The Pillow Case Workout: 50 min heart pumping Yoga-Cardio-Pilates Flow

Welcome to CardiYoFit. My name is Jennifer Menzer – I’m Emily And we are going to take you
through a really fun pillowcase workout. We’d like to keep it fresh and new,
creative, keep you on your toes… …keep you coming back for more. So, press pause. Head over to your
linen closet and all you need is… …one ordinary pillowcase and we’re going
to take it through… …a dynamic cardiovascular heart pumping strengthening workout. And I am excited – I am too. Okay! So, hopefully you’re back, you grab your
pillowcase, you grab some water… …and then we’re gonna start out
with our dynamic warm-up. So, let’s open up the pillowcase… …and then we are going to fold it once… …and then twice. Hold it at the longest length… …feet about hip distance apart… …tailbone just gently top a little bit
or dropped under… …and then bring the arms up to the ceiling. Stay here for a deep breath in, root down
into the heels. On the exhale, let’s come over to
the left side. Stay here for the inhale breath… …exhale comeback up center… …inhale, reach up, exhale over to your right. Stay for the inhale breath. Exhale, bring it up let’s do that one more time. Inhale here, exhale side bend. Inhale, bring it up, and opposite side. Inhale, rise up… …and let’s take a full swan dive
forward all the way down to our knees. Let the head hang heavy… …knees are soft… …and then see if you can wiggle all ten toes. So here you’re hopefully feeling a little bit
of a stretch in the hamstrings. You can walk your feet out like Emily’s doing. Lifting heels, bending knees,
do whatever feels good. Maybe you take your pillowcase and then
swing side to side. Noticing that when you swing over
to the left… …you feel it in the left buttocks. And then you’re over to the right… …you feel it more in the right buttocks
and hamstrings. Come back to center and then slowly
rise it up. Stake the pillowcase and bring
it behind us… …and then depending on how much
your shoulders… …are already open will determine
how much slack you need. My shoulders are pretty open… …so I can keep my hands
relatively close to one another. For those of us who are
not sitting at a desk all day… …you raise children, you always
picking them up… …your shoulders may be tight. This is a great way to open them. So take it maybe at the longest length… …and then from here… …feet hip distance apart and then
we’re going to bow over once again… …bringing the arms up and overhead
at the same time… …to really open up the shoulders. Check in here… …if it feels like you
can walk your hands in and still get… …your shoulders blades back and down… …you can walk in an easier. If it feels better here, stay here. All we’re trying to do is a list of the stretch. Let’s take one more inhale breath here… …and then slowly rise up one vertebra
at a time. Bring the pillowcase in front once again… …fold it in half lengthwise… …and then from here,
reach forward as you round the spine… …and drop the chin… …so you’re looking towards your belly… …so we really stretching out the back
and the chest. Stay here for the inhale breath… …bring the arms up to the ceiling… …and then Emily we’re gonna get
into triceps a little bit. So from here we’re just going to bring… …both of our hands towards the
back wall behind us. Kind of hindering over
and then see if you can get a bend… …in your left elbow… …so that you feel the stretch
in your triceps right over here. Between elbow and shoulders
so if you’re feeling it, good. If not so you can get that bend. There’s the shake we’re looking for.
