TMJ pain relief exercises you can do at home

Hi, this is Dr. Deldar. As you know, I do a lot of TMJ treatments for my patients and one of the things I recommend to my patients to do at home are home exercises to allow them to relax the muscle of their face and their jaw. One of those exercises I recommend my patient to do is bring your teeth and down and open as wide as you can and open and close. Open and close. Open and close. And this will allow you to open and close while relaxing the muscle. Do it as much as you can. Don’t stretch your mouth too hard Because it may lead to problems. Another one I recommend you to do is bring your jaw to a back and forth movement. And do this one too. And another one is a side movement, very quickly, as fast as you can and you can do this 6 times and 3 times a day. Another exercise I like to recommend to my patients to do is: Yes, Dr. Deldar. Yes, Dr. Deldar. Yes, Dr. Deldar. Or no, Dr. Deldar. No, Dr Deldar. Or maybe, Dr. Deldar. Maybe, Dr. Deldar Maybe, Dr. Deldar. Those movements allow you relaxing your C1, C2, C3. Because as you know there is a direct relation with your jaw and your vertabrae and your neck and that should help you with your TMJ issues.


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