Top 5 Tips For Hardgainers (Weight Gain + Muscle Building)

whats up fittest family, this is nikhil nautiyal & welcome back to my channel friends if you’re a beginner and your bodytype is ectomorph and you face problem in gainng weight or muscle then this video is especilly for you guys. because in this video I’m going to give you 5 easy but effective tips which will not only help you gain weight but in muscle building too. so, without wasting anytime, lets get started. welcome back guys. So, before starting, if you don’t know about your bodytype then you can pause this video right here and watch this video first and get to know your bodytype and those who already know their bodytype, they can continue this video. Also, I’m going to share an important information at the end of this video. which will be beneficial for you guys. So make sure to watch this video till the very end. And lets start todays video with tip no.1 i.e Tip No.1 : Eat A Calorie Surplus Diet If we want to gain our weight, lose our weight or even want to maintain our current bodyweight, then diet plays a huge role in it. If you think that you’re working hard in the gym and then not having a good nutritious diet at home and your body will progress ! Then friends you’re mistaken. Diet in the career of bodybuilding, in muscle building career or even in the fitness career plays an important role. Now, because our goal here is weight gain So, for weight gain, the diet that helps a lot is a Calorie Surplus diet. If you’re thinking about the meaning of calorie surplus SO calorie surplus means – eating more calories than the amount of calories required by your body to maintain its current weight in 1 day. Here comes another concept of Maintainence calories. Like, just now, i told you that to maintain your current body weight, the amount of calories that you require in a day is your maintainence calories. for eg. your maintainence calories are 1800 Then if you’ll add another 250 or 500 calories in it. eg, like i’ll add 500 extra calories in 1800 so this becomes total 2300 calories So if you’ll eat 2300 calories in a day, then it will become your calorie surplus diet. from this we get to know about the concept that if we want to gain weight, then we would have to be in calorie surplus and if we want to lose our weight then we would have to be in calorie deficit. And like, our goal here is weight gain so if you want to gain weight or build muslce, then you should be in calorie surplus and that was our tip no.1 Lets move on to tip no.2 Tip No.2 – List Heavy Weight But With Proper Technique Friends you must have heard people saying : Lift heavy, lift heavy but they always forget to complete their sentence that you should definitely lift heavy.. but with proper technique. To increase your performance, proper technique is equally important as lifting heavy weights. Beacuse it is always seen that in order to lift heavy, people tend to compromise the exercise technique which ultimately leads to injury. And in such case what will the point if from the next time you won’t be able to even use that weight So, you have use only that much weight that you can handle and do that exercise without compromising the exercise techinque and that was my tip no.2 Lets move on to Tip no.3, which is Tip No. 3 Add Compound Lifts In Your Routine It doesn’t matter if your goal is weight gain or weight loss Compound lifts are vey important and beneficial for your body. If you’re thinking about the compound lifts, then compound lifts or compound movements are the movements in which multiple joints and multiple muscles work at a time. If i tell you with a example then it includes exercises like Military Press, Bench Press, Squat, Deadlifts etc because these exercises include multiple joints and multiple muscle work in a single movement. And for hardgainer, less volume and more weight is always better. So make sure that instead of focussing on isolation exercises like tricep extensions and bicep curl. you should focus more on these compound lifts and include them in your routine. Moving on to Tip no. 4 : Avoid HIIT & Limit The Cardio HIIT or HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. and these are the exercises in which you uses your maximum energy for short duration intervals. in which your major energy sources are glucose and even amino acids So, in such case, if you’re a hardgainer and if you’ll do HIIT, then instead of weight gain, your weight will drop. So, i would recommend that you completly avoid HIIT and when it comes to cardio then it doesn’t matter if your goal is weight gain or lose, cardio is really important for your heart’s health. So. the strategy for cardio will be that you have to do cardio in Low Intensity for 20-30 minutes. Talking about the sessions, then you can do 3-4 sessions per week. And last but certainly not the least. Tip no.5 Tip No. 5 – Sleep FOr Atleast 7-8 Hrs/Day Generally the recovery abilities of ectomorphs are low as compare to mesomorphs and endomorphs. So, if you’ll not give your body the proper rest, then instead of benefits, you’ll see negative impacts. If your body hasn’t been recovered from the previous session and you go for the next, then that means you’re placing addtional stress on your body and trying to break your body further. which will place a negative impact on your body. So, a good sleep of 7-8Hrs/day is really important. and that was my video for today guys. time for the imporatant announcement So announcement is : Few months back, i made a video about bodytype on my channel. in which i told you that how you can know about your bodytype that what is your true bodytype. And after that i asked you guys to comment your bodytype along with your names. So the thing was, whichever would be the most commented bodytype, i will make a complete workout program absolutely free. So the most comments were for ectomorphs i.e hardgainers. and now I’m happy to announce that we are going to launch new program Program Ectomorph/Hardgainers in which if you’re a hardgainer, then how you can gain a healthy weight ? How you can build muscle ? All the answers will be available in that program. Plus there will schedule for the workouts that which body part to train on which day ? what will be the diet ? what are the supplements required ? All the inforamtion will there. So, i hope that just like me, you guys would be excited for this program And that was my video guys. And i’ll see you in the next week with the program ovrview And if you liked this video, then please like, make sure to share this video with your friends so that they can also know that a complete program has been designed for ectomorphs and hardgainers absolutely free. Comment below – whether you’re excited for this program or not ? Subscribe to channel for the support and do press the notification bell icon too so that as soon as I upload the overview for the upcoming program, you guys are the first one to watch. If you want to go through my current workout program, my current diet, my current schedule, then you can follow me on Instagram. Username is Nikhil Nautiyal and people who are interested in taking Online PT from me, they can mail me at [email protected] and thats all for today, to alright then, till then stay tuned to Nikhil Nautiyal Fitness and i will see you next time Till then STAY HEALTHY Guys.


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