– Hello, everybody! (laughing) It’s Robs and Brad here from Brad Newton Vlogs or bradnewton.tv. Now guys, we are here today, it’s actually the third
of November, a Sunday, and we have had the most amazing week at Titan Fitness. Amazing! And we want to tell you guys
all about it because if you are planning to come to Soi Taied,
you wanna come check this place out. Right? – Let’s run the intro right now. (energetic music) ♪ Yah, yah, yah ♪ ♪ Hundreds on my bed ♪ ♪ Sexting with the bill ♪ ♪ Roses in my wallet and
I’m flexing it for real ♪ ♪ Racks on racks on racks ♪ – You know what Harry my man. – I’m shattered mate to be honest. – After the second round
here at Titan Fitness. – Second round. (energetic music) ♪ Hundreds on my bed ♪ ♪ Sexting with the bill ♪ ♪ Roses in my wallet and
I’m flexin’ it for real ♪ – Yup! Nice. (laughing) – Bend down. ♪ Song, yah ♪ ♪ I could do this all day long ♪ – Well done on that introduction Robs. It is the third of November, welcome back. So we’re gonna share with
you just a quick review of our experiences
training with Titan Fitness here in Phuket, Thailand
for the past week. The food, the training
programme, the trainers, the people we’ve met, the community here. So if you do look at
coming to Phuket, Thailand, you have a better idea of what to expect here at Titan Fitness. So, I’ve never been to this
particular camp before. If you just google, you
know, Phuket, Thailand, if you google Fitness Street in Soi Taied, you’ll find this camp
just off Fitness Street if you’re familiar with my
other videos on Fitness Street. This camp is amazing if you’re looking at starting a fitness journey. I can’t tell you just how
much of a community we felt training here at Titan Fitness. Everybody was just so
welcoming, it felt like one big family and, you know, there wasn’t a moment where I felt like I was
out of place, you know, there are people that
have been here for a month and two months already
and are at this camp and we just came by for
one week and we really did feel like we were
part of a family here, and it was really sad because yesterday we finished training, we’re
shooting this video actually in the open air gym,
it’s all closed up now, there’s no one here. But it was really sad to
say goodbye to everybody, exchanged details, and that kind of thing. I really do feel like if
you decide to come here to Phuket, Thailand,
and train at this camp, and you’re scared about,
you know, not meeting people or being lonely, you don’t
have to worry about that because there’s so many people here from all around the world that
are just starting their fitness journey as well
and you’ll fit right in. And so, that was one of
the things I really loved about this particular gym. And so, if you’re just
starting a fitness journey, even though I’ve been
training, myself and Robs have been training, we’ve
been training for a few years, so we’re not unfamiliar to training, this is fantastic because if
you’re just starting a journey, if you’ve never done a deadlift before, if you’ve never done a
weight-loss programme before, if you’ve never done an
overhead press before, or olympic lifting, you’ve
never done any of that, I remember what it was
like when I first started my fitness journey, I was
intimidated in the gym, people were, I was like,
people were looking at me when I’m doing my
lifting, you know, I felt really intimidated. You don’t have to worry
about that here because everybody’s on the same
level and on the same page. – It’s also really nice if you
wanna come here as a couple, we did a bit of couple
training here, like we started to do that in Melbourne actually, we were goofing around,
but when we came here we actually got into some classes together and we were throwing
the Go Pro to each other in between sets. There’s this class called Body360 and they have all these stations
and between the stations we were like yeah you fun and you’re fun and we had so much fun. – [Brad] Just so much fun,
yeah just so much fun. – It’s a lot of teamwork
it’s like teambuilding and then you guys can go and like have a like a breakfast or a dinner
together, you eat together, so it’s yeah, very bonding. – The community is very
big here and you know if you’re training in the
same camp and doing the same programme as everyone else,
you’re having breakfast together, you’re having lunch and dinner together, like literally now the camera’s fixed but there’s a kitchen just over there called Health’s Kitchen, it’s part of this Titan camp facility. You train on this floor,
where the camera’s sitting and then when you finish
a training session you walk literally 20
metres over to the kitchen and you there having
breakfast and coffee and then three hours later you get back in here doing another class, and then you know, you’re back over there having lunch, and then you’re back
in here doing private, you know personal training,
so you’re seeing the same faces and the same
trainers and the trainers like, they all have fun with each other and that’s what the love. – [Robyn] Because