Good! Let’s switch it up. Bring it back up to the ceiling
and then other side. Know that if the triceps are tight… …long on your pillowcase… …and you can get just as much
tension here by pulling down in this left hand. Really nice! Bring the arms up to the ceiling… …and then let’s take it down and
get into our first set of power workout. So… …dynamic and explosive is what we’re
gonna get into now… …get the heart rate up, we’re doing a power
clean to a push press. If you’ve done the glide wood workout or the
water bottle workout with us… …or the download work out. You may see that these are a little bit familiar. We’re just going to change them teeny bit. So we still start in a deadlift position… …with the glutes pressing back. Holding onto our pillowcase lengthwise just
below the knees. When we come up, we’re bringing it up to
our chest… …as we come into a jumping half squat. Here’s the jump half squat. Now, you have two options. You can either stand, press up. Or explode it up. 30 seconds on the clock. Here we go. Ready! Set! Go! And back down. Emily and I are probably going at
different paces. You’re probably going at a different pace from
both of us. Totally fine. All we’re looking for is good form. So, go slower to feel better. You can go a little faster if you can control it… …and these are familiar to you. We’ve got about 10 more seconds on the clock. Hopefully breaking that first sweat here. Three… …two… …and one! Excellent! Next, we’re going to do up-down knees. 30 seconds, the arms are up overhead… …little more challenging keeps the
heart rate up… …or arms in front to take it down a notch. So I’m going to keep the arms up. Emily, your choice. We’re going yo come down
on knee, knee… …and then foot, foot. Doesn’t matter which side you do as long as
you alternate. So, little quick demo. Down knee, down knee… …up foot, up foot. Switch knee, knee… …up, foot. Here we go! And down… The faster you go… ….the harder it will be. Choose to keep the arms straights in front… …to keep the hand by the hard part rate. Won’t come up as high, arms overhead… …you’re going to get a bigger cardiovascular
intensity. …which means you’re going to be breathing
heavier and harder. Heart pumping a little bit more. Do what feels good… …do what’s challenging but still be successful. If you completely out of breath and dizzy… …you’re probably working too hard,
dial it down. Last five, four… …three… …two and one. Oh! Come on down. – I don’t know I have the rest of this
to get through. Yeah. Next one is a low to high chop. Chops are a great way to get a
full body workout. We’re working a squat in, we’re working
at twisting… …we’re working an over-pressed in. So, full body and we’re going to
come down… …to the side of our left foot… …into the squat, knees even. So, notice if you shay or swing… …was going to say shay shay. And then when you come up… …up and over dynamically like you’re doing… …if you’re like pulling a lawn mower… … or think about a bats wing. It’s that intense. Okay. 30 seconds to this side… …and then we’re going to immediately go
30 seconds to the other side. Here we go. Down and up. Don’t be afraid to breathe out. Inhale through the nose, exhale through
the lips. Keep your pillowcase as tight as you can,
you work the arms more. If it’s loose… …not as much work. Good. We’re almost halfway there. 10 more seconds. Smile. Even if you don’t mean it because
it’s infectious. …and when the muscle around the mouth
smiling… …it sends it to the brain, makes us think that
we’re in New York State. Last one… …come up, and then right immediately
down other side. Here we go. Down and up. Get that good twist. Down feel the abs working. Drop the navel in. Twisting is a really important for rinsing
out the spine… …helping to remove toxins… …and also help aiding in digestion. Moving through small and large intestine
in the corner. – Nice.
– Ah uh. So, keep it moving. Knowing that
you’re working… …not only the outside but the inside as well… …for total full body benefit. Three… …two… …and one. Cool.
Yeah. Next one is our X-Cross. So. we’re going to take our mat, push it out
a little bit. We’re going to unfold it by one. So if you’re on mat at home, just unfold it
halfway. If you’re on your carpet and you’re using
something to keep… …to keep underneath your knees for softness… …you can probably push it out of the way… …so it doesn’t slide. We’re going to keep the towel folded lengthwise. Put it down… …and then kind of like a jumping jack
on steroids. We’re crossing left leg over right. Come back open. Right leg over left. Come back open. Just a little faster. [LAUGHING] – Okay.
– Emily’s pace… …you can set my pace, you can create
your own. Either way. 30 seconds of happiness. Enjoy. And… go! Hands go wherever you want. You can reach up and down… …and then bring the intensity off. You can hold hands and heart center. You can keep them on your hips. It is up to you. Do what motivates you… …and keeps you working at your fullest
potential. Who’s having fun? [LAUGHING] If you can laugh and breathe, then don’t take
things too seriously. It should be fun. Three… …two… …and one. – Nicely done.
– Kind of sweat. Yeah. If you are thinking about and imaginary line… …you can move your towel… Pardon me. If you’re using a towel, that
works too. If you need to move your pillowcase out of… …the way, move it out of the way. Guess what we’re doing? – What? Another round. – Okay. Yeay. So, grab water if you need it. – That’s nice.
