Tired of dieting?

Hi, my name is Krissy Twigg and I’m a
director at Healthy Weight, the weight loss
specialists. If you’re fed up with diets feeling frustrated, depressed about your weight you might want to consider a Gastric balloon. It’s ideal for those people who don’t qualify or who simply don’t
want to consider weight loss surgery. The beauty of the balloon is that it
leaves you in control of your weight loss it just gives you that extra little bit of help.
It’s amazingly straight forward to implant. It’s swallowed and once it goes down into the stomach it’s then filled with saline solution. As
it sits in your stomach. the whole purpose of the balloon is that it takes up space which makes you feel fuller, therefore you
eat less therefore you lose weight. The balloon is a temporary device it’s designed to be removed after 6 months but in that time what it allows you to
do is get back on track with healthy
behaviors and our balloon patients tell us that it takes them out of that negative dieting cycle and really leads them to expect positive results 2 to 3 stone is average within the six-month
period. So, I can thoroughly recommend a gastric balloon you find that if you take this option,
you’ll be in a completely different place from where you are now

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