TOP 10 Best Aesthetic Physiques in the World 2019

Male fitness modeling is different from
traditional fashion modeling to be a famous fitness model you mainly need to
be in good shape but you also need to be more attractive
and have the desired look for the modeling agency knowing how to pose how
to prepare your body for a shoot and how to maintain your physique is also an
important component we have compiled some of the 10 best male bodies in the
fitness industry Onome Eggar Onome Egger is an Austrian
bodybuilder with Nigerian heritage he blew onto the scene in his teenage
years after posting videos of himself online flexing his incredible physique
oh no no me started training when he realized he needed to increase his
strength and size to improve his performance while playing American
football when Onome saw how well his body adapted to lifting weights he fell
in love with training and the progress he saw through the months of hard work
in the gym this is when he decided to leave the field behind in place of the
weights room since the beginning of his bodybuilding career Onome has become a
well-known athlete internet hit and inspiration to everyone looking to
create a strong healthy and natural physique of their own Sadik Hadzovic
as a child growing up in a war-torn country
Siddiq had Sophia idolized his comic book heroes and hoped one day to create
his own dream physique by the time Sadik turned 28 he
successfully won numerous high-profile competitions and secured his place at
the top of the industry however it hasn’t always been easy for Sadiq and
his family as they fled their home country as refugees he still managed to
shock the world with his awesome physique and impressive competitive
history Lazar Angelov owns some of the best
abs in the world as a personal trainer he has been able to transform the bodies
of thousands of people and to make his motivation and knowledge contagious to
them as a model he takes part in a number of music videos and
advertisements his body his ambition and his motivation are inspiration to
millions of people around the world thanks to his YouTube videos
sergey constance with a deep drive and competitive nature this spanish-born
sergey constants has become one of the world’s most celebrated fitness models
in a short space of time with a constant determination to grow better and better
Sergey constants has risen from humble beginnings to the top of the fitness
industry and in the process become the CEO of his own company
Sergey wants to show the world he’s not only good on stage but also he’s someone
who inspires fans worldwide to chase their dreams
David Laid. David had to grow up without a father
losing him when he was just 2 years old self-confidence issues then became
apparent in his life brought on by the bullying that he suffered further down
the line to make matters worse at the age of 14 David was diagnosed with
scoliosis it was at this point David realized that he needed to make a change
in his life he began weight training to add muscle mass to his skinny frame but
still the bullying continued however David eventually put all of this in the
past following in the footsteps of his idols such as Jeff side and Greg Plitt
to totally transform his body while soaring to fame across his social media
pages simeon panda gaining the thirst for
lifting in college simeon panda has been rising to the top from the first moment
he started lifting weights at home from that point onwards simeon now competes
in shows around the world he also judges competitions and is the
owner of his own sportswear company simeon is a true model for anyone who
wants to see how success is made in the world of bodybuilding jeff side jeff
side had a full career in sports laid out in front of him
being an all-american wrestling champion and a high school football player jeff
believed that nothing could go wrong until one day in his first senior
football game an unforeseen injury changed everything
rising up to the challenge jeff became America’s youngest ever
IFBB Pro Ryan Terry from a competitive streak in high school to working as a
plumber Ryan Terry has proven that it’s possible for anyone with drive and
determination to stand shoulder-to-shoulder against world
leading competitors and come out on top from a small town in the UK Ryan has
adopted hard work and a deep passion for improvement and is now known as mr.
international Andre die–you the London fitness model has been competing since
the age of 17 years old in competitions such as the Miami Pro in 2014 however
Andres life hasn’t always been fitness and bodybuilding like many other
professional athletes there was a time he’d eat junk food and play video games
all day long his weight crept up and his confidence diminished Andre also
suffered from bullying which only knocked him down further needless to say
Andres now become one of the best fitness models in the UK
he continues to train and perfect his diet every day to make sure he’s the
best version of himself Ulysses jr. from high school sports to
competitive bodybuilding Ulysses jr. has gone from strength to strength since he
started lifting weights as a skinny teenager known for his shredded a pack
Ulysses jr. succeeded in achieving one of the greatest physiques in the world
he defied what many believed a natural bodybuilder was capable of on the way to
becoming an icon in the fitness industry he is one numerous bodybuilding
competitions after years of hard work Ulysses jr. began using his experience
to give back to the community by becoming a body composition coach don’t
forget to write your own top in the comments it was a channel aesthetics


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