– I think I’m going to grab a little here. Let the heart rate come down naturally. Still few beats per minute and still keeping it… …another aerobic zone. Nature of the god. All right. Right back to the power clean. Okay. Grab the pillowcase. Towel works fine as well, if you have a towel. Right down, lower the knees. Tushy out. Here we go. Don’t forget to breathe. Land soft on your jumps. The reason why, is not only just so that… …your neighbor underneath you. But more importantly, you’re putting your strength… …into the muscle as opposed to the joint. We want to land soft. Let’s make this
the last one. And up. Good. Lock out the joints. Goes into the joints. Keep it soft. Goes into the muscle. That’s where we want the work. All right. We’re back to our up down knees. Arms are either forward or up. Here we go. Down, and up… Smile. So… I forgot to switch. So about halfway there… …if you were with me… …now we’re going to switch other legs. If you’re with Emily, you’re going alternating
each way. Nice job. [LAUGHING] And then be…
Keep going. Make a boo-goo. Just get right back in… …five seconds. Three… …two… …and one. Nicely done. All right. Low-to-high chops are next. Let’s start on this side first, being that… …we did that the other way around. Last time… …just change it up. Are you ready? All right, here our chops. Here we go. Down. Open across. Think about that twist. Draw your navel in to the spine. Working transverse abdominals. Obliques. Lower back. Multifidus, Quadratus. All those muscles that help us maintain
good posture and form… …and also keep us make some long and lean
on the abs. Let’s do one more on the side. …and switch. All the way down. Down and up. Check your feet. You’ll notice I just adjusted ’cause I was
a little wide. It doesn’t feel good. Look down at the base first. See what’s going wrong key… …and then fix it up. Good. Remember to breathe. Keep the good engaged. Really working cardiovascular here for calorie burn. Let’s do one more. Good. As well as strength training for all the major
muscles groups… …head to toe. All right. So, your choice. You can either put it down
or push it out of the way. We’ve got our cross jumps. – I know it’s a minor jump. Go for it. All right. Here we go. Cross over. Cross, open. Cross, open. Arms are up to you. And you guys are going to see that the last
10 seconds… …I’m going to pick up the pace. If you want to stay with me you can. You can with Emily as well. Here we go. Quick. Quick. Quick. Quick. Eight, seven, six, five… …four, three, two, and one. – I can’t take it up. – A little bit.
– It’s tough. Tackle it off, so you don’t trip. Maybe move it out of the way. Okay. We are going to move on onto the floor… …for a little bit of a slide glide upper
body workout. So, grab a towel. Towel off. If it’s particularly hot and you’re sweating… …remove the sweat. Allow the body
to breathe. Allow the toxins to come out and allow
fresh oxygen in… …with water and also again by removing
that excess sweat. Okay. We’re going to keep the mat at half. And then come down onto our knees. So, you’ll notice for these first two exercises… …that Emily is not going to be using
the pillowcase. If you’re at home, you’re on a carpet and you
don’t happen to have paper plates… …or piece of cardboard, then you can opt
to make the moves… …the way Emily is doing it because then
you don’t need any props. Just you and a mat. If you have your pillowcase and you’re on
hardwood or something that slides… …stay with me. So, let’s move the water bottle out of
the way… …and then first one we’re gong to do is
the lat slide out. So, for this position it’s called
mermaid position. You’re going to bring one foot… …sold the foot into the leg and then
the other leg… …is in kind of like a half ham or half
heroes pose. We’re going to take the hands… …reach them onto the floor, onto
our slider… …and then from here, kick the top leg out. Slide out, pull it in. Slide out, pull it in. If not sliding, stay with Emily. Good. Working hips, working the abs, and definitely
working the lats… …triceps and shoulders. Creating not only muscles, sculpting the body,
working out from the inside out… …going into skin. Head us to 5 more seconds here… Four… …three… …two… …and one. Good. Opposite side. Switch the legs. Let’s get the hand set up. My poise seem sweat of my chin. Let’s get to get here. Here we go. Extend that leg out… …and make sure everyone kicking… …and reach out, and then reach out,
and then… You may find that one side is easier dear. This side is easier for me. – It’s quite hard for me.
– This is a little bit stronger. Yeah. ‘Cause I’m stronger on my left. Naturally
being a leftie. And Emily right-handed, right? Rightie. Perhaps we’re there. Keep working.
Nice and strong. Squeeze the booty. If the bums on the floor is uncomfortable, it maybe
that your IT band is a little tight. Just triple up or quadruple up. And the cushioning should make it all better. One more. Pull it in. And release… Nicely done. Our next exercise is going to be a “W”. Looks like a lat pull down. Arms will be up, and then pulling into
the chest. So, we’re going to put our pillowcase down. And then come on to our bellies. From here, if you’re staying with me,
arms are long… …we’re going to pull it up into a “W”… …down, straight up arms and down. If you’re with Emme, you’re going to do
pull down. Pull the elbows… …in and down towards your body. Perfect. Come back down and press the hands.
Lift up. Good. All right. Let’s get it started. Here we go. 30 seconds on the clock. And go! “W” Straight arms “W” and you guys probably recognize us.
