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I have a confession to make
I don’t know if it’s a confession anymore…I’ve been outed in the comments
section of my last video about MLM or multi-level marketing I’ve been acting
as a double agent been working at the Russians before you judge have you ever
been offered three beautiful women to pee on you
complimentary if you just do whatever glad Amir says no so don’t judge me and
I went along with it and next thing I know I’m compromising my integrity my
morality and I’m making videos with the pure intent of undermining the economics
the companies of the United States of America with the intent of obviously
world domination and I’m sorry I know that network marketing
multi-level marketing companies are are incredible they’re they’re really the
companies that changed the world I mean we hear all this in the news about about
Google and Apple or going back in time you know General Electric or Ford but
these aren’t the real companies that change the world it’s the companies that
get people to sell crappy vitamins to their friends and family and the
companies that you know have like financial services where just anyone can
become a financial adviser and tell their friends and families how to invest
I mean those are the companies have changed the world it’s not the warren
buffett’s who actually learn about finance and then lead great companies
and share wisdom it’s it’s the mum-and-pop who know nothing
about the stock market and then join some company where they get paid a
commission every time they give investment advice to their friends and
family investment advice they are not qualified to give and that is exactly
what makes this dream so beautiful because if you had to be qualified to
give financial advice you have to actually know how economics works or you
know how the stock market functions then not anyone could do it and if just not
anyone can do it then where’s the American Dream in that and so I am so
sad to say I’m embarrassed to admit that I have been working undercover trying to
to attack these these great companies and centers of innovation in our world
and I’m so sorry so sorry just kidding this video is 5 more
reasons why you should never ever join multi-level marketing and MLM network
marketing or whatever name they’re calling it these days don’t join let me
go through ten five reasons why you should not so to explain the first
reason I need to break down actually what multi-level marketing tends to be
99% of the time it involves a product or collection of products like 20 different
types of vitamins and selling that product but in reality because the
products tend to not be very good and I’ll talk about that later in the video
the selling of the products isn’t really the best business model the way you
really make money is recruiting other people into the scheme or the company or
whatever we want to call it so in order to make money nine times out of 10 99
times out of 100 more like you need to be recruiting other people to join it
for you well let’s focus on the product let’s say for example the product was
actually good well then one part of being in an MLM involve sales right and
if you’re good at sales then why would you be selling like an MLM or low price
vitamins or something like that when you could be selling real estate cars
insurance things where you can easily make six figures if you’re really good
you work hard and you’re selling a lot if you’re gonna be selling why pick a
low value overpriced product when you’re not gonna make very much money on each
sale now there’s also the recruiting element I’m going to talk about that in
one at the later point so stick around along those same lines make sure to
stick around to the end of the video if you enjoy laughing or being happy
because I’m gonna go through some of the best comments left on the past MLM video
now the second reason not to join an MLM is that you are dependent on this other
company let’s say this company goes out of business after two years you’re
screwed right and this happens a lot way more
than you would think and so what you’ve done let’s say you actually have managed
to succeed in an MLM right you’ve hustled you’ve worked hard you’ve
actually recruited tons of people 20 30 people you selling some vitamins or
jugo juice or this not juco juice sorry jugo juice I love you but like super
juice or whatever that stupid stuff as they sell you’ve done it all and you’re
actually making good money and then the company goes out of business which
happens again more than you would think you now lose it all and you’re starting
from scratch now there’s a couple scenarios here you
can say well my company has been in business 30 years like there’s some big
MLMs that MLM again multi-level marketing network marketing there are
some big ones that have been around a long time so ask yourself how well is it
gonna go to pitch your friends and family if you’re selling a product that
has been pitched into the 1970s where you’re like hey I have these new
cosmetic products that people have been selling for forty years and trying to
recruit you and you’ve probably said no a dozen times on the other hand you get
the new and exciting company and they come in and they’re like hey there’s no
one else in your city that sells this yet you can be rich and then six months
later they’ve went bankrupt and you look like an idiot because you’ve burned all
your networks by trying to sell the stupid thing to friends and family so
not exactly a good scenario either way they’re now having made the last video I
can predict some of the things people will say in the comments and they will
say well that can happen in any business right a business can fail and you’re
screwed but it’s different so let’s say you have a normal job and you work for a
company and that company goes out of business and you’ve been working as a
commission only sales person Sally and say cars and the car dealership goes out
of business well you’ve now developed a skill and a
