Tips to Build Muscle – Q and A on How to Deal with Ungrateful People

hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider more than just muscle I’m doing a Q&A today but it’s going to be based around the tips of building muscle this came from an online Instagram band named cirrus dot shin and he says can you use some tips on how to build muscle so v number one for building muscle is to get stronger than the keyless I call them focused butts that they’re doing is focused lifts are heavy compound movements like squats – tablet those are the big three but other ones can be military presses or pull-ups or lat pulldown or rows those are compound movements that work more than two muscle groups per action an isolated one is like I said curl which only did the biceps so if you really want to get muscle and you want to build muscle you have to build strength and though the key lips and those focused lips and another thing with that is you really don’t know to gain your strength unless you actually repeat the same workout so you have something to gauge by it so for instance if you’re doing muscle confusion which is doing a totally hit the workout every single day every single week and then it goes on and on they’re like wild Nathan working how come I’m not getting bigger because it’s progressive overload you don’t know if you actually overloading your muscles because the intensity has to get higher in the rep ranges that you’re doing with this sort of given weight so for instance if you’re not doing a bench press Eddie Seward week you don’t know if you actually getting stronger but then you put in the beginning of the workout one weekend and then at the next day you’re putting it at the end of the workout and then you’re weaker it will of course you don’t put it at the end so that you change the variable up in the workout Co 1904 getting stronger and that confuses you even more it shouldn’t be called muscle confusion anymore it’s just because confusion by what do I do now so I really don’t believe in love confusion as much as I used to that’s the show do beginners bodybuilding vapors find that you get stronger in the West Jesus get matter you just really get that another way to do it to another tip is to do we’re first pure pep assembly a Barca Mountain a reverse pyramid set and a pyramid set a reverse pyramid said is when you actually use heavy your heaviest weight first and then you for a low amount of reps and then the second set is a little bit lighter with a little bit higher rep and they’re set a little bit lighter again with more reps and then a pyramid set is the opposite you actually do higher reps first with lighter weight then the second set is also then a little bit heavier weight and you a little bit less reps and then the heaviest that means you concerns that the third set and then you the heaviest amount of weight and the lowest amount less and you just really get stronger every single time by doing more weight two more reps it’s a very simple formula Jack now I’m going to get into an other QA that I had because some there’s an Instagram person named Lin Chang I hope she done pronouncing that name right and she asked me a personal question I only do Fitness channels but she has she wants some advice and some help from somebody and she says she has a personal experiments to deal with ungrateful mean and nasty people those who you’ve always shown kindness to but in the end found that they’re actually horrible hypocrites she wants what would you do if you were me so I’ve been in those situations Lin and I wanted to answer this in the Q&A because I think it’s something that could hopefully help other people but from my expands what has happened in the past if I was nice to those people and they were mean and hypocritical I would ask myself first what was my intention was that to get something from the other person and now I’m angry I couldn’t get those things from that person that I had expectations of did they know that’s what I want it because if it’s not if they didn’t know what I was looking for in this relationship then it’s not their fault really the second thing I would look at is like were you doing the kind things of the generosity what is something that you just wanted to do right to build your self-esteem or to give back to the world or to give back to this person or was it a little selfish did you really want something in return and the thing is I’ll also ask what is what do you want from this what do you want from approaching this person if that’s cuter do it approach them do you want an apology that they do something wrong right I’m going to ask that question to do they owe you money do they are they just mean hypocritical people you can’t I know that sounds hard there was the like you have to focus on what you can do and you even having this idea that you want to call them out right because maybe that’s your intention you want to call them out on something it’s really your place it’s really going to take anything from you why is this important for you to do this these are questions you should ask yourself because a lot of times we get caught up on what this person did to us or what we believe it really could just be a conversation with yourself or it could be a very simple conversation with them to saying hey you know this is what I expected in return and this is what I got back so you might realize that it was just a miscommunication in a lot of ways but if you’re angry and really pissed off it’s going to be really hard for you to actually come across as wanting to know what the situation was or to actually be able to deal with the situation because I’ve become have actually dealt with anything like you’re not a good place not angry or pissed off nothing coming out the relative way it should see if you can walk away from it I mean if it’s something that you can walk away and just deep up do it I’m telling you it’s really not worth their time and energy you’re literally giving your power to them the way you feel your emotions and your thoughts on a subject or like this you’re literally giving the only thing you have control of which is yourself and you’re given their way to them for free they’re probably millet even thinking anything I’ll be that you or that they’re pissed off of you hypocritical to you you know we’re selfish being perfectly matter so close to time they probably think of themselves too so I want to give your power up to them just stick on just know your Worth and just continue moving on so that’s another suggestion so that’s what I would do if I were you and I know that some people might argue with that but like hey you know I’m creating this video to try to give you some advice freely so please take it for what it is anyway guys I hope you enjoyed my video subscribe to my youtube channel and next week I’ll be sharing about tips on losing body fats alright and I’ll see you guys soon


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