through it, you can watch that little bar at the bottom of your screen to see how
you’re doing and how you are getting into it. And if you enjoy this workout, you want to
stay to the end, because I got a little something to help you take these moves with you as you
travel. So let’s go ahead and get started. Always in a nice little child’s pose. You want to come on now? Relax the arms forward, pus the hips back
and just relax the neck. Take a few more breaths in that child’s pose. Then very very softly, we’re going to push
the body up to all fours, let’s take a little cat cow here, rounding and releasing in this
workout, you’re going to get a little bit of yoga, capoeira. Total body mash up and working every muscle
here. Three more. Let’s do two more here. One more and then we;re going to release. Going to push the hips up into a nice downward
dog, just pedaling those legs getting deep into the floor, pressing a little deeper every
time. And then when you’re ready, you want to go
ahead and press both heels down to the floor and then lift both heels up, so you’re pressing
down and then pulling back up on those toes, raising it up and back down four more. Three more here. For two, last one, flow it forward as you
exhale, really pushing the body. Inhale press back. Exhale coming forwards. Inhale pressing back. Three more exhale forwards. Inhale press back. Two more coming forward and then pressing
back, next one coming forward, hold that plank and we’re going to do something called a jacaré. So you’re going to take your left leg, pull
it forward so that your hands are on the inside. And if you need to, drop this bottom knee. We’re going to bend the elbows back like you’re
doing a tricep pushup and then straighten, repeating that movement, bending and back
up, bending and back up five more and then you’re going to hold it here with me. Four more. For three.For two. Last one, hold. Breathe through and then as you push back
to a plank, your legs come back. Press back into that downward dog, we’re gonna
flow again. Forward as you exhale into plank, inhale,
take it back downward dog, forward, coming forward and back twice more like that coming
forward. And back. Last one, hold. This time slide your right foot forward. And don’t worry about flexibility. If you’re struggling, put that knee down,
we’re going to bend those elbows here again. Really pulling them back, keeping the neck
really neutral here. Four more and then we want to hold it, in
three, in two, one, hold. Staying in taht little hold here, breathing
through, for four, three, two and one pressing back into your plank and then inhale downward
dog, exhale coming forward, inhale take it back three more like that forward flow and
pressing back. Last one coming forward again. Left leg, forward jacaré. It’s the final time we do on this side. We’re going to bend those elbows eight times
and then hold, so bending the elbows and back. I know this feels awkward, but it’s going
to get you so flexible, 3 more. You have no idea two more, last one hold. Just holding it here. Now we’re going to do something a little bit
different. Instead of going to your plank, you’re going
to push yourself up to a lunge. Now if you struggle with that, you’re not
alone. Don’t worry. Just get to this lunge however you need to. Bring the legs in a little closer. We’re going to go into just a nice little
arms up draping, lunge here for four. If you can’t touch the floor, touch your thigh
for three, three for two. One more time, Arms are going to come up. Now we’ve got something called a Benção. So your arms are going to go over the thigh
and then we’re going to pull the knee and rise up to standing and come back down. Ok? If you’re really struggling here, stick with
the lunges. Now, if you’ve odne my videos a few times
or you’ve done my class. Watch that fall and you can go ahead and kick. So a full kick. If you’d like, as you come up really extending
long and deep into it. We’re going to do four more. Three. Two. One. Hold. Arms come up. Four of those nice flowy lunges. For four. It’s kind of more a torso bend here. For three. For two. For one. Hold. And then take the hands to the floor. Step back into your plank, pull back into
your downward dog, coming forward into your plank again four times here, inhale back,
forward for three and back. You see how this picks up. For two gets a little hard. Last one, hold your plank. Right leg comes forward jacaré. Bending this back knee f you need to. We bend those elbows eight times here. Working through that flexibility, three more. Two. Last one, hold it. Remember, we’re going to go into that fancy
lunge here in a moment. In four, three, two, one. Rise up. Can you do it? Bring the legs a little closer. Arms come up four times. We drop them down and raise them up. We drop them down and raise them up two more
times. Drop down, raise up last one. Drop down, raise up arms, go over the thigh
for that benção, starting with the knee and back down. Now, I’m getting a little close to the wall
here, so I’m going to push myself back. Can add kicks when you’re ready. If you want. That’s optional. You don’t need to do this part, really extending,
though, if you are kicking as much as you can here. Four more. Three. For two. For one. Hold your arms. Come on. For four flowy lunges. Four. Three. That’s not the official name. Two. The last one. Bring it down, step into your plank. Hold the plank for a few breaths. Push it back into your downward dog again. Coming forward for four and back, forward
for three and back forward for two and back. Last one forward, last one press back into
that downward dog, breathe. Child’s post if you need it. And then we’re going to step the feet into
the hands, slowly rolling up to standing. Taking a breather. Moving on here. Stepping wide. We’re going to go into a nice wide squat here,
