The Truth About Targeted Fat Loss To Specific Body Parts

trying to slim down for swimsuit season
no matter how much you diet or exercise it can sometimes feel as though you’re
not getting the results you want where you want them some parts of your body
retain fat a little bit more stubbornly than others such as the waistline arms
thighs and backside fortunately if you don’t have the patience to wait for
these areas to slim down through regular diet and exercise techniques there may
be a better way to target specific parts of your body for weight loss this type
of weight loss is known as spot reduction and it might be just what you
need in order to help reduce the amount of excess flab when it comes to key
areas of your body at least that’s what we wish we could tell you but the truth
about spot reduction isn’t quite as clear-cut as it seems
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watching this video all the way through the end while no two people are
completely alike in terms of body composition and weight loss
effectiveness some people simply have a harder time shedding weight in some
areas compared to others while many people have sung the praises of spot
reduction as an effective method of targeted weight loss the fact of the
matter is that there currently isn’t a whole lot of evidence to support whether
or not spot reduction is truly useful however spot reduction exercise
continues to be a popular choice among people who are not satisfied with their
weight loss results through conventional methods so if you’re still struggling to
get the results you were hoping to see from your diet and workout regime it’s
easy to see how some people would find the idea of these techniques more than a
little appealing after all got nothing to lose I mean except for fat obviously
the core idea behind spot treatment is the assumption that engaging the muscles
in specific parts of your body to burn off the fat stored in that
specific area for example if you were trying to get rid of some superfluous
flab around your arms the spot reduction solution would be to incorporate lots of
arm related workouts into your routine such as tricep Perls unfortunately as
great as it would be if all you had to do to D flab your belly was to do five
extra ab crunches every day the fact of the matter is that targeted exercise
prescribed by spot treatment are somewhat inaccurate in the strategies
they use to reduce fat let’s break it down your body stored fat within its
cells in a form of triglycerides which your body holds on to as a source of
energy however before triglycerides can be burned to fuel your body they have to
be broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol which then makes its way into
your bloodstream to fuel your body during periods of physical activity but
here’s the thing these free fatty acids can be pulled
from anywhere in your body into your bloodstream regardless of which part of
your body you’re currently exercising this means that while doing lots of
upper body workouts will improve the muscle mass of your arms it won’t
necessarily do anything to affect the fat stored there at the very least it’s
not guaranteed because of this the majority of studies dedicated to
researching spot reduction as a weight loss technique have largely debunked
it’s supposed usefulness as one example a 2011 study had researchers oversee 24
participants who only focused on physical exercise that targeted the
abdominal muscles for six weeks the end result was that despite exclusively
working out their course for this period participants did not experience any
particular reduction in terms of belly fat in another similar study 40 women
who were either overweight or obese spent 12 weeks focusing on resistance
training that targeted the abdominals the end result once again there was no
noticeable effect on the belly fat of the participants which would seem to
indicate that the theorized effectiveness of the spot reduction is
indeed dead in the water while the vast majority of findings
pertaining spot reduction of seemingly debunked it’s supposed usefulness there
has been a small amount of research conducted with findings and work quite
is definitive in one small study consisting of only 10 participants it
was observed that parts of the body with contracting muscles did indeed
experience an increased amount of fat loss compared to other parts of the body
however these studies that appear to confirm spot reduction is an effective
weight loss method should be considered outliers as most of the evidence
involved have deduced that spot reduction is ineffective so what’s the
takeaway from these findings while the unfortunate truth is that spot reduction
may not be effective when it comes to fat loss there may still be other
benefits to targeted exercise routines specifically while workout routines
targeting specific body parts may not make a noticeable contribution to the
loss of fat in the area it may still be effective when it comes to toning the
muscles underneath however if losing fat is your primary
goal or your current weight loss journey muscle toning exercises alone won’t be
enough to efficiently burn fat and lose weight you’ll need to incorporate a
healthy serving of cardio exercises into your weight loss schedule as well some
of the best exercises to help reduce fat and lose weight include cardiovascular
exercises such as running high intensive interval training and exercises which
focus on the entire body rather than specific parts of it in addition to
getting a healthy amount of physical activity into your routine you should
also be sure to focus on eating a balanced and healthy diet as well this
means not only regulating your portion sizes but also reducing your intake of
processed and sugary foods in favour of whole foods that are rich in protein and
fiber as useful as it would be to focus on specific parts of your body
individually when it comes to weight loss the unfortunate truth of the matter
is that these specific fat targeting techniques are more often than not
simply an instance of wishful thinking however you shouldn’t let this
discourage you on your path towards the ideal weight loss vs.
through a combination of proper diet and exercise you’ll still be able to
eventually reduce your weight in those specific areas it may take slightly
longer than expected but hey just because something isn’t easy doesn’t
mean it isn’t worth doing for those of you who are currently embarking on a
weight loss journey of your own what are some tips tricks and techniques that
seem to have worked for you so far we’d love to hear your personal experience
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