It’s Cobra. Breathe through. Keep the navel strong. If you’d like to lift your legs, you can. Especially on this one. Either straight or bend. My microphone is preventing me from doing
the leg lifts. So maybe Emily will do it for us. 3 seconds. Two… …and one. And down. Press back to child’s pose. Take a little break. And then let’s come back up. What’s good is you can always use
your pillowcase. Like the devil but if you don’t have
the towel. Okay. Next exercise is an abs sequence. So, we’re going to come sideways. Lying down on our backs. Head, neck, and shoulders are up.
Legs are long. Arms up overhead. Two options. Option one fold, come
all the way up… …behind the legs and right back down. Option two, come up tap feet and down. Emily you’re all ready? Ready? Let’s do it. Here we go. All the way up on your butt. Hook under, and back down. Keep the abs nice and tight. Arms long, legs long. Make it meaningful. Each time you work, you’re working to
your fullest potential without challenge. There is no change. Keep going. We’ve got about 10 more seconds here. Really stay strong and focus. Draw the
navel in. Let’s do one just for good measure. And all the way down. Catch your breath… I know. Let’s take it all the way up
to a seat. Okay. Next ones are going to be a bridge to
an overhead press. So we’re going to keep the knees bend… …hip distance apart. Come down onto
our backs. Arms are overhead, and then as we lift the
hips up… …we’re going to bring our towel to the hips. Straight up, and down. For 30 seconds . All right. Emily all set? – All set. Good. Heels underneath the knees. Perfect. He’re we go. Lift it up and down. Really squeeze the bums. Squeeze and down. If you’re at home, you want this harder… …guess what? Leg lift and down. Leg lift, and down. You’re going to feel your hamstrings working
a lot harder. Single leg lifts. 10 more seconds here. Last five… …four… …three… …two… …one. And down… Just come up onto booty. Maybe grab some water, towel off
and we’ve got another round. All right. Let’s get set up. So, we’re going to start out with our
mermaid legs. And then we’ll start on this side first for
our last slides out. You was warm as I am? – Warm. – Very warm.
– Good. Means you’re working hard. All right. Let’s get set out. Other side. And you could do it. Good. All right. Hands are down. Extend your left leg out. Arms long and
let’s pull it in. In and out. Perfect. Slide it in, slide it out.
Work the laps, work the abs. Work the legs. Push. Each time you do
a strong push… …you’re working good. Every muscle group is playing a role. Don’t let it slack just because you think
that I’m working this one… …so this one doesn’t have to be tight.
No. Everything is engaged. Just do one more. And switch side. All right. Arms are out. Top leg right leg is kicking out. Let’s move my water bottle. Arms is long
and here we go. Pull it in. And down… and… and down.
All right. How you’re doing Emily? – It’s good. Remember. Those of you who want carpet,
stay with Emily. Those of you who can do the slider,
stay with me. And… …no matter what, as long as you’re working… …you’re doing exactly what you need
to be doing. Let’s do two more here. Last one here and… nice. Yeah. All right. We’re going to come into our W’s to our
Cobra pose. Next, coming onto the belly. All right. Arms long, legs long and then again those
of you that would like to… …you can also lift the legs and the arms. Otherwise keep them down if it’s more
comfortable on your lower back. Here we go. W… …and… …Cobra. W slide in… …and up. Good. Really pull the elbows in
on this. Work the laps, work the scapula which are
the shoulder blades… …and a little wing you guys in the back. Good. We’re almost halfway there. Actually more than halfway there. Good. Switching more here. Keep it working.
Pull, squeeze. Reach long… …lift up and back down. Pull in, reach long, lift up,
back down. Child’s pose. Okay. We’re back to the abs sequence. So… – We need to have a towel. Back in towel. And then, let’s come onto our back. All right. Arms overhead, legs long. Ready Emme? – Oh? Take your time. Ready Ready. All right. 30 seconds on the clock. Here we go. Up. Reach and down. Remember. Everything is engaged even
on this down part… …try not to slam the legs down and go… Try to control it the whole time. Use your abs
for the deceleration down. Don’t forget to breathe. You’ve got 5 seconds. Four… …three… …two… …and one. I was longer than 5 seconds but… – It was. I was thinking like that. That was the trainer count.
It’s always a little bit slower. All right. Last ones are our booty lift. So, legs come into bridge position. Which is heels close to the glutes.
Line up to the knees. Arms are overhead and then you have
two options… …two lifts or the single leg lifts. Here we go. Up…and down. Up…and down. Remember if you’re doing single leg, small lift,
right back down. Small lift, right back down. Halfway there. Keep it moving. Squeeze the butt.
