The Making of Ragnarok: Ep 4 | Life After Ragnarok

We’re sneaking a peek. There’s something about the handshake,
showing your personality, seeing if there’s chemistry.
You will be working together. If you’re meeting a director
or a casting agent, you’re able to show who you are
and what you can do, in a live setting, it has a much bigger value. But… to each his own.
I get that “self-tape” is the thing now. My mom is a dancer and did gymnastics, and my dad sings
and has done variety shows. So I thought I might give
what they did a shot. Along with dancing came singing, with the singing came some text,
and then I wanted to do movies. And then I got bitten by the movie bug. In junior high school
we performed Grease. That was the first time I fell in love
with acting. A lot of kids say that they’re going to be
an actor, artist, or rock star, but I just held on to that dream. When you go to auditions you have to remember that a “no”
doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It simply means that the part
is not for you. I’ve done two TV shows, but I’ve gotten so many no’s,
and that’s just the way it is. You just have to dig deep within yourself: “I will do this! I’ll make this happen!”
Then you’ll actually succeed. Should I get a black coffee
or a caramel mocha frappe… -We get a lot of guys who order the mocha.
-Really? OK. At about the same time
I finished filming Ragnarok, a lot of my friends were done
with school and work. So I timed it with the summer vacation. All of my friends are within
a five minute walking distance, so we’re a group of childhood friends
who go back and hang out in summer. All my friends played soccer,
or bandy, which is like ice hockey with a ball. All my friends played,
so I gave it a shot, but I realised I had no talent whatsoever
for any sports. Exercise actually has a massive impact
on my career. Because body and mind are linked, if my body feels strong,
then I feel stronger mentally as well. For me, Thai boxing doesn’t just mean
that you’re being violent to each other. It’s about something else as well. When everything else was chaotic,
it was the only thing that worked, going to the gym. I made progress and noticed results, so I just focused all my time and energy
on making that work. And then everything else fell into place. If I had to describe myself
using three words: Goal oriented, happy and clumsy. I just take things in stride. I don’t plan much. -Good morning.
-Good morning. With training, at least when it comes
to Thai boxing, which is so physical… You really have to focus on
what you’re doing all the time, and be present,
conscious of what you’re doing. Otherwise, you might injure your opponent,
or injure yourself. It takes focus and discipline. It’s so important. I broke my nose when sparring, but that was at another gym in London. I broke the cartilage. -You OK?
-Yeah. It’s about respect, because I trusted her
to not beat me up. Sometimes I take too much crap,
even though I know I shouldn’t. Maybe I should be more like Iman. I put my foot down, but not always. But sometimes it’s best
to keep your mouth shut. So maybe Iman should be a bit like me. Smile. Love a bike. That’s how we roll.
Oh my God, things are going well. Now there’s a face I haven’t seen in ages. We’re going to… …to Copenhagen… …on an eco-friendly flight. -Are you sure?
-No. …flight to Copenhagen
is now ready for boarding. Yeah, David is already on board.
Let’s see if can we find the others. -Who is David sitting next to?
-David is next to Christopher Nolan. So crazy. Wow, Jonas and I are so star struck
and we’re not even there. It’s just cool to know he’s there. Just that he’s been here today
makes me like… OK, let’s go! Hello! Hey. I arrived from Spain two hours ago,
so I’ve been hanging out for two hours. -Two hours ago?
-Yeah, my flight was at, like, four. Where are we, Herman? We’re in Copenhagen,
now we just have to get to the hotel. -Say something funny.
-No. -I can’t deal.
-Come on. -Remember to focus.
-We’ll just edit if it doesn’t show. You think so? I realised I know the
script writer intern. -Yeah, he’s new.
-For season two? We don’t know if there’s a season two. -That’s a good point.
-Fingers crossed. -An hour…?
-An hour and ten minutes. We have time for a dip in the pool. Welcome to Phoenix Hotel in Copenhagen. We have separate rooms. There are a lot of facilities that you
can enjoy during your stay here. Do you know which floor we’re on? -Which floor we’re waiting for?
-Which floor we ended up on. -No?
-I’m asking you. -About which floor we ended up on?
-Yeah. -Now, or after?
-No, that we’re staying on. -Where are we staying? Which floor?
-I don’t know yet. This is my floor, so… See you soon. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio. We have DiCaprio in the middle. I’m a musician, first and foremost, so studied at LIPA in England. I studied music,
I’ve always been a singer. I’ve always wanted to be
a musician, and an actor as well. I’ve been blessed with a couple of roles
in TV shows, so I’ve had the opportunity to do both. This is a treat. It’s one of
my absolute favorites, popcorn. Seaweed salad. Bye. I wrote Borrowed Time at a time
when I didn’t go to any lectures. Simply because I had no energy. I lacked motivation,
and normally I have a lot of motivation. But I kind of hit rock bottom. I canceled all my plans,
even the simplest of things. I was second-guessing myself: “Who am I,
and why would anyone listen to me?” Now we’re going to dance, and… Dance? Are we really? Am I going to perform
in front of these guys playing soccer? -Huh?
-Yeah, you’ll be dancing and… It’ll be fine. I’ve done scarier stuff. Tani and I met on my birthday. So nice. We did a little birthday dance
and then we went out. He was just riding his bike,
and I stood outside with my friends. That’s really cool. I’m on my way to an early meeting
at the Netflix headquarters here in LA. It’s time for the Ragnarok
postproduction voice recording. I’m not even remotely glamorous
behind the scenes. I’m curious to see what reception
Ragnarok will get.


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