There Are Ways To Manage Weight Besides Dieting…

Dieting was part of my life from the day I
gave birth to my first child. I constantly was trying everything and anything
that was promoted as, you know, what you would call fad diets, every single thing I had tried
over the years, to the point where, you know, when you aren’t successful, when you do
not lose the weight that you think you will lose, it really does impact your life negatively. You feel like there is no hope. And if you feel like you’re struggling with
managing your obesity, that you should seek medical help talk to your primary healthcare
provider to see what’s available out there, and what worked for me might not work for
somebody else, but that there are options. There’s pharmacotherapy, behavioral therapy,
surgery. There are options. So you’re not limited by living in isolation
and dieting alone. Talk to somebody about the options available.

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