One bar, one plate, one corner of your room,
135 reps. Are you ready for the most intense total body
workouts of your life? [Music intro] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Like I said we are sending you to the corner
this week, and not for being bad, but we’re bringing the bad ass workout, because this
is gonna get you guys working, and working hard. I call it the Olympic Bar Blitz. All you need is an Olympic bar, a plate, little
bit of gas to make you go through this week workout. So, what we’re gonna do. We just set it up in to this corner here,
everybody knows this as maybe a land line set up, I throw a blanket, towel, something
in the corner so we just don’t rip out our walls. Well, other than that, an Olympic bar. We have one plate on one end, 135, you guys
know that number coming from the fact that an Olympic bar with 245pound plates, one 135,
that’s our magic number. So, what we do is get up here, into this position
and we’re gonna start with serve our squad throws. We’re gonna take this thing and push it
away from us. We get down to a squat, up and throw, down
and absorb it and throw. Right now…. Good form down into the squat, absorb it,
catch, and throw it away. 20 reps, ok? Next thing we do. We come into our, lets see how we call it,
crank, 15 and 15, and we get our hands around the bar , right here. Now, when we … so I’m just kinda… in
this position, over ham position. We’re gonna pick it up, come around … up….. Come around, working biceps and shoulders. Not high enough to cause problems in the shoulders
like in an upright drill, and we’re going round …15 times. Take it back around 15 in reverse. Working your treps, get them involved, just
total body. … all the way up. … 15 and 15. Next one, we come in into, I call it Prayer
throw ups. Now back up, get into a prayer position right
here, hands up . We’re gonna drop it, straight down, up quick ….. down ….. ..up quick. [ Exercising] We really expose a lot of core stabilization. [ Exercising] Ok? We’ve got 15 and 15 of those. Next one, 10 and 10. You’re gonna drop down, right here, one
arm .Drop it down, up and press….. Drop it down, up and press…. [ Exercising] Ok, 10, switch it up. 10 the other side .
Back to the ground now. We really need triceps and core , we’ve
got the Triceps Reverse Crunch. Underneath it, get under it fingers towards
the ceiling , lift it up, creep underneath just a little bit, now you gotta held exhale
and crunch, the legs out, ok? Up here, come down and up, down to the right
side and up, down and up. So you’re alternating the sides of the head,
but you go with your legs down , up reverse crunch. [ Exercising] 35 of these guys. Guys you can see this one out here killed
me . 135 reps I haven’t singe demonstrated all of them , you will be , with nothing more
than a bar, a plate, corner and 135 reps. Guys if you want more workouts like this,
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next week . Leave me a comment and tell me if you liked this thing, should I have gotten
away from the bulletproof series for a week to give you this. Let me know if you like it , thumb it up if
you like it too , all those things. We’ll be back here again next week guys,
more videos, bulletproof again, we’ll keep it going. Thanks!

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