Thoughts On Managing Diabetes During Coronavirus “Social Distancing”

– I don’t often do
current event type videos because diabetes
management doesn’t change. So when I do a video on,
can I eat watermelon, or discussing your
doctor’s recommendations for insulin therapy, my advice probably won’t change next year or in 10 years. But these times are different. I talked about the novel
coronavirus last week. And since then, many of
us, maybe most of us, are experiencing literally
never before seen restrictions on our activities. Right now, at least
four states have issued “stay home” orders. And in many places,
social outlets are closed. Restaurants, bars,
sporting events, parades. This is a lot to process. And I know some of you have
an even heavier weight… a loss of income for an
uncertain period of time. All I can say is that these
actions are the best hope for bringing the quickest
end to this epidemic. And, let’s all hope our government makes this hardship much easier for you. Reducing stress is one of the
messages I constantly give about diabetes management
that never changes. Today, I’ll give you a few options, that may help you reduce your stress and can help fill the
free time we all have now. And, will definitely improve
your diabetes management. By the way, this is Addie, our newly adopted Springer Spaniel. We’ve been on the adoption
list for several months. But I have to say, the timing was perfect. Getting to know a new
pet is not generally one of my standard recommendations. But, Addie is definitely
helping reduced our stress here. Exercise is a standard recommendation and I’m glad the weather is improving. I’ve been riding my bicycle everyday, enjoying the peacefulness. And we’ve been getting ready
to plant our vegetable garden. We still have a lot of exercise
left to turn over the soil and plant the seedlings
we’ve sprouted already. Exercise is both a stress
reliever and a huge benefit to blood sugar management. And it can help you too. I’ll leave you with one
more suggestion, cook. Some restaurants are closed
and we want to stay away from crowds anyway. Cooking is both a stress
reliever and a huge benefit to blood sugar management. We’ve been doing diabetes
friendly recipes right here on my channel for 10 years. No skill necessary. No special ingredients. Keep yourself and family safe. And make sure to check out our
“favorite recipes” playlist for these….. Apple and walnut salad, asian
shrimp and tofu stir fry, chicken and pasta stew, baked
polenta with wild mushrooms, balsamic tomatoes with spinach. A banana milkshake, beets sweet and sour, breakfast casserole, a
broccoli and cheese omelet, eggplant lasagna recipe comes, easy beef fajitas, make my egg muffin, fancy fruit salad. Green beans with roasted red pepper, grilled grouper with fruit salsa. Grilled pear, brie and walnut quesadilla. Lentil loaf is just what you would think. Marlene’s light as a
feather zucchini casserole. North African sweet couscous
with almonds and pistachios. Panko chicken tenders. Polenta lasagna, portobello
mushrooms, broccoli and white beans. Today we’re preparing
roasted brussel sprouts, sauteed cabbage onions and apples. Shrimp lettuce wraps. Snow peas with garlic and ginger. Southwest corn with chipotle peppers. Shrimp salad rolls, hot
spinach and artichoke dip. Spinach with pine nuts and raisins. Sweet and spicy chocolate bites. Teriyaki salmon kebabs. Thai fish cakes. Unstuffed cabbage casserole. Today’s dish is zucchini provincale.

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