Arms are long. Up and back. Up and back. You’re working the chest as well as the last
in the back here. So keep the arms moving rhythmically. Let’s do two more.
Two, and one, and down. Have them near to the chest. Good. Let’s rock and roll up to a seated position
on our feet. And… just take some water. So, we’ve unrolled our mats and now
we’re ready for our cardio yoga exercises. The first we’re going to do is a wide
legged chair pose… …to a boat pose or or the Navasana pose. With a little added Pilates twist in there. So, let’s reach the arms. Straight out in front
or up overhead. Your choice. And then sit down
into Utkatasana. Make sure that all 10 toes can be lifted. Booty down. Knees over the ankles. And then bring the chest up and back. So you really feel it in the glutes. If you want more, arms are up overhead. You’ll feel that instantaneous burnt in the butt. From here, let’s take it down to our bums. For boat pose, you can keep the knees bend
or legs straight. Your choice. Inhale. Arms up overhead.
Twist over to one side. Inhale center. Twist to the side.
Inhale center. One more time, twist. Center. Twist. Center. Feet down and then right back up. Chair pose. Squeeze the booty. Lean back. Nice and strong in the legs. Notice and make sure you can see your toes. So if you can’t, lean back. – Feeling the burnt?
– Yes. Good. Hold it for one more second then. Now come down. Navasana. Good pose. Maybe the legs are long, arms up overhead… …and we twist. Center. Twist. Center. Again, twist. Center. Twist. Center. Feet down. Full standing. Back down. Third set. Hold and squeeze. Remember arms can be up… …or in front. So, you should be wiggling.
Feel it in the bum. – Shoulders still line up.
– Knees need to line up. Yeah. All right. Bring it down but pose. Here we go. Arms up… …and twist. Center… …twist… …center again, twist… …center… …twist… …center. Feet down. Push it all the way up. Last time. Here we go. Squat down. We’re going to hold this one
for a count of five… …four… …three… Maybe you lean back. Two…maybe you get lower. One… and down. What a squat. Arms up. Here’s our twist. Center, side, twist… …center one more time, twist. Center, twist… …and center. Feet down… …sit up tall… …breathe. [inaudible] And then we’re moving to our next sequence. So next one is Paschimottasana which is
hand and foot pose. We’re going to use our towel to assist… So, what we start out with is rooting
down in one foot… …so let’s have you guys at home, root down
in your left foot… …we’re going to root down on our right… …and then from here, hug the opposite leg in. Knees in. From here, loop right
over the foot… …and then reach out long. If you need to keep abandon the knee,
keep abandon the knee. Otherwise, nice and long. Shoulders are down.
Maybe even squeezing back. Nice Emily. Hold it there. Now we’re going to move
to Warrior three. Take your foot out.
Oh, loss of balance. And now reach the arms long.
Leg back. Hold here. Think about reaching that leg up as you
reach the arms forward… …like you’re creating a big beautiful “T”. Once again. Here we go.
Hug the knee in. Your right knee my left. Oh, balance.
Hold it here. Loop it. Find your drishti. So I’m going to look down for a moment
just so I don’t fall. Find your drishti. I’m going to find
the spot on the floor. I would encourage you guys at home and Emily
to do so as well. And hold… Practicing balance. You should feel it in the
glutes and the standing legs… …as well as the quad and even in
your ankle stabilizers. Small muscles that support the ankle. Release and then reach forward kick it back… …or you’ll see. Oh, find the balance.
Find the balance. Find the drishti. Oh! I got it. That I was going down on that one. Hold on. Hold… One more inhale breath, and exhale.
Hug the knee in. And then bring it down. Good.
Shake it out. Oh yeah. Opposite side. All right. So, you guys are going to ground down
on your right foot. Emily and I are on our left. Let’s hug that knee in. And then… How do we start a hand and foot pose. Loop. And reach foot. You guys can see,
from looking around… …really hard for me to balance but as soon as
I find the drishti, so much stronger. Very little of the wobbles here but
I start looking around… …you start to lose the balance. All right. Unhook and then squeeze the bottom… …reach long. Making that “T”.
Oops, lost it there. Reach long. Reach in that back foot up.
Reach the arms… …fingertips forward like you guys are
reaching for Emily and I. Really squeeze the bum, feel it in
the standing leg. And pull it in. Balancing challenge today. – Squeeze.
