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Greetings to everyone First of all I would like to thank you all for giving so much love to our channel Thank you for all the appreciation of our videos Usually I make a lot of tutorial videos for you all but in todays’ video we will talk about muscle building mistakes Why am I the best person to tell you about it is because I have been there and done that When I was thin and was trying to put on muscle I used to commit a few mistakes which caused difficulties in the process So I want you all to avoid those mistakes and this video will benefit all those people who are struggling to put on muscle weight Lets’ start our video Lets’ talk about the first mistake which I used to do a lot back in the day and till date when I go to gym I find the maximum number of people doing the same mistake It is overtraining People think the more the workout the more their muscles will grow So they tend to workout 7 days a week 3-4 hours each day and then they complain why they are unable to gain muscle There are a lot of reason behind this Firstly when you go to the gym every day and workout for 3-4 hours daily your muscles get so fatigued that because of its improper recovery when you work out the next day You are doing your workout but the muscles don’t support you effectively because of tiredness Because of this your overall performance goes down and you don’t see the results you were expecting All in all the muscle mass you’re trying to gain doesn’t happen Because of too much fatigue your sleep pattern gets affected and your appetite is suppressed due to which you are unable to eat the required quantity for gaining muscle So my suggestion for you all is that if you want to gain muscle you shouldn’t workout more than 4 days in a week and 1 hour in a day You also need to make sure that you are in a caloric surplus and you are in deep sleep for 7-8 hours This will help you get rid of your problem and you will be able to put on some muscle mass The second mistake which I want to discuss with you all is avoiding big lifts Deadlift, bench press and squats are few of the exercises people don’t like performing in the gym They plan out an easy schedule for themselves and perform more of isolation movements You should perform those as well but do include deadlift, bench press and squats in your weekly schedule By performing these exercises you involve multiple joints and muscles which helps to gain strength and makes performing other exercises easier These exercises will form a very strong foundation for you and when your foundations are strong it will be a lot easier for you to gain muscle mass Not only this, these exercises also help to increase testosterone which is the main hormone to gain muscle As you need to start somewhere, I would suggest that when you perform these exercises in the initial days keep the weight light and increase it gradually Also, your posture should be good in order to avoid injuries The third mistake which I want to discuss with you all and a lot of people do is poor nutrition People go to the gym regularly but because of improper nutrition the nutritional value of their diet decreases which causes problems in gaining muscle Lets’ discuss what poor nutrition is Some people who want to gain muscle eat anything in the name of calories consisting of sweets and junk food that they do gain weight but gain so much fat with it that it creates problems for them to gain muscle Also, people don’t eat as frequently as they should and even when they do They don’t calculate the macros and micros of their meals which again creates problems in gaining muscle mass So my suggestion is that whenever you are eating a meal set your macros and micros so that it helps your gain better Everyone knows that protein is the building block of muscle but when you are trying to gain muscle weight you don’t have to focus only on protein You need the right amount of carbohydrates and good fats and along with that you need to check that your protein intake isn’t too high or too low So my suggestion to you all is that whenever you plan your meals divide them into 5-6 meals And having good amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats in each meal is essential The fourth mistake which is causing problems for you to gain muscle is lack of intensity and focus People think that intensity is going to the gym and lifting heavy weights, but it is not like so If you want to know what intensity is in my terms, it is That whenever I go to the gym my weight selection will be such that my range of motion is better and my control over the weight is good So that I can target exactly the muscle I want to train This doesn’t mean that you select such light weights that your muscle isn’t fatigued at all So when you go to the gym to perform a workout I want you all to select weights using which your muscle gets fatigued along with proper range of motion You also need to check your posture so that your working muscle gets better involved while performing the exercise By focus I mean that I have seen a lot of people wasting time in the gyms by talking and using their phone due to which their muscle mind connection gets affected and they are unable to gain muscle So please try to avoid this mistake The fifth and last mistake which I want to discuss with you all is no planning of workout session People don’t plan when they should be eating their pre-workout meal and what to eat in that meal People never plan in the gym that how many sets and repetitions of an exercise they should perform Even after finishing their workout they don’t have any plan of their post workout meal, what should be eaten and how much to eat Another thing they don’t plan is how many days in a week they should take rest from exercising These are some mistakes which cause problems in gaining muscle You should never do these mistakes and plan that you are eating a pre workout meal at least two hours before going to the gym And once you’re in the gym you should have a plan of how many sets and repetitions to perform for the muscle group you want to train I have heard a lot people saying that if you want to gain muscle you should only perform 6-8 repetitions It is not like so If you want to gain muscle you need to puzzle the muscle It means that you need to train your muscle with different angles and different repetition ranges These could be anything, 4-6, 8-12 or 15-20 Along with this you need to bring variations in your workout from time to time Make sure you carry your post workout meal along with you to the gym so that you can eat it 15-20 mins post your workout Take extra caution while planning your weekly schedule as you need to give rest of 2-3 days for your body to recover and your muscles to grow Doing all this will definitely help you in gaining muscle This was our video for today
I have shared some mistakes which cause difficulties in gaining muscle so please don’t do these mistakes If you liked the video do press the like button Share it with your friends and family I will keep bringing more informational videos Till then
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