The End Of Dieting by Joel Fuhrman Book Review

Hello and HAPPY DAY! Have you reminded yourself to
slow down today? To reduce the noise? To listen?
My name is Igor, SF Walker. I am here to remind people to slow down. To reduce the noise.
To walk their lives into a natural flow. Welcome back to the Book of the Week series.
Every week as I read another amazing title, I share it with world. Today we look at: “The
End of Dieting” by Joel Fuhrman On this amazing journey, understanding what
my body is and how it functions, and functions optimally is critical. My vessel, my temple,
my spacesuit. It is very clear that it all starts with BREATH. It is certainly key and
the beginning and end of the physical body. Direct interaction with the universe comes
through our gut, as our BODY intakes liquids and foods and interacts directly with the
world. The way our body functions, determines the level of awareness of what our MIND truly
is. Understanding what kind of a network is at play here and acceptance that mind is not
just our cranial brain and the storyteller that lives there is sure to follow. A lot
more is at play here. As we understand more and work with our body,
our mind follows and we do connect into our SOUL. “Body, Mind, Soul” term used and abused
without fully understanding what each of these tree represents, means and most importantly
how do we participate. “The End of Dieting” is simply a MUST read.
Its a manual, its a cookbook, its knowledge, it is awareness, it is the TRUTH. Do you know
what NUTRITARIAN means? How Nutritious is the food you eat? KNOW your
FOOD. “I am not asking you to diet. I am asking
you to change your fundamental beliefs about food.” If you have enjoyed this video, please do
like it. Share it with the world. Subscribe to my channel. You can find a direct link
to this book in the description below. Get it. Read.
Thank you Love&Respect

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