The Jump Rope 360 Skill Tutorial (A Must Learn Jump Rope Trick)

Kyle: In today’s video, I’m bringing you the
coveted 360 jump rope skill. If you’ve been dying to learn this, this is
the tutorial for you. And in the process, you’re also gonna learn
the 180 because they go hand-in-hand. Remember to subscribe to the channel and hit
that bell, so you’ll be notified of new jump rope videos coming at you every week. Kyle: My name is Kyle Easter, and I have been
mastering the jump rope for at least 10 years now, and I know that learning new jump rope
skills can be very difficult because they’re performed so quickly it’s hard to extract
the little techniques and nuances on how to perform the trick in real time. So what I’m doing in this tutorial, for the
360 skill, is breaking it down for you, step by step in slow motion, so you’ll see exactly
how to do it and you don’t need to worry about whether you’re doing right. You’re gonna see it all, how it goes down. I’m even giving you a few different variations,
so you’ll be able to choose the best one that fits you. Kyle: If you are new to jumping rope, or you
just need a refresher, I have linked right up here my How to Jump Rope video, which covers
proper form and technique so you’ll know that you are building the proper foundation, so
you can enjoy the jump rope for years to come and continue to improve. Kyle: And if you’re looking for a new jump
rope, I highly suggest checking out Cross Rope jump ropes. I recommend them because they’re the only
jump rope system that I use. They’re a patented interchangeable jump rope
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them. They hooked me up with a 10% off code, which
you will find linked below. Go check them out. Kyle: All right, enough talk. Let’s jump in to this 360 skill. Kyle: Two prerequisite skills for the 360
jump are, backwards jumping, being able to at least 10 jumps, as well as side wings. Kyle: Let’s break the 360 skill down into
three steps. Step one, as you begin a side swing, pivot
your entire body following it around until you are facing the other way. Let the rope go over your head and get the
middle of the rope to hit you in your heels behind you. Kyle: Step two is simply adding in the reverse
jump. Kyle: Step three is a little more difficult. When you do the backwards jump, complete a
quarter turn, or a little less, so you can now follow the rope overhead, like a side
swing with the rope in the air. As the rope comes down, you will jump and
rotate forwards as the rope passes beneath you. You have now completed the jump rope 360. Kyle: When practicing the 360, don’t be afraid
to get the backward portion and remain backwards jumping for a few reps before going for the
full turn, just to get you used to transitioning between the two. Kyle: When transitioning from backwards back
to forwards, if your rope is getting too much of a side swing, like shown here, and catching
on your foot, just like that, here is an option for you. You can do this optional side swing. So when you come back around, go all the way
across your body, perform a side swing, then jump the rope. Now, you’re gonna be right back into your
normal rhythm. Kyle: Once you have mastered the first technique,
or even the optional side swing, now you can try even removing the backwards jump, or adding
in style. In this version, instead of doing the backwards
jump, when the rope is overhead I continue turning and let the rope drop down in a side
swing behind me. Make sure you point the handles backwards,
so the rope gets away from your feet. Kyle: You can add style to your 360 by starting
off with a cross. All the sequential steps are the same after
that. Just remember, if you’re turning left your
right arm is on top of the cross. If turning right, your left arm is on top. Kyle: I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, be sure to hit that like button
below. Again, subscribe to the channel, hit the notification
bell, so you’ll be notified of new videos every week and leave a comment of what skill
you would like me to cover next, and I will see you in the next one.


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