The Sims 4 Cheats: Most Popular and Useful

This is a video guide to cheating in The Sims
4, and I’m gonna get right to it. We’re going to go over the most commonly used
cheats, and recommend a place to get far more specific cheats. You’ll also have the opportunity to get back
some cheats taken away by a recent patch. I’ll link to my site’s cheats section in the
description, so you can see all of the cheats I cover in list format. To cheat, you must open the console. Hold Control and Shift, and while holding
them press the ‘C’ key and you’ll bring up a white box. It doesn’t matter how fast you do it, so long
as both keys are held while you press the ‘C’ key. When you do this, a white box will appear. You can press the same key combo to make the
box go away. Escape can also close it, when it’s selected. The most commonly used cheat is definitely
money. Type money and the amount you want, and you
can instantly set your household funds to that amount. This can also be used to subtract money. Next up, players like to modify needs. The fillmotive cheat works when you only want
to fix one, like if you’re in the middle of something and you want to finish. Fillmotive motive underscore energy, for example. You can do all six needs. For this, and other cheats that use it the
underscore button is located to the top right of your keyboard near backspace. You’ll need to press shift to use it. To fill all motives – or lock them down – we’ll
need to make use of testing cheats. Type testingcheats on. You should get “Cheats enabled”. Now you have the ability to shift-click things,
and get a menu like this. Hold shift and left-click then use the menu
to select “fill needs”. Disable need decay will stop the needs from
falling. Doing both of them will make an always-happy
super Sim. I do this regularly when testing gameplay
mechanics, and it’s definitely my favorite cheat. By shift-clicking the mailbox, the entire
world can have their needs frozen and you can liven up a party by filling everyone’s
needs at once. Testing cheats are a powerful category, and
the list is far too long for this video. They can be used for many things that are
relevant here, such as how to change a Sim’s traits. While there are ways to equip or remove specific
traits, it’s much easier to simply go into create-a-Sim, done by shift-clicking a Sim
with testingcheats on. First, type cas.fulleditmode into the cheat
console and you will have access to modify a Sim when you go back to Create-a-Sim. The full edit mode cheat gives you full control
of Sims’ personalities while inside CAS. As you can see, it’s possible to hit the little
red ‘x’ at the top corner of a trait to remove it. You can also rename your Sim in CAS. With full edit mode, when you change a Sim’s
aspiration it will modify the bonus trait you normally start the game with. This can let you swap a boring bonus trait
for a much better one. Help your Sim get a promotion by using the
careers dot promote cheat. You must type the name of the career track
at the end of that. Once you’ve figured one out and got it right,
you can use the up key on your keyboard to repeatedly enter it very quickly. Stats dot set skill level can be used to master
all of your skills, or even lower their levels. In this case, I use major underscore gardening,
and major underscore charisma. The code for every skill is different, but
they do follow a predictable pattern most of the time. Sims dot give satisfaction points can be used
to give instant satisfaction, or you can choose to complete aspirations one milestone at a
time. The upside of completing milestones is that
you’ll get the reward trait when you finish the aspiration. You can push the up key on your keyboard to
avoid having to repeat typing it over and over again. Aspirations.complete_current_milestone. There are two more common cheat commands I
want to mention here. One allows you to buy collectibles, in case
you need them for a recipe or if you’d like to buy a U.F.O. fruit for your gardening efforts. bb.showhiddenobjects is a testing cheat that
shows all of those special debug objects and allows you to purchase them, assuming you
have the money but I think you know what to do about that if you don’t. ONe last command is commonly used. Free real estate on. You can actually type this one from the move
map. The free real estate cheat does exactly like
it sounds – it makes all real estate completely free. You can use this to give yourself a starting
advantage when you make a new household, or just to start out in a nicer home. If you don’t have intentions to cheat further,
be sure you don’t buy something where the bills would be like $5000 a week with a level
1 Sim. Now for a building-related cheat that always
deserves to be on a list like this. bb.moveobjects. What this does is, when you’re in buy mode
and you’re moving an object, it will let you place it anywhere ignoring collision and it
gives you an opportunity to get creative which is not something that I am, at all. Another thing for builders, that’s more of
a tip than a cheat: if you hold the Alt key down while you’re doing something like moving
an item like this it will disable snapping and you can place the item anywhere you want. SEe, it’s very smooth. You can put it anywhere, and with move objects
literally anywhere. And, we’re about to move on to weather for
Seasons players but I think I should mention you can shift-click on the ground to teleport
with testing cheats on. And, you can click a Sim to reset them if
they get stuck. With a mod by TwistedMexi, players are also
able to modify the weather and recover all cheats that had been removed on the Seasons
patch. This is the only cheat I’ve used specifically
that requires a mod. I will put a link to his mod in the description. While my site is very focused on the commonly-used
cheats, he has some very powerful ones listed as well. He makes useful mods and deserves far more
patrons than he has at the moment, as he’s helped the community to mine cheats from the
game data since The Sims 4 was first released. He’s a nice guy and deserves this plug. It’s a win-win for the community,because the
mod is free whether you support him or not. And that is it for Sims 4 cheats. If you like my channel, please subscribe. We love having you. Throw us a like if you thought this was good
content. I’m going to do a lot more videos, I have
about 80 more on the list. This has been a long one. If you’ve endured this long, I hope I’ve taught
you something and thank you for watching.


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