The Single BEST Way To Train For FAST Muscle Gains As A Natural

– I want to approach this
video like I am a lawyer and you watching this
video are in the jury. I’m gonna share what I
believe is the single best way to build muscle fast if you are a natural. It is a specific training
regimen that will give you clarity each time you step foot in the gym, if your main
goal is fast muscle growth. I’m going to provide
every fact you will need to make a logical decision for yourself by the end of the video, and decide if you want to train like this. If you do, at the very end of the video, I’m going to share exact
workouts that you can screenshot and copy, so you can start
making such fast muscle gains, your friends will think
you are a fake natty. So guys, do me a favor. Like this video, tap that
bell next to subscribe, because this is only episode three of 15, of 15 days Until Swolemas. (mellow hip hop music) What is going on guys? Your shredded brother from another mother, you guys saw the title, a
little bit controversial, because you might think
what works for one person may not work for another person, but we’re gonna break
this down scientifically and I want to hear your comments down below after this video. But I tend to disagree,
because I do believe this is the single fastest way to train for muscle growth as a natural, but not if you’re a beginner. In fact, his is only for
people who have spent at least two to three years in the gym, you’re a natural lifter,
you’re past the point of newbie gains, and you
have a great foundation on all of the compound exercises. (steady hip hop music) Now, you guys are probably, you’re going to the gym,
you’re lifting some shit up, you’re putting it back down, you’re hoping your chest gets big, your arms will get big,
your legs will get bigger. You probably never thought
about it like this, but there’s really three main ways our body builds muscle mass. We have number one, mechanical tension. This is basically
increasing our power output. Increasing our strength,
and there’s a sweet spot. Usually just shy of your one drop max, in the three to, I’d say, eight rep range, where we can increase both
strength and hypertrophy. Now number two is metabolic stress, and the best way to
accomplish metabolic stress is constant time under tension. In fact, reversing just short of lock out to keep constant tension on the muscles for a longer period of time. So this is gonna be high rep,
constant time under tension. Then number three, we have muscle damage, and the best way to incur muscle damage is focusing on the eccentric
portion of the lift, actually lowering the
weight, and adding lots of intensity factors, and
adjusting your volume. Now, those are the three main ways our body builds muscle mass, but all three of these
are not created equal. ♪ Oh, no, hell no, oh no, hell no, man ♪ In fact, number one, mechanical tension is far more important, I
would say twice as important as the other two because you have got to focus on getting stronger
if you want to get bigger. In fact, if you want to
get bigger shoulders, you definitely gotta increase
your overhead press strength, and increase your delt strength. If you want to get a better chest, you’ve got to choose exercises like the compound chest movements, like dumbbell bench
press, barbell incline. That’s a no brainer, you guys know that. But every single workout, in fact, when you see at the very end, is gonna have a specific strength focus. Every single workout, in
a very specific order, is gonna have a specific strength focus. (steady hip hop music) The next thing we need to look at is how many specific growth periods does every single muscle in your body have throughout the year. You want to maximize the growth periods of every single muscle in your body. Now, how do we do that? We do that by increasing frequency. Remember my video from last month, how it showed that training a muscle group two to three times a week is much better than training a muscle
group one time per week, even if volume is the exact same. So for example, it’s better
to say do three sets of chest on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, than it is to do nine
sets of chest on Monday. So this can get very tricky,
because keep in mind, I guarantee you, if you
kept a training log, you’re gonna find that you
probably are not having a lot of frequency for every single muscle. You might be prioritizing chest, you might prioritizing arms, but you might not be increasing frequency on every single muscle group. Now this is so crucial too, because there’s a theory
that states that basically every 48 hours, that growth
period for the muscle is done. So you train a muscle, and in 48 hours, all that repair and growth has been done, and guess what? It’s time to train that muscle again, if you want to maximize the growth periods throughout the year. (steady hip hop music) So let’s go back to
the title of the video, The Single Fastest Way to Train For Faster Muscle Gains As A Natural. Now, you need to understand