– Fatigue. Most definitely. All right. Here we go. Second round. Hook. And reach… All right, for those of you that can get length through
the non standing leg… …maybe you bring it up higher and then see if
you can bring chest forward… …shoulders down and back. A little harder to do that. Bend the knee and then
let’s reach forward, Warrior three. Focus on your breath. And bring it in… …and down. Shake it out. Okay. This next one I’m really excited about because
I think it’s a really fun way… …to do Warrior. If you’ve ever done triangle
with a beach ball… …in the hands. The imaginary beach ball… …same idea here. So, we’re going to
set up for triangle pose… …with your… …right leg in front, your left leg back. Emily, you and I are going to be the opposite.
Left leg forward, right leg back. So, we’re going to set up for
triangle pose here. Straight leg on both. Arms up overhead… …and then imagine as though you have either
beach ball or a pillowcase in your hands… …and then from here we’re going to dive
down to the front leg. Your right are left. Take it over. Feel the right obliques. These guys really working to help you stabilize.
And hold here… Now, bring the arms up to the air.
Bend the front knee, your right knee… …and now take it back. Reverse warrior. Should feel like a really nice stretch in that
side body on the right that we just worked. Bring it up to the ceiling.
Hands up. Straighten the leg. Once again triangle pose. Holding onto our pillowcase. Really reach
those arms long and we reach them… …towards everybody who’s watching us at home. Really nice. Strong in both legs.
Pressing into the pinky toe edge… …of the back foot. Your left foot. And then really pushing into all four corners
of your right foot or left. Bring it up. Then deeply into front leg and then
reverse your warrior. Exactly. That’s perfect. Good. Gaze can be either up to the ceiling
or down to the floor. Bring the arms up.
Straighten, and let’s switch side. Good. So, your left leg forward and
your right leg behind. I don’t know why people think that it was easy. – It’s tough.
– It’s tough. – Also a mind exercise. – Most definitely. I just don’t know why.
– Wide clear mind of every thought. – So you could focus. All right. Set it up. Arms long and exhale over. And hold. You guys are working those left
obliques really strongly here… …reaching out so you’re also working lats. Inhale. Bring the arms up.
Bend the knee. Reverse your warrior. The more you bend, the more you reach,
the more you work. Feel that inner leg line working,
feel the underside hamstrings working… …feel the glutes working. Let’s bring it up. Straighten and up and over, towards your
left foot at home… …our right foot. Hold it here. Really reach the arms long. For those of you that want to work harder… …you can also do those “W” that we
were doing on the floor… …the lat pull downs. Reach the arms up,
then, reverse your warrior. If you need a little kickstand, you can bring
one hand down. One more inhale breath here. Remember you’re tearing the mat with
both feet pressing outside pinky toe… …and right foot. Four corners left foot. Arms up. Straighten and release. Shake it out. Okay. Last Yogic sequence… …we’re going to go into our Crescent pose,
Archer arms, Lunges. So, I’m going to turn around for just a moment
and show you guys the back. So for Archer arms, one arm down, one arm up… …and then they come together. Shoulders back. We’re going to use our pillowcases
to give us a little bit more length. So, pillowcase in one hand and then
you’ll grasp behind and then… …slowly walk the bottom hand up to the point
where you can get your shoulders. Open and back, chest open. So let’s start off
with your left arm up… …right arm back. 50-50 shot. Okay. So here’s our Archer arms. We’re going to bring your left leg in front,
right leg back. And then as we’re in Crescent pose, lift the
back heel so the heels tacked over the toes… …bend into the front knees.
And then let’s take 10 lunges here. It’s down and up. Two, abs are tight.
Three, shoulders back. Four, chest strong. Five, legs lengthen.
Six, booty squeeze… …and seven, smile on your face.
Eight, your breathing. Nine, you’re having fun and ten, you’re done. Hopefully that was entertaining for you. – It was. I was hoping I make it all the way to 10,
still have things to say. All right, let’s switch it up. Bring your right arm up. Or left arm back. Walk it up one side
maybe loosen than the other… …so see if you can get a little more range. All right, set the legs up. All the back foot is lifted.
Knock down but lift it up nice and high. And here we go. It is down and up. Archer arm is a chest opener.
Heart opener which is why we do it. As well as increasing the length in our shoulders. So, it’s a really great exercise for those of you
that again are taking care of babies… …leaning forward a lot maybe you’re hairdresser. Maybe you’re chef or you sit at desk
all day and you’re on… …the computer. Either way. We round forward,
great way to open up. So, I think we’re like 10 or 11? – Yes. Cool. Let’s bring it back. Okay. Towel all. And let’s wind it a little bit down and take a stretch. So let’s bring the arms up overhead. We’re going to take half moon pose here or… …almost like people’s arms that we usually take.
