The Trouble with Yo-Yo Dieting Explained

My name is Jo from The London
Nutritionist, and i often get asked about starvation mode and yo-yo dieting.
There is evidence to say that restricting calories can benefit your
health and longevity, but going on a starvation diet is definitely not the
most efficient way to lose weight. When you restrict calories too much, your body
thinks it’s in a famine situation and starts to use some energy from some of
your lean tissue – that’s things like your muscle – instead of from your fat.
This slows down your metabolism meaning you can live on fewer calories
than before and weight loss slows right down or even plateaus. This can be the
really frustrating point for the dieter and it’s often the point where they
revert to their pre-diet eating habits. This is a double whammy in terms of
weight gain because metabolism has slowed down, weight gain is often more
rapid than before and it’s generally fat that is gained rather than muscle. This means
the yo-yo dieter can end up with a higher proportion of fat mass rather
than that lean tissue they had before. There’s no strong evidence that yo-yo
dieting is bad for your health, although some studies do indicate links with risk
factors for cardiovascular disease. It’s definitely not fun for the serial
dieter, and it can be extremely demotivating. The best way to avoid this
is to lose weight gradually by adopting healthy eating habits for life. So take
it slow and steady! If you’d like more information on this check out the
LCC website

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