reputation where you can go to another car dealer and you’ll likely start at
the same income you are at before and you might lose a bit of your network
because you’re selling a different brand of car and so your customers might not
stay with you but you’ll get back on your feet pretty quick right you’re not
starting from scratch in network marketing a big part of it is recruiting
everyone you know and then having them like pay up to you well if the business
goes out or the company goes out of business I should say how likely are
your friends and family gonna be like a ten remember that last time you
recruited me for that stupid company that went out of
miss and I lost all that time and money do you have another great you know
suggestion we can do probably not gonna happen on the other hand let’s say you
own a store that sells products so instead of being like network marketing
selling vitamins you open a vitamin store and you carry different products
what if one of those lines of products goes out of business you’re screwed
right no you just bring in other lines of
products and most stores you’re gonna have multiple lines anyhow so maybe if
one of your products like you’re carrying Dan’s line of super-annoying
guy vitamins and that goes out of business because why wouldn’t it then
you might be in a little bit of trouble for like a month and then you can find a
replacement product and sales will be fine and more than likely if the product
or the company went out of business it was a crappy product so it wasn’t
selling that well anyhow so in either case whether you have a job or working
for yourself in a legitimate business you’re not going to get screwed if the
kind of master company goes under in network marketing you will because you
have no more products you get no more commissions and in many cases if you
watch the John Oliver video about this you’ll see that a lot of people end up
buying a lot of stock and if the company goes at a business you’re in trouble
with that as well now at this point it if you watch the other video too you’re
thinking alright Dan like you’re telling me what not to do what should I do
don’t worry I’m planning on making a video on alternatives to multi-level
marketing and a whole thing on some other ways to be an entrepreneur if
you’re looking to work for yourself I’m working on a whole new video about that
so be sure to subscribe to the channel and you’ll be the first to get that as
well when I release it now the start of the video I talked about if you are a
salesperson you could make a lot more money selling like real estate let’s
talk about the other part of multi-level marketing which is recruiting hey Bob
you want to be in a multi-level marketing company no okay hey Cindy
that’s kind of thing right and if you happen to be really good at recruiting
like you’re great at getting friends and family to get involved and I had some
comments in the last video where people said like I make I made money with
multi-level marketing I was really good at recruiting or whatever it was
do you know how much more money you would make if you worked as a
professional recruiter I just want to go through some math with you generally if
you are a professional recruiter like a corporate headhunter you earn roughly it
varies sometimes it’s even more but roughly three months salary for someone
you place so think about that you recruit someone and you put them in a
job now that’s probably easier than recruiting someone to join multi-level
marketing let’s say it’s the same difficulty for the purposes of this
video but I would guess it’s actually easier to recruit someone for a real job
but either way when you recruit someone for a job you earn three months of their
salary so let’s say someone is earning $100,000 a year you would earn twenty
five thousand dollars as the recruiter who placed them with that company so if
you happen to be really good at selling you could be selling real estate and
earn a lot more money than in an MLM if you happen to be really good at
recruiting become a professional recruiter and you can earn way more
money than recruiting people into an MLM as well as you’re building a positive
Network rather than being someone who’s like trying to push network marketing
down your friends and family throat it’s a professional recruiter you’re gonna
build a huge network you’re gonna know people at tons of companies and if you
ever want to change positions or do something else you’re gonna have a
really powerful network instead of a network that you burnt and ruin by doing
network marketing so the fourth reason to never join an MLM is that most of the
time the products are going to be overpriced this happens for a few
reasons but one of which is the compensation structure so in order to be
paying out all these commissions to their people and having the money to
recruit and do all these events they tend to be overpriced products if they
were really great products that could compete in the market they would
probably be competing through other channels right not always this isn’t
always the case and no I have not tried every vitamin crystaled super juice
whatever out there but in many cases the products are not that good and that’s
why people focus on recruiting people into the whole you know pyramid thing
instead of actually just selling the product so if you again if you’re wanna
be a sales person why not sell a better product than something that people don’t
necessarily want to buy and with most of these companies probably all of these
companies you need to actually pay to join so that
sometime is a membership fee sometimes it’s pre buying product so you have to
buy $500 worth of vitamins or something in order to you know be the sales rep
either way you’re paying money up front so if you’re looking for like a side gig
or a way to make some extra money do you want to start with something where
you’re paying out a lot of money before you even know if it legitimate if it’s
