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I thought I would never earn money from gaming because my parents always told me “Stop gaming, it’s such a waste of time”. But yeah, I proved them wrong. The perception of gaming is you’re laying around, doing nothing, eating unhealthy stuff, and not moving, not looking good. I think I overtrained a bit. I started to feel pain in my leg, I went to the doctor and to therapist but nobody knew where it came from and I had to rest but I didn’t want to rest until my half-marathon was done. And I had to pause for like 9 months. It was so frustrating not to know what the injury was. I ate a lot so I gained weight. This was something, I was like “no, I am so unfit, that’s not ok, what am I doing to my body”. You can think about it or you can work for it. And I choose to work for it. The community in Freeletics is something I really like. You can support each other, ClapClaps, comment on stuff they did. This is something that I get motivated from. I think the hardest part is not to start, the hardest part is keep on pushing yourself. I choose to be fit and I choose to be a gamer.


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