The Golden Girl – Jemyma Betrian

Hello I’m Jemayma Betrian, Im 23 years old,
and I’m from Holland. My fight name is ” The Golden Girl” When I was 19 years old, I was apart of Dutch
Boxing Team, I was in a tournament with 108 girls.
I won the tournament I was the best fighter of the evening
They gave me the name “The Golden Girl” and I use it still.
I think it is a good name for me. You know I think a lot of people already know
Jemyma already in Muay Thai. The fight thats coming up we train hard, it
is going to be amazing. We have some surprises, they have to stay tuned because I don’t think
it will be a long fight. I’m Jemyma Betrian, and you are watching World
Championship Kickboxing on Fox


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