Tone Your Arms, Abs, and More with the Core Max

– You know, after a
certain age many of us struggle with this,
lemme back up, this area right here. You know what I’m talking about. And it’s an area that is
so difficult to get rid of. But this morning we’re
gonna learn about a fun, easy and effective
way to lose inches around your waist,
tighten your core, and have fun while we do it. It’s perfect. Joining us today is celebrity
fitness trainer, Adriana Martin. Welcome to the show. – Thank you so much. I’m so happy to be here. – I’m so happy to be here
because I don’t know what you call it,
but I call this area right here the menopausal middle. You know, you’re too Best ab machine for home gym
young to know this. – I’ve never heard off that,
I’ve heard of a muffin top. – Well wait till you
get to be my age. So it’s an area that no
matter how much I diet, I run, I do everything. Oh my gosh, it’s
like not funny, but. – But, say it. – Now, we have
something for the core. – Exactly, and it’s
called Core Max. – All right. – That’s why I’m so excited
because I wanna show you how it works. Your life will
never be the same. – All right, so this is
Luisa, what is she doing? – Luisa, as you can see she’s
doing the regular crunch, the sit up, and right
here when she goes down, the machine allows her
to feel the resistance on the core muscles,
the lower back, and you know so she’s working. Also, as she comes
up, she’s working too. And what I mean by that is
that she’s working both ways. Usually when you do
crunches on the floor you just crunch and
you feel the way up but here it’s a dual
system that allows you to work double and feeling it
and that means you need less time. – Fantastic, and what
I like about that is that you’re not using,
you know how you do those crunches on the floor. – Yes. – And it hurst your neck. I can’t stand it, this really
helps alleviate that stress. – Absolutely, here Josh
right here has the hands behind the head, which is
one of things that you’re talking about, which is
why people feel that pain. But with the Core
Max, it’s all gone. – [Olga] And here
he’s working the core. – Yes, so he’s going lower
which means he get to work a little bit more
and the legs are also engaged. So it’s becoming a
full body workout. – Lemme engage your
stomach for a moment. I mean pardon me, sir. Wow, look at those
muscles tightening up. – Can you fell though, like
when you touch his abs, like you could feel
the contraction? – That’s, ooh, I love
this because she’s working her booty, we’re
working the booty too. – I love how you say booty. If you want legs like
her, this is the exercise that you need to be doing. Because as she
brings the hips up, obviously she’s gonna
work the glutes, she’s working the
back of the leg, but she’s keeping the core
engaged which is the key. You wanna work with
every single move you wanna work your core
and the arms, absolutely. – What I like again,
from what I’m noticing is not only core, but we’re
getting a full body workout, in what eight minutes you said? – Eight minutes a
day, eight moves. Now let me show you
this guy right here. What I love about his move
and especially in his body, you can see every single
muscle that he’s working. So you can see how
the shoulders kick in, the biceps, the triceps,
the chest muscle, and of course the core. Not to mention that
because he’s pumping, he’s doing cardio,
which as you know, makes you burn more calories. – That’s right, so cardio best ab machines that work
is built in here too and oh my gosh, an area
that we struggle also is well, I don’t wanna turn
around and show you mine, but this area back here. – You have nothing. – Yes I do. So working the thighs in
the back, that’s fantastic. – And what you do
have is great calves. – I know, but that’s why
the dress comes up to here, so you don’t see here. But now I will show it
off after the Core Max. – Absolutely, so with this
exercise you get to work the calf muscles,
super cute and sexy, back of the legs, front of
the leg, and core as well. And she’s also doing
cardio, you see, it’s that fast move that allows
your heart rate to increase. – Eight minutes, you could
do this in the comfort of your home while
your baby’s sleeping, you could do it at work,
take eight minutes, it’s quiet, nobody has
to know you’re doing it. – You can put it under the bed. – [Olga] I notice that you have
this little gadget, what’s that? – I wanted to talk
to you about this. It’s called the fitness tracker. And when you have it, you
can track the amount of reps, the amount of calories
burned, and the time. – That’s fantastic, and look
what Janice is doing now. – Exactly, for the inner
thigh, that little. – Oh my gosh, so now we’re this. – That little flab
is gonna go away. – Behind the thigh,
inner thigh we’re doing, oh and what are we doing,
Josh, what is he doing? – What I love about the Core
Max is that you can also do resistance with the
resistance bands. So he gets to work
the shoulders, and you know posture,
somebody, look everybody either men and women,
they look so good, we look so good when the
shoulders are nice and built. You look taller, you look
leaner, and I just wanna mention that as you’re walking
and you’re holding the fitness tracker, it
just became a pedometer. – Oh my gosh. – So you really have
a personal trainer 24/7 with Core Max
and that’s why I love it so much. – And putting all the fun
aside as well you know, not only are you
working the core, but you’re also
helping your posture, helping that back stay
straight, it’s the trunk. It’s our trunk and we need to
keep it as healthy as possible because the older we
get, the more we wanna be as strong as possible. Well, well, well, we
have found something to work out that care
and that would be the. – Core Max! – [Olga] And that
wasn’t even planned. – In just eight minutes a
day, eight simple moves, and you can have the
body of your dreams. It is so amazing and that’s
why I’m so happy to be here. – Forget the gym, forget
the membership fee. Eight minutes at home. For our viewers who’d
like more information, where do they go? – You have to go and visit right now and you’ll find amazing details. –, of course
if you’d like to learn more, you could also go to our website
and that’s (upbeat music)


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