The End Is Not The End

65% of people who are requesting
information like Kierston talked about. There in your Facebook groups. They said, “Oh that sounds interesting.” 65% of them are not going to purchase for at
least three months. That’s a real stat and 20% of them are going to take 12
months or more. We talked about the people who were living in their car or
were an addict or or they you know I was homeless at one point and we talked
about all of these stories but I’ll tell you something. I know some of you have
people like that on your list and you’re not following up because you’ve told
yourself a story. They don’t have the money. They’re not going to be
interested. If you genuinely care about people you will follow up and
follow up and follow up as long as it takes. The professionals in this audience
never, ever, ever take people off their list. Because things change. Write this
down. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person at the right time. You
cannot say the wrong thing to the right person at the right time. 70% of
purchasing decisions come from a desire to solve a problem. So, we need to get to
a person’s point of pain. And Kierston and I when we were preparing our training,
what we talked about is you’re not just recruiting new people into your team.
Some of you need to recruit in your team. Some of the people you’ve already
recruited and their people and so on and so on and so on,
they have points of pain and you’re wondering why don’t they go to an event?
Why don’t they rank advance? When was the last time you picked up the phone and
you spent 20 minutes talking to someone about their pain? Lisa Grossman says
everyone walks around with these signs just love me. And it doesn’t matter how
together someone looks on the outside. We all have pain. We all have pain. Each and
every one of us. People will move toward pleasure but more so away from pain. So,
when your following up and I get people
all the time oh no one’s signing up with me and I’m like do you know their pain?
Because if you don’t have any points of leverage. 80% of sales require
five follow ups. So, last night I was in my hotel room and I decided I was going to
watch some television and there I am and I’ve got the television on and I’m
clicking the remote and nothing’s happening. There’s no sound. The
television is not moving. I’m like what the heck? So, I do all the stuff like I turn
it off and I turn it on. Right, I did that. And then I go around to the back of the
television I’m like turn it off, turn it on. And I was raised by a single dad. Any
single parents in the room? Shouts out to you guys.
So, I was raised by single dad. My dad taught me, he is like before you ask for help try
and fix it yourself. So, there I am clicking and I’m unplugging and finally
I’m like I’m just calling maintenance. So, the maintenance guy comes up. His name
was Chris and I said Chris I’m sure it’s on me. I’m doing something wrong and he
looks at me and he takes the remote and he starts clicking the volume. Click,
click, click, click, click and I still don’t hear anything.
Click, click, click, click, click and it gets to the end of the
volume bar and click, click, click, click, click and suddenly the sound comes on.
And he looked at me and he said sometimes the end is not the end. I was like
dang you know that was some wisdom right there in my hotel room. Some
television wisdom it’s better than Dr. Phil. And the people on your list. The
people on your team. The end is not to end. The end is not the end. Hey my name
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