knees really trailing your arms going to come up and then flowing forward. Same as you did with the lunges here. So just flow forward and back. Really gentle for four. For three. For two. Last one. Hold. Take your hands as if you’re holding a little
vase or vase here, and we’re going to flow side to side, balança. So this movement is going to be the one that
we use for our active recovery, which is not so active or not so recovery, rather, because
you’re really moving. But you can come a little lower if you want
to make it harder, a little higher. If you prefer not, so we’re going to do a
few of these. And then we start to take it into the queixada
kicks. So four more, for three, for two, one. Taking the arms into fighting position, ninja
position, we’re going to move this right leg and circle around with me and back down. You want to think land softly here, as soft
as you can land. If you want to straighten that leg. There’s no people or things you’re going to
hit, go ahead and do it. And a little bit faster with it. We’re going to go back into that balança
in just a few moments. So taking it a little further into this, four
more, for three, for two, for one, hold. Arms come back into that nice little vase,
flowing back and forth. Relax. We’re going to do your other side. Same movement. Just be careful. We’re not always as flexible on both sides. When you’re ready, we set it up. This time it’s your left leg, we’re just gonna
circle starting now. Once you get a few bent knee ones feels OK,
take it to straight leg if you want. We’ve got balança coming soon, stick with
it. Four more. Three. Two. One. Back into that balança. As flowy as you can get it. Now, next thing we’re gonna do is martelo
or sidekicks combined with a little retreat. So when you’re ready, you’re going to come
with me, lean towards your side here and come back up again. Lean and back up, lean and back up, lean and
back up. Now start to lean. And as you lean, drop your opposite arm drop. Drop. It’s almost like you’re dancing here. Drop. Four more, don’t worry it gets harder, three,
two, one, hold. We’re going to pick up this knee, kick for
four, kick for three, kick for two for one. Back into those little blocks. So four or retreats here, three, for two for
one. Same kicks. It’s four. It’s three. It’s two. One. One more time. That sequence. Four retreats. Three, two. One. Four kicks. Four, three, two. One. Hold. Switch it over. Now we lean on this side, just testing out
that retreat, sitting low in that squat as you go and if you want, adding that arm drop
as you’re doing here, now we’re going to get ready to add those kicks in a moment here,
so you’re going to do two more retreats. Hold. Second one. Four kicks. It’s four, three, two, one, four retreats,
four, really lean here. Three, two, one. Four kicks. It’s four, three, two, one, four retreats. Four. Three. Get into ninja here. For two. For one. Four kicks. Four, three, two, one. Same thing. Four, three, two, one. And balança. Good guys! We are almost to the end here. So heat rate’s going. It’s a little more. Breathing through here. So what we want to do is go ahead and pivot
into a little lunge. Bring the hands to the floor. Step into your high plank. Press back. This last part is going to be on the ground
here. So we’re going to hold this position from
here. We want wide elbows. Sorry, wide arms, wide legs and come forward
into a little hip drop and back up. Now, if you want to. What you can do here is actually go into to
a full under the fence movement and then press it back. OK. So rolling under and then taking it back. Rolling under and then pressing back. Every time coming a little lower into it and
back up. Four more and then we go into our next move. Three more. Two more. Last one. Pressing it back. Go ahead and bring the elbows and forearms
to the floor, sexy pike is next. Wide legs, closer to your elbows, drop the
knees, without touching and back up. And if you need to touch the floor. You can do that. That’s kind of like a little break if you
wanted. Going into that sexy pike, which doesn’t look
so sexy. Sticking with it here. We’re going to do a few more and then we’re
going to finish with a hold before we come into your child’s pose four more, three more
for two. That last one you hold the knees down, hover
here. Hover and breathe. Take it through. This is like the bug position. Ten seconds. Holding it. Those final five, last four three, two and
one knees down. Child’s pose. Press back. Relax the arms. Long relax the neck. Easy breathe. Nice job guys. That’s a little a little booster Brazilian
Flow here. Slowly roll yourself to all fours. Those cat cows again. And then when you’re ready, feet to the floor,
toes to the floor. Push the hips up. Walk in to a forward fold. And roll up to standing. Nice job guys! You finished that Brazilian Flow. Make sure you like this video once you’ve
done it. Let me know in the comments how you feel about
the moves and the intensity. We want a little bit more intensity, a little
less. Make sure you subscribe to the channel. If you haven’t already and if you want more
workout, I encourage you to do one of my AB workouts because it’s a really good complement
to this one. Now, as promised, these movements you’re seeing
these Brazilian flow movements, if you’re traveling, you don’t have access to the Internet,
whatever, and you still want to get a workout in, if you go down to my description. You can click on the link there and you will
see a full e-book of all these kind of movements, full workouts that you can do. And you just look at your phone and do them. A super easy guide for whenever you’re traveling,
you want a little bit of cardio and total body. And I will see you guys in the next video. Tchau!

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