Top 3 Fat Loss Diet HACKS to Fight Hunger | Doctor’s Opinion (Science-based Natural Bodybuilding)

Yo what’s up?! Dr. Swole here, MD body
builder back with another video in my basics of dieting series in this video
I’m gonna be going over three diet hacks that bodybuilders used to help them lose
weight now in my first two videos of this series we talked about what kind of
caloric deficit you should be aiming for and how to create that deficit in your
daily life I’ll make it clear that creating a calorie deficit is mandatory
for losing weight if you’re not in a deficit you’re not going to lose fat
losing weight is hard if you’re a new clerk deficit it’s gonna be tough and
these strategies are not going to cure your hunger but they can help and make
the process more bearable so let’s jump right into our first trick first I like
to fill up on plain vegetables and in my last video we talked about how a plain
vegetable is basically one that doesn’t have any added sugar or fat examples of
this would be fresh boiled or steamed vegetables the thing about vegetables is
that they contain a lot of fiber which fills you up but don’t have a lot of
calories of course I would remind you that there is some caloric content in
vegetables generally about 6 to 8 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams
I usually don’t track my vegetable intake and let myself eat as much as I
need to feel full and that works for the most part as long as you’re not eating
astronomical amounts I personally like to have a lot of fresh vegetables when
I’m cutting since they’re portable and don’t take much preparation my personal
favorites are grape tomatoes baby carrots cauliflower broccoli and
cucumber grocery stores often have them pre-washed and you can just put them
into ziplock bags and eat them when you’re in the car commuting or doing
some work all right diet hack number two diet pop
now diet pop is really good for fighting hunger for two main reasons one it
distends your stomach and helps you feel fuller this happens through simply
filling or summing and furthermore I found that the carbonation in diet soda
also helps with this the next reason is that diet soda can satisfied sweet
cravings this is a big and prep since a lot of people and have
sweet tooth’s I myself usually don’t crave sweets in the offseason but when
I’m dieting I start to so it can be really nice to
have as a treat in terms of artificial sweeteners my stats is use in moderation
is safe so my recommendation for diet pop is max two cans a day I’ve heard
stories of people drinking up to six liters per day on contest prep and
that’s probably not ideal diet hack number three chewing gum
now this is one of my favorites and it works for two reasons first of all it
gives your jaws something to chew and you feel like you’re almost eating
something second of all again it satisfies that
sweet craving my recommendation for chewing gum is not more than one pack
per day now how do we implement these diet tricks in the real world in terms
of the vegetables I’ll usually add some on to every meal and if I’m hungry in
the middle of the night or right in between meals I’ll use it as a snack now
in terms of the diet pub and gum these don’t replace a meal but they can tide
you over to the next meal if you’re getting hungry and you don’t have a meal
scheduled for another hour or so the other way to use them is to pop a piece
of gum or drink some diet soda at the end of a meal if you finish your portion
and you’re still ravenous now I’ll remind you that these tricks don’t make
dieting easy being at a caloric deficit and losing fat is hard but hopefully
incorporating them into your daily routine will make the process a little
bit more bearable but that’s all for now guys thanks for
watching make sure you subscribe like the video and leave me a comment let me
know what diet tricks you like to use see you next time


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