they’re highly qualified, they’re all so brilliant
they are the faces of people you want to learn from – [Brad] Very welcoming. – With Titan Fitness it’s
not necessarily Muay Thai so you think oh you come to Fitness Street for Muay Thai, they have
something called Boxercise, but mostly it’s about crossfit and about learning about strength
training and technique and all that sort of
stuff, and so it’s just an amazing place to start even for me. Brad’s been teaching me
about strength training in Melbourne, and so for
me to come to this sort of environment and learn
from the best, it was just the most invaluable experience. – And they break it down, the
trainers break it down for you like they get a PVC pipe and they show you where to place your
hands, they show you where the PVC pipe’s meant to sit, you know if you’re doing an
overhead press, they break the mechanics of the movement down, whereas a lot of regular personal trainers they don’t do that, they
just throw you straight in and it’s very intimidating,
and if you’re watching this and you’ve never done
a deadlift or a squat or an overhead press,
like, it’s intimidating. Go to a gym, like what do you do, like you’ve got big dudes
with muscles looking at you and you’re freaking out, I’ve been there, I know how it feels and this place they just look after you, they’ll bring you in, they will they’ll help you, they don’t make you feel like an idiot here, they’re just great people, great trainers. – There’s also variety, I mean they have so many different types
of training classes. They have the Body 360, – [Brad] Full body workout – They have a spin core, which was awesome, you
know you’re doing spinning as well as abs in a team,
you have your crossfit class, you have a beach workout. – Beach training – You went out to the big Buddha run. – [Brad] Big Buddha. – And then also on top of it, if you like looking for
a weight-loss programme they also talk about things
like nutrition on top of it, they have nutrition seminars,
– Seminars. – So it’s like a really well-rounded experience
in terms of your health – It’s a full package, absolutely. And if you’re just starting
your fitness journey and there’s so many
different elements to a fitness journey, like
there’s the nutrition side and then there’s PT’s and
the training in the gym, they’ve, this camp has
done an incredible job of packaging everything together, creating a community
around it that’s supportive and caring and the trainers are amazing, and you’re in Thailand. – And you can even stay here. They have accommodation. You can either stay on the
street, or they provide it for you if you don’t want to leave. – Exactly, so if you wanna stay in Titan’s own accommodation, the building’s, you won’t see it’s out of frame, but literally from here
it’s like a 50 metre walk. Everything’s here. – Everything’s here. – Everything’s here. – Yeah, for anyone who’s starting out a fitness journey, looking
for a weight-loss programme, or is wanting to bond
with their other half, you wanna come to this place. – The last thing I wanna
mention is about the food and, – [Robyn] Yeah, so good. – Man, the food that they serve here will blow your mind, like,
we were offered about two meals a day, right,
so breakfast and dinner. – And not necessarily Thai
cuisine, we’re talking like– – We’re talking like grilled salmon, and those fish wraps, like
I’ll throw some photos up – [Robyn] The mango salads. – [Brad] The mango salads, ah man, like I’ll throw some
photos up and little bits of video and stuff like that. – And in the morning, you
have like a buffet breakfast, but it’s all really healthy stuff, and they have like a little, a counter, where they can make you omelettes and egg, like, eggs of your choice. – To your style yeah – So yeah, that was amazing
as well, coffee after a training session with a healthy brekkie is exactly what you need hey. – Yeah, yeah. – So guys, if you have any
questions about this place, please let Brad and I know. We’d love to encourage you to come here and yeah we’re hoping to
come back at some point to enjoy this gym again, and
we hope to see you there! So let us know if you decide to come here or if you decide to go up to Soi Taied. We’re here for another week now and I’m gonna be filming some pilates and Brad’s gonna go and
try out some of the gyms and stuff like that, or some Muay Thai. – Muay Thai gyms. – Muay Thai gyms. We got one week left guys
it’s gone so quickly, one month. That’s it hey? – That’s it. – Thank you again to Titan Fitness, you guys were awesome. We really really enjoyed it and it will be one of those experiences that
we’ll never forget right? – That’s right. – See you later. – Ciao. (energetic music) ♪ Roses in my wallet ♪ ♪ And I’m flexin’ it for real ♪ ♪ Racks on racks on racks ♪ ♪ I look like rookie of the year ♪ ♪ Frontin’ with the cash ♪ ♪ It’s getting moody over here ♪


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