what your body is. Your body is basically a survival, and an adaptation machine. So what I mean by that is, your body doesn’t necessarily want to build a ton of muscle mass, because it’s just inefficient. You carry around more mass. You just need more fuel for survival. It’s not necessarily a
good survival technique to be walking around with
240 pounds of muscle mass. So we need to trick our body
to build more muscle mass, and if you look at a lot of
the old school bodybuilders, like if you watch Arnold
Schwarzenegger interviews, he sort of knew this intuitively, that he had to trick his body through always changing
up his workout regimen, through different intensity factors, different ways to shock
his body into growth. Now I want you guys to
remember this formula. Increased intensity,
plus increased frequency, plus increased volume,
equals faster muscle gains. Now there’s only so much
we can do when it comes to increasing our frequency, right? Basically, you don’t want to be training, unless you’re doing nuclei overload, that’s a completely nother
topic and discussion. Throughout the year,
typically you don’t want to be training a muscle group more than three times per week. That’s gonna be about the max, so there’s only so much you can do when it comes to frequency with volume. Well, volume, unless you have hours and hours each day to spend in the gym, there’s really only so much
you can do with volume. But with intensity, I
think we can do the most with intensity, and that’s why I love the balloon method style workouts, because there’s so many ways
to increase metabolic stress, one of the three main ways
our body builds muscle through intensity factors. There’s so many ways to
increase muscle damage through intensity factors. There’s so many ways to increase intensity by doing more leg days,
which is gonna increase anabolic hormone secretion. So let’s go back to these three steps. The solution to step number one, is we want to get stronger while hitting all three
mechanisms of hypertrophy. Now, we want to have a focus each workout on either overhead
strength, pulling strength, or pushing strength on the upper body, and we want to have a
focus on either quad, hamstring, or calf
strength on the lower body. Step number two, the solution
is we want to increase the frequency that we are
training every single muscle group to maximize the growth periods per year. And the solution to step number
three is the balloon method we’re going to utilize to maximize both metabolic stress and muscle damage. This is gonna pair nicely with, of course, focusing on mechanical tension. So these are the three
workouts that I want to share with you guys. I want you guys to screenshot these. You can read about what PO, AD, and T:45 means at the very top. Workout number one, with a
focus of overhead strength, while also working the quads. So as you can see, quads balloon method. We’re doing progressive
overload on barbell squat. We’re doing an anabolic
drop set on the leg press, and then T:45 on leg extension. Overhead press, barbell overhead press, we’re focusing on strength
with progressive overload. Standing alternate
dumbbell shoulder press, anabolic drop set, and rear delt row T:45. Triceps, EZ Bar floor crushers
for progressive overload. Dumbbell overhead triceps
for anabolic drop set. Dumbbell tricep kickbacks. That is a huge focus on quad strength for the lower
body, and overhead strength. Workout number two, horizontal
push strength focus, and we’re also going to
be hitting our calves on the lower body. So as you can see, we’re doing barbell incline bench
press progressive overload, dumbbell bench press anabolic drop set, ending with a mid cable fly. Now we’re moving onto
traps, doing some shrugs. Different shrug variations
with different protocols of intensity factors. Now we’re moving onto
calves balloon method, and abs balloon method. So as you can see, we’re gonna
hit every single muscle group in these three workouts. Workout number three, upper
body focus on pull strength, while also emphasizing
hamstrings and glutes. Back balloon method, barbell
deadlift progressive overload, wide grip pull-ups progressive overload, underhand grip anabolic drop set. Hitting the hamstrings
with balloon method. Dumbbell stiff leg
deadlift, prone leg curl. Hitting the biceps with balloon method, with progressive overload and
the other intensity factors. So these three workouts
train every single muscle in your body with all
three intensity factors. You are gonna maximize how
much muscle you break down with each of these workouts,
and you’re gonna hit every single muscle
group every three days. Now, how much you decide to
rest between these workouts is totally up to your
diet and your nutrition. Thank you guys so much for
watching today’s video. We’re only on episode number three of 15 Days Until Swolemas, so
tap that notification bell. We’ve got videos coming every single day, and I would love to hear
what you guys have to think about this in the comments below. This is the way of training
that I truly believe in so much. I’ve been loving my workouts, incorporating this style recently, so I want you guys to try it out as well. Let me know what you thought about it in the comments below, and I
will see you guys next video.

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