Just put our towel or our pillowcases. Take it over to your left first. Feel free to close the eyes.
Inhale, the arms up. And opposite side. Inhale, the arms up and let’s bring it down. Awesome. Just grab some water. Towel off and then
we’ve got one more sequence to go. Going into our strength training series
once again. So you’ll notice that Emily is going to do this
without her pillowcase. I’m going to stay with. So for those of you
that are on carpet stay with Emme… …those of you that have the ability to slide,
stay with me. Same amount of work. Just a little different. So our first ones are slide lunges. So for those of us that have our pillowcase
will fold it up… …and try it this way. If you find that it is not sliding as much,
what you can also do… …what I’m going to do today is
put your foot in. Like a sock race or sack race when
we were little kids. Like really? They were always fun. Okay. Come with your foot to the edge of
your mat or onto your rug. And then from here, we’re going to slide out in and out
in four our side lunges. 30 seconds each side. Ready? – Ready. – All right.
– I’m not stepping. Yes. So Emily you’re going to step out
and then pull it in. Perfect. Those of you with me, slide it in.
Push it out, slide it in. Good. Lower you get… …where you work with focus. Hands can be heart center, on the hips… …you can also use the arms. Anytime you need,
to pick it up a little bit. Take the heart rate up.
Pick up the intensity Try to keep all 10 toes facing forward.
So it’s easy to make the foot turn out. See if you can turn it in. Get that
internal rotation to work the inner thighs. Let’s do one more here. Out and up.
Perfect. Good. Next we’re going to so is a
single leg squat. So from here, we’re still going to keep that
one leg on the edge of our mat. The other leg is going to come in front. So Emily you’re going to come
onto your heel… …we’re going to slide forward. Slide forward. Single leg squat on this leg… …and then back up. Here we go. 30 seconds. Slide it out and in. The arms reaching forward. A little more heart rate or… …hands on hips, sit it back,
down and up. Good. We’re there. Set that booty lower, work it out. That as much as I think. 5 seconds. Four… …three… …can smile and laugh at yourself then. …it showing I’m having fun.
And done. Good. Okay. Next one… …is a squat… out… in… standup. If you’re with Emme, you step. – Ready Emily?
– Ready. All right. 30 seconds on the clock.
Here we go! Up… Oh I forgot the down. In and up. Squat down, slide out. In and up. That’s fatigue.
Now the oxygen going to the brain. Slide out.
In and up. Squat. Out. In, and up. If you’re thinking oh my gosh my tushy is
on fire on this one side… …it should be because it’s doing all the work… …we’re isolating that side and then we’re
coming over to the other side. Good. Come on up. And let’s switch it out other side. Okay. You need to fold up your pillowcase or
you step in for your half sack race. And then we’re coming into
side lunges first… Okay. – Ready?
– Ready. Yeah, do it. Out and in. Hands wherever you want. Up and down your choice. My only request all ten toes forward. Internal rotation now of this side leg. And up and in. Slide it, pull it in. That slide in is going to work the inner thighs… …that push off and in is going to
work the inner thighs. So, so make it as important as the out.
Might even be easier it should be… …this part not so bad,
this part works. Three seconds… …two… …and one. Good. All right. Single leg squat. Now those of you at home that want to
ramp it up a little bit… …you can keep the leg elevated and
just do that back tap. Just to add a little bit more
for those of you that might think… …this aren’t so bad. But they’re hard for me.
So I’m going to stay status quo. – Ready?
– Ready. Here we go. Single leg squat and up. Smile. Check in with yourself
How are you feeling? Are you winded? Are you dizzy? Are you energized?
Do you feel great? We’re coming towards the end of
our work out. So hopefully you should be a little fatigued… …but feeling energized, stronger,
motivated and really excited… …knowing that you are
working your body to the fullest potential… …and that you’re that much closer to your
health fitness and wellness goals. Five seconds here. Three… …two… …one… and up! Good. All right. See if I can get it right on the
first one this time. So we squat, press out, pull it in,
and up! Alright 30 seconds on the clock,
here we go. Down, out, in, up. Down, out, in, up! Down, out, in, up. Down, out, in, and up. Work the booty as a squat.
