The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Dieting

hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider and in this
video I want to share with you the biggest mistake you can make with losing
body fat the biggest mistake you can make and losing body fat is by trying to
lose more than 2 or 3 pounds of body fat on average per week what I mean by that
is first of all if you go on a fat loss diet you might lose 5 pounds the first
week the reason why you might lose 5 pounds the first week is because you
lowered your chloric deficit lower your calories later in a caloric deficit and
maybe a lot of it’s coming from carbohydrates so carbohydrates hold on
to grams of water molecules and overall that weight will accumulate 2 pounds of
water weight loss and you might have lost one or two pounds of body fat on
top of that so the first week is not a great gauge to say oh you’re gonna keep
losing 5 pounds of body fat per week now if you keep losing 5 pounds of body fat
per week because you’re in such an extreme chloric deficit that will peak
and that will peak fast and then when you peak fast will not have much room to
go more in the Clerc that’s a 6 you’re already an extreme core deficit which
causes eating disorders then and what ends up happening is you will rebound
from that and let’s just say you do get down to a very lean body fat percentage
you’ve probably lost a ton of muscle mass at the same time you’ve probably
lost a lot of energy you’ve probably lost a lot of sex drive if testosterone
levels all over why do I know this because I’ve done it I’ve done this and
it sucks you will not be able to get it up or be able to even have a sex drive
to have sex with your partner you will get angrier you will start to lose your
temper more you might say and do bad stuff to other people and to yourself
out of reaction of being hungry your testosterone levels will drop you
just aren’t gonna feel that either and your muscle mass will shrink and you
will lose strength as well so when you go from a hundred pound dumbbell presses
with and you go down to 80 that’s real loss and muscle and strength
and it will shown you overall physique as well I want to tell you a lot of us
are look at that quick fix which is fine you might be able to do it for a week
but if you’re trying to continue doing this body fat loss
especially for a long-term gain you don’t want to lose more than one or two
pounds per week on average a body fat that is and it will cost eating
disorders you may get body dysmorphic disorder works like oh my god it was
looking so great and then you gain a little weight and you get obsessive with
the way you look and then you’re just never lean enough or big enough and that
kind of happens with bodybuilders and people and fitness anyway but it’s gonna
be a lot more extreme if you try out lose body fat that quickly that
drastically as well so I really want to let you know that is one of the biggest
mistakes you can make in getting your fat loss journey and that’s when if you
look at the biggest losers almost all of them gain all that weight back and then
more and then when they gain me more if their cells become more hyperplastic so
what that means is that their fat cells are actually getting so enlarged their
cells that they split apart and then those cells can get larger and then they
split apart and those cells get larger the problem with that is it’s permanent
you don’t actually reduce the amount of fat cells you just shrink it in size so
that’s why you watch you get fatter at the end of it and you’ll gain more fat
because of that alright I hope that enjoyed I hope you guys enjoyed that
video got something from if this sounds like you then I really wanted to let you
know that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in a fat loss journey so if
you really want a proper one that structured for you on how to lose 1 to 2
pounds per week and you can use it to structure your own lifestyle make it
very more enjoyable and you feel like you have a little bit more freedom with
your food and not have the food work for you not be obsessed with the food but
have the work but have the food work with you and basically you control and
master your food instead of a food controlling and master
you it’s in one of my courses it’s um one of my links below it’s my website
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channel and I’ll see you guys soon


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