The One SIMPLE Rule To BUILD Muscle

to build muscle you technically need to
be following this one rule and you will be able to build muscle while training
we’ll get into that right now all right what is going on guys my name is mark
from superhuman fitness and today we’re gonna be talking about the one little
trick one tip the one rule you need to be following to help you guys build
muscle while training but here’s the thing guys you guys can train all you
want with all the right methods but if you guys don’t have a proper diet you’re
not gonna get the games you want or you’re not gonna lose the fat that you
want to lose with that being said if you guys do want to learn more about the
fitness journey or if you guys just want to support my channel any of that make
sure you guys do start off by slapping the sub button and turning on post
notifications so you don’t miss a single video with your diet in place and now
you’re trying to work out right but there’s certain guidelines you need to
follow I’m a calling guidelines certain stuff you need to follow to make sure
that you actually get the right sort of training and the thing is guys is
there’s different type of training like you can be working out thinking you’re
building muscle and you’re getting stronger but like you’re not building
that much more muscle you’re lifting like 100 pounds more you’re like what is
this and that’s probably because you’re doing it your reps too low you’re doing
higher intensity than you’re sure we’re gonna be getting into all that the first
thing I would recommend if you are trying to build muscle is two times a
week that’s it that’s a rule so two times a week per muscle so you could do
like a uh a three day split twice a week or you could do a two days split twice a
week you guys could do anything that hit the same muscle twice that’s the first
thing that’s your frequency but now when you’re actually in the gym what should
you be doing to hit those muscles so I recommend anywhere between three and
four sets no more than four sets guys and stay between the ten or we can say
the nine to 12 rep range guys so you can do nine to twelve reps and that’s gonna
be focused on hypertrophy cuz hypertrophy is what you need to build
muscle so stick between nine and twelve reps for three to four sets and that
should get you consistent results but what you need to focus on next is your
actual intensity during that workout so you can’t be doing like your max weight
expecting to do like four sets of that on twelve reps because
guys simply can’t do that so you need to focus like figure out what numbers work
for you what numbers can you do exactly that amount of reps with for that many
sets you know what I mean like it’s like a science behind it and once you guys
figure that stuff out that’s when your gains are gonna get maximized the
intensity out of the way too you need to look at your rest time so you’re doing
everything perfect but now you’re like screwing to Instagram right after your
workout try to stay between 30 seconds to a minute between sets to get the best
out of your rest time possible so with that in place guys you now know your
perfect workout routine you got everything you need to know you got your
numbers all right now once you guys have everything in your
diet in place that’s when you’ll start seeing gains I really do want to see if
you guys get where you do want to go so let me know in the comments below make
sure you slap a like on this video if you liked it comment guys peace


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