Pull it in and stand. Good. Squeeze the inner thighs. Squats, ankles, core.
Everything is working here One more. Down, out, in, and up. Good. So, when we started the first two sequences
we did two rounds… …of each. Our yoga sequence
we did one through. This one we did one through and here’s why. We’ve got a grand finale and it’s coming down
onto the floor here. If you do the light board work out with us… …then you know these exercises. They were probably
one of the most cardiovascular… …one of the most challenging. So fold up.
Emily is going to do without. And then fold up your mat once again
into fours. We’re going to do this exercise
for a full minute… …and then I promise you we’re going
to cool down. So if for the first 40, 45 minutes
you’ve been working to an 8 or 9/10… …this is where I’m going to ask you to work
for that full ten out of ten. So Emily we’re going to come to the side… …just so that everyone can see us… …and we’re doing the out and out slide… …or the 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock,
3 o’clock, 6 o’clock. So you can either be on high arms
or four arms. I’m going to come onto tented fingers… …and then place your towel,
your pillowcase… …your paper plate whatever
you’re using or nothing. Underneath your left foot… …you’re going to come out to
9 o’clock across to 3… …out to nine, back down. Out, in,
out, down. Here we go.
30 seconds. Out, in, out, down. You control the range. It is a plank. Moving plank
that keep your core strong… …notice if you’re hyper extending
in the elbows. I’m on a slight tented finger. Just because I had a little bit of a
hand injury that I have to be aware of. I would recommend if you can being here on hand.
As long as it feels good. Let’s do one more.
It’s out, in, out, and down. Switch other side. Try not to take too much time. Keep the heart rate up last
30 seconds Emily. Here we go. Right foot.
Right, in, out, and down. – And the joy to the other foot.
– Again. Okay. Good. Stay with Emily. No big deal. Doesn’t matter if you’ve done
left or right first. Keep moving. Water bottles down.
No big deal. This is our last hurrah. Stay strong,
stay with it. 10 more seconds. Stay strong core… …abs, booty, arm, shoulders. One more… …and down. Those are killers I know. – Yes. So you see why we didn’t do this thing…. …at the first of the exercise because
we had that to wait for. Alright. Let’s stretch it out. So let’s sit back.
Onto our knees. For those of you who have funky knees,
this is not going to work for you as my guess. So take Sukhasana easy pose
so you can be here. You can also if you like it, take mermaid
that we started in. So whatever pose that is comfortable
for you. As long the heart rate come down.
Deep breath up and in… …and exhale down. Once again, inhale up. Exhale down. One more time. Breathe it up and exhale down. Let’s bring the left arm up overhead. Grab it with the right wrist. For those of you at home it’s probably
right hand and left wrist. And take it over. Feel free to close your eyes and feels
comfortable to do so. Let the eyebrows be heavy instead
of squinchy. Maybe do a lion’s tongue. To open up and release the jaw.
Bring the arms up. Grab the opposite wrist and take it over. Continue to let the heart rate come down. We’re keeping the head above the heart. As we come down the heart rate
will not dropping the head below the heart just yet. Because we don’t want to cause dizziness,
fatigue and nausea. Bring the arms back up and down. From here, I’ll come to the side to show
you guys. Emily is going to stay where she is. We’re going to do a different version of
cat-cow here. Then we would normally do to open up
the chest and the back. So from here, reach the arms behind you… …lift the chest, lift the heart… …just like we would if we were
doing cow pose. And then round it forward.
Fingertips long round the spine. And just like we would do cat pose. So it’s basically a flexion of the spine… …that rounding and now we switch it. …extension of the spine that
lifting up the heart, lifting up the chest. One more time, walk it forward,
round the spine… …and then walk it in. Good. All right. Let’s take a stretch for the legs. Last but certainly not least sitting on
your tushes. Maybe move the flesh out of the way. I’ve got little access underneath them
and I’ve got to move. Sitting bones are down, do a little dance. Arms up! Lead with your heart,
not your chin… …and taking forward so you can still keep
at above of the heart. If you feel like you can and you
would like to… …you can feel free to drop the head… …as long as it doesn’t cause any dizziness… …cause we were working with the… …potential, the strength, the intensity that
I know that you were… …I want to keep you guys safe and healthy. So keep the head up unless it does not
feel good on your neck. Should be feeling hopefully stretching
the hamstrings. – Great. And then let’s release. All right all you have to do now… …is enjoy the rest of your day. – Emily.
– Bye. Nicely done sister. Bye guys.
Thanks again


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