going to work for you anything like that most real companies do not make you pay
to get a job at least in the first and second world right you know like hey I
would like to work for your company how much does it cost so think about that
right if you have to pay to get involved and I know people wrote in the last
comments and I’m gonna actually get two comments out for this and they were
hilarious people wrote in the comments about you know how they have succeeded
and and the people who fail it’s because they don’t know what it takes and that
could be true right it could not be true also but let’s see it is true and you
know only one in a hundred succeed because the rest didn’t have what it
takes well if you don’t have what it takes do you want to be investing all
this money and wasting it upfront and and it’s not just you know maybe five
hundred dollars there’s if you watch some other videos about this sometimes
people get in five ten twenty thousand dollars in debt from buying products and
investing in this kind of business before they realize that it’s never
gonna work for them and same thing if you do have what it takes right if
you’re one of the few who have so much hustle like you call everyone you know
you’re working 12-hour days and all this again you’d make way for money doing a
legitimate business than you would do in MLM so don’t do MLM do the legit
business and if you have what it takes you’ll be way more successful than than
doing whatever random network marketing thing it is and I have to say before I
started filming this I tried to think about kind of reasons when people should
join multi-level marketing just to show the other side and I thought about a few
scenarios and none of them really make sense there’s always a better way to go
no matter what it is if you’re stay-at-home parents and you’re looking
to earn a little bit of extra money you could probably be doing freelance work
on the side and earn more if you are you know wanting to become an
entrepreneur and you have no training and then why not become an apprentice
for a really successful entrepreneur and learn from someone great rather than
like your friend who just joined this network marketing thing a week before
really no matter what the scenario is I have not been able to find one where I
would advocate joining network marketing so for all of you who sent me questioned
like hey I’m thinking about joining this company what do you think about it the
answer is puke smiley always so you can keep sending them to me and I’ll keep
replying with the puke smiley but I’m not gonna say like well actually this
one makes a lot of sense you should give it a try now without further ado let’s
get into the comments from the last video and some of my responses to
criticisms questions and all kinds of good stuff like that so let’s get into a
few of the comments from my last video I want to start with one that was actually
quite positive because of you I did not get involved with world financial group
thank you for this great video question how does one become a legitimate life
insurance agent this is why I made this video is to try and save people World
Financial Group almost recruited me actually when I was out of school and I
had started a recruiting company because I thought that a lot of my friends were
getting jobs like that weren’t really up to their skill level and so I wanted to
create a recruiting company where I really figured out like what people
would be good at and then help them get that job which is kind of weirdly what I
do now but with the entrepreneurship and this woman was like so excited like yeah
I’d love to hire you and then it turns out she was just trying to enroll me in
World Financial Group and like I wasted hours making a presentation for them and
stuff so what I like about this is you’re asking how do you become a
legitimate life insurance agent because like I said in the video if you’re good
at financial advising or you’re really into finance stock market or an
insurance side of things then become an independent insurance agent or stock
broker or financial advisor and you’ll make way more money than you will doing
it as part of world Financial Group which is as bad as it sounds so one of
the things that people in multi-level marketing love to do is talk about all
the successful people who promote multi-level marketing so this comment is
you might want to look at some of the things that Tony
and Richard Branson Robert Kiyosaki and Kevin Harrington say about network
marketing and MLM I’m more impressed with what they say than someone I’ve
never heard of talk about it first of all never heard of me
Dez area Wow that hurts my feelings so a couple points here one is I think some
of the quotes that are given to network marketing or Mis quotes the same way
this quotes attributed to Einstein that he never really said and then people in
network marketing put a quote with a picture of like Richard Branson and or
like he said this so that may be the case but what I will say is everyone who
talks about network marketing like these famous people there either
they own a network marketing company or they’re professional speakers and
surprise-surprise network marketing companies need to keep motivating their
people cuz they’re depressed and don’t like it maybe that’s my opinion they pay
for a lot of speakers so if you are a motivational speaker you it’s in your
best interest to be Pro multi-level marketing if you come out and say it’s
bad you might lose 30 or 50% of your speaking gigs because these companies
hire a lot of like personal development gurus and that kind of thing what I said
would say to this comment is have any of these people made their fortune from MLM
did Richard Branson get to where he is starting an MLM or being in an MLM even
not starting one that’s a whole different scheme but being in one none
of them did they all made their money different ways and now they say yeah mo
I’m czar fine because either there are people pleasers or they want speaking
