Toning & Building Muscle : How to Weight Train Properly

Hi I’m Bob Mathews with Power 1 K Body Shaping
Program. I want to change the way you think about fitness and I also want to change the
way you think about weight training properly. Now properly in this industry, you know I
could probably go through and just spend a lot of time showing you a bunch of exercises
and I’d lose you after about six minutes. You might find this too interesting but at
the end of the day training properly you need to seek advice, you’ve really got to find
a trainer. You need to find some curriculum. We offer that on line. We basically do an
on line type personal training format with weekly curriculum at but also
all the gymnasiums across America they have gyms I mean personal trainers that you can
hire maybe once, maybe a series of ten I know they do these series of ten packages. I’m
not sure what you’ll get from a result standpoint but you will definitely will get some advice
on how to program yourself or at least have a plan when you go to the gym so weight training
accurately is good and you can get that instruction but I think your trainer is going to help
you get a plan so that when you go there you’re effective and you are time efficient. So seek
advice. That’s my best advice to you rather than to show you a bunch of equipment. And
also keep in mind that you are going to hire the trainer and you are going to get a nice
little format but really accountability and format is another thing they offer. The same
with all these on line curriculum websites. They are all trying to offer you some support
because you learn the machines but you still need someone to encourage you to go and do
what you’ve learned. So get the trainer, that’s a good start.


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