THIS Juice Cleanse ♥ My Story, Weight Loss, & New Me

We’ve been in Costa Rica for about a month and We’ve been talking a lot since we got here about just you know resetting our Bodies resetting our minds like finding out how to maximize ourselves. We’ve been in America for it seems like forever It was three months, and then we spent a month in Canada We kind of left Canada like sluggish and feeling just like like just really heavy We really just felt like we wanted to challenge ourselves on one hand But then a bit on the other hand like maybe find something that would really benefit us in the long run It started as three days and ended up being seventh so you can see for me How it went doing something to get juice cleanse has a mass amount of benefit almost every religion has had some kind of fasting involved in it and so people have been doing this for thousands of years for for all kinds of reasons from the spiritual side to just strictly like the Physiological body side so for us we just really wanted to detox and challenge ourselves because Challenging yourself and challenging your day to day life is a really strong way to see what’s working for you And what’s not so what are the rules to the cleanse learn? as many juices every day number two is we’re going to drink as much water as Again number three we’re going to our so reserved rule to drink as much coconut water as we want, but the deal is No food way Well that the whole thing was a roller coaster My body was not prepared and my mind had to pick up the slack. We read it online We read the day one was going to be very Hard on us. It’s 12 o’clock My body is starting to really fade, so It was 2 p.m.. Oh my god my brain. I’m really really dizzy Julianne I just looked at me told me she feels nauseous And left in the kitchen. I don’t know what she’s up to And so this is where you really truly start to recognize the separation of your mind in your body And this is where it became very apparent that even though my mind was completely set on Completing this cleansing my body was at this time coming back from North America in complete control This is our veggie lunch juice. I wouldn’t say it’s the most amazing news. I’ve had, but it’s nutritious So as it started to go day two is still really difficult I had some really intense sweats at times, but on day two I figured it out I felt horrible and we went down to the ocean and I served as soon as I got in the ocean I started surfing I felt great and I got out of the ocean had another juice and it was reset. water it cleanses your aura It’s a beautiful beautiful thing and it allows you to reground yourself put your mind back in control and tell your body chill out It’s all gonna be okay So for the seven days I had a pretty solid juicing and drinking regiment crawl in a bed I get a sort of an extra-large sides mason jar I fill it with water I put about five heavy shakes of cayenne pepper into it and lemon and I drink that what we did yoga There’s nothing better than To serve yo cat we ordered two brie mission juices from love burger Tonight I have my first juice of the day usually around 7 o’clock 7:30 And it would be heavy vegetable based usually around 11 o’clock before we really get to work after we’ve made our list for the day I’d add in my first light it sort of picked me up juice like a heavy Pineapple and cayenne based fruit juice and that was always the same juice at 11 o’clock every day Then I drink some people’s into the afternoon about two o’clock and have another juice again usually vegetable-based five o’clock hidden one more juice And then I’d have a dinner juice to end off the day usually around 7:30 and that became a really solid routine for me and that helped my body sort of recognize What was coming in when and that’s when I knew it like new habits were starting to form? My number one unexpected realization Was how connected spiritually we are to food When you’re digesting food all the time in North America especially or just if you just have a bad diet with like heavy Carbs and a lot of fats and sugars and junk foods because it’s always processing your body is always working at expending so much energy so if you can alleviate That kind of energy It’s still in you so your body takes it to your mind to your head to your consciousness and all of a sudden Like I said on day three. I woke up I felt grounded, and I felt like everything was in place, and I was just more aware and this can you I still feel? completely mentally transformed more focused more alert It’s able to to speak and communicate or write or or do anything that we have to do on a day-to-day basis That is creative It’s day six actually woke up today feeling fantastic we did about an hour, yoga I wanted to start today with an intense green juice Broccoli passion fruit ginger spinach and lemon oh look who it is If you look right over there, that’s the stray dog kilo, he was a little peaceful look at that dog Hi guys Hi, everyone. I look like a coyote and a wolf and a weird spotted owl He’s tired. We’ve been up all night papi barking It’s really wonderful today this beautiful day day six day six is a Beautiful day. I think it’s really good to Experiment with your body. I mean these are these are your vehicles It’s not you it’s our physical form our consciousness is inside of it and the more that we can challenge it and Understand it and look at it from a different perspective And learn like when I would have a food craving You don’t feel an impulse like I have to happen you feel your body telling you you have to have it and then Because you’re fully grounded you cut it off before it even comes near your action And all of a sudden you’re in full control Well It’s day seven honestly. I can’t even believe it turns out that this was an incredible experience What I find is really amazing about this seven-day cleanse is Pulling out the fundamental building blocks and rebuilding our Relationship to food that we take moments like cleanses like this or switching our diets or whatever it might be to just sort of shake It all up and look at it and say why do I eat wandering and is it benefiting in the end? I just feel great. It’s crazy so much energy feels so much lighter and leaned out a whole bunch It’s amazing Because at the end of the day you already eat, so how you feel And how strong your body is and how much vitality you have it’s directly connected Good morning it is day 8. I am done my juice cleanse And Juliana has done her raw cleanse, but yesterday was a monster of a day Just we did so much like went to a dinner party last night and I sat there drinking my pineapple juice which is very odd and What advice would I give you’re gonna? Go do this Just make sure that you’re watching your body be the watcher of your impulses in your habits the experience of it is so valuable I’ll do this probably once every six months. I’m feeling great today really great I was told never to stop a juice cleanse when you’re Not feeling good because then the next time you try and do anything like it your body will know how to get you out of It and it will use the same tactics to to punish you into eating food again So it’s perfect stick it out and be prepared for a very incredible. Eye opening spiritually uplifting experience


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