gigs or they’re just kind of talking like off the cuff randomly like maybe
Richard Branson was that a speaking event and someone asked like what do you
think a network marketing is like sure it’s a good way to make some money I
guess and then it becomes like Richard Branson promotes network marketing there
were a few comments that were amazing I have to admit one of my favorite things
now has become mine in my hammock drinking some wine and replying to
comment on this video some are hilarious some are giuse
off-base so a couple people make the argument about companies and governments
are also multi-level marketing so we have here Ashley says network marketing
is not bad you’ve just been approached by the wrong people think about it most
people’s jobs are pyramid scheme you have the CEO who gets a
commissioned from all his employees but what do they get only a certain amount
per hour that’s the ceiling they hit that’s not really so look up pyramid
scheme just because you have a hierarchy does it make something a pyramid scheme
everything since the beginning of time has a hierarchy where there’s usually a
leader and sub leaders and that kind of thing that is not a pyramid scheme by
definition a pyramid scheme is that you only make money if you bring people
under you to keep feeding the beast right so if I have a company and I’m
making money which happens to be the case and then I hire employees that is
not a pyramid scheme I am paying them up front to do a certain job regardless of
how much we make many companies lose money they still pay their employees so
regardless you’re paying your employees and yeah they’re just not the same thing
at all right the pyramid scheme means you have to recruit others into the
system that’s not how companies work there are many very successful companies
that have ten employees and that’s all they have and there they all get paid
well and they all make money that argument doesn’t add up
police’ shares here thanks so much for sharing your story so many brainwashed
robots commenting here hating on you for talking the truth I made the mistake of
joining our bond and ran after a month it was so cold like no one actually is
making money except for the leaders at the top who have no morals and love
soliciting people Lisa thank you for commenting but as a member of a couple
cults in my day I’m offended because cult provide a lot of a lot more value
than most multilevel marketing companies do i kind of was I was in like a
fraternity and stuff like that so it’s a it’s a cult not really no I’m kidding
just calm down people Henry true comments this guy is a loser
just because he couldn’t succeed he is hating on everyone else what a loser
thanks Henry tell me about it I heard a rumor that this guy’s a virgin too he
lives with his parents and he basically is just a chronic masturbator all day
what a loser this dreams around the world do this some other guy did EV says
what business background do you have that you can teach other people to
Succeed in Business it can be considered a scam to try to get people to subscribe
to your page so you can paid I don’t know if that’s what a scam
is but okay you will try to get companies to pay you for trying to
capitalize on people’s fear I don’t think that’s how this works but okay you
can also sell people information to other people’s informations to other
companies as well almost every business structure looks like a pyramid scheme
again we need to differentiate between a pyramid or a hierarchy and a pyramid
scheme just because you have a hierarchy or like a corporate ladder does not make
something a pyramid scheme please just Google scam pyramid scheme these sorts
of words how our government looks like a pyramid scheme okay fair point when you
have pension plans they are kind of a pyramid scheme because the younger
people have to keep paying in or the older people don’t get any money so you
could you could argue the pension plans like government pension plans are kind
of pyramid schemes it’s fair now almost every company in every industry has some
kind of legal action against them bla bla bla lots of people get sued this is
my favorite part a pimp creates fear in the prostitutes and then makes money off
them what you are doing looks like the same thing
virtual pimp you are creating fear so that you can profit not offering
opportunity MLM is not for everyone the truth is that you and everyone who has
quit does not have what it takes to succeed in network marketing I need to
thank you cadet because you have given me my new
job title which is virtual pimp and that is amazing thank you
also please again dictionary pyramid scheme just look up what it actually is
please ok this comment was my complete favorite and I actually just started
laughing hysterically when I read it some information you say is correct and
right but not every company that authors network marketing is the same rest of
the modern companies even don’t have any product I joined a company that sold me
in the participating preferred shares and offered me a dividend very good
reasonable dividend and beside that I could get some Commission if I enroll
two people but only if I want and it was amazing what do you think of companies
who offer this so most multi-level marketing companies are
essentially a pyramid scheme but they try to cover it up by having or a Ponzi
scheme but they try to cover it up by having a product what you are describing
ceruse is literally just a Ponzi scheme which is amazing you’re like no my my
multi-level marketing company doesn’t waste time with a product it’s just a
Ponzi scheme oh that was amazing call 7 0 108 9 3 2 6 3 4 joining a
wonderful opportunity in the amway marketing business please call them
please join last but certainly not least is a comment for a Mason I’m just gonna
let you read it and have a good day from watching who subscribed to the
channel like I’ve been hit thanks for sticking
around here you

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