The Best Way To Build Muscle Mass When You Hit A Plateau

Hey, what’s up guys? Troy here with,
chilling out here in Palos Verdes, Southern California. Absolutely beautiful location
– take it all in from every angle. They actually supposedly filmed a bunch of scenes from the
Pirates of the Caribbean movies along this coastline through here, so a pretty badass
location. Thought you guys would enjoy it. I want to dive right into how to build muscle
fast once you’ve hit a plateau, and this is something that I personally experienced at
a few different times in my life. I want to really dive right in and tell you guys what’s
worked for me and what helped me burst through these plateaus because you guys want those
gains, man. You want to keep on gaining muscle mass; you want to keep on increasing your
strength levels as high as you can go. I know that when you hit a plateau, you lose motivation,
you stop getting excited about going to the gym, and when you’re not excited about going
to the gym, it’s just not fun anymore. So I want to keep you guys excited. So these are little things that I’ve done
to burst through a plateau. I recently hit a plateau I’d say six to eight months ago,
and a lot of the tips from this video are actually things that I just kind of came up
with on my own to get through the plateau. I actually increased my bench press by 50
pounds. Now I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, and I was able to burst through the plateau.
So let me dive right in and teach you guys how to do the exact same thing. First and foremost, the single, most important
aspect to getting through a plateau where you just ramp up your muscle building and
your strength gains again, is to go in the gym for one month and do not repeat the same
workout at all. I’m talking about literally the exercises and the rest periods and just
the whole workout. Go on the gym for one month and do not do the same thing ever, two times
in a row. You can do this in a lot of really creative
ways. You can do – you have your supersets, you have your drop sets, you have your pre-fatigue,
your reverse negatives. Get really creative with just coming up with different strategies
that are going to help you guys build muscle, help you guys pack on strength. One thing that I started going, I was stuck
on my bench press for a year and I was just not bench pressing any more weight. I was
going in the gym and I was doing the same routine over and over again, and I was just
pretty much – I’ve load up 185, do a little warmup set, and then I’d throw on two plates.
Almost like every single workout I was just seeing how many times I could do 225, and
I noticed I was not getting any stronger. I was pretty much staying at the same for
a really extended period of time. So what I did as I was just like, “Screw it.
I’m going to completely change it up.” So I started doing really heavy reverse negative
sets where you’re going down really slow, and you have someone actually press down and
try to resist them. I was doing heavy reverse negative sets focusing on the eccentric portion
of the set when you’re going down slow. This actually elongates the muscle mass and helps
you get stronger. So I started focusing on that. I started doing
really crazy drop sets where I would do four drop sets in a row. I did one where I was
like 275, 245, 225 and 185 – some really, really hardcore drop sets – and yeah, it was
super challenging, but I started getting strong instantly. I started just feeling like a beast,
and I literally was increasing my bench 5 to 10 pounds every single week, and I started
doing this with everything. Now a lot of you beginner weightlifters, I
definitely don’t recommend doing drop sets and supersets like the squat and the deadlift
and exercises like that. But with things like the bench press, it’s a lot easier and a lot
of the upper body exercises, it’s a lot easier to do this.
Get really creative; do pre-fatigue sets. Maybe you do a bunch of pec fly before you
hit the bench press; maybe you do leg extension to fatigue your quads, and then you do squats
and leg presses. So just get really creative. Challenge what you know. Do different kinds
of workouts than you’ve ever done before. I cannot recommend that enough. Second tip that I started doing is I just
started challenging all the basics. I’m not saying, “Don’t take people’s advice.”
Obviously, I’m giving you guys advice right now. I’m not saying completely ignore that,
but it’s important to challenge what you know sometimes in a sense that I started doing
things that you would never, ever read about, or you would never – people would never give
you this advice to get stronger, but it worked for me. I can promise you – I gained 50 pounds
on almost every single compound exercise by doing this. I started working out a muscle group and a
compound exercise movement that did the same muscle group, two days in a row. Because I
was doing these compound exercises with 3-4 days in between, and I wasn’t getting stronger,
so I was like, “What’s the worst that can happen?” I’ve really never seriously hurt
myself; I’ve been working out a long time. So I did, for instance, one day – it was a
Monday – I did really heavy bench press. The next day, on a Tuesday, I did really heavy
decline and incline bench, and I think I threw in some dumbbell. And then I wouldn’t do chest
again for three or four days. I don’t know what it was – and I’m not saying
this is going to work for you; I’m just telling you guys what’s worked for me. I’m a naturally
skinny guy just like you, but if you’ve been in the gym for a long time – I mean, you want
to shock the muscle in different ways. So by working out a muscle group two days in
a row, I actually had a lot of success with it. I really could care less about the negative
comments I may get on this; it’s just – if it worked for me, who’s to say that it’s bad
or it’s not going to help you? So try it out. Just make sure you guys, if you’re really
sore, never work out a muscle group. I’m at the point where I train really hard, and I
don’t really get sore. So I went really hard on – I did 5, 6 sets. I think I did some drop
sets and some really hardcore stuff on the flat bench, and then I went right into the
next day – just four heavy sets of incline and decline bench, and it worked really good
for me. I did the same thing with barbell row for my arms and my back. I would do one
day where I’d do five really heavy sets of barbell row this way, and then the next day,
I’d do some T-bar row and I’d do some underhand grip barbell row, and then I’d rest that muscle
group for 3-4 days. So don’t be afraid to challenge what you know,
guys. I’ve always been a little bit stubborn; I’ve always liked to challenge authority,
so to speak. I’m not saying that’s a good or bad way to be, but it’s given me some really,
really good results when I’ve hit a plateau. Come up with some really cool stuff, let me
know the best and creative workouts that you guys can come up with that’ll help you guys
burst through your personal plateaus, and make sure you let me know in the comments
because I’m always willing to learn from other people, and I’m always willing to try new
things. So let me know what you guys come up with. Last but not least, this is kind of the x-factor
to your personal motivation, is one thing that I noticed that’s really powerful is to
pick a training partner that’s stronger than you or who has a physique that you’re aspiring
to achieve. Just like for me, personally, I’ve never gotten the chance to work out with
some of the people that I look up to, but I know that if I worked out with Lazar Angelov,
I would probably have the craziest, most high-intensity workout of my life because I would just be
so amped up, because I’m training with someone who’s at the level that I want to be at. It’s
almost like, if you’re in sports, they say the quickest way to improve in a sport is
to play with people better than you, and it’s the same thing with working out. You want
to work out with people who are stronger than you; don’t pick the friend who’s really weak
and feeds your ego because you can bench press a hundred more pounds than him. Pick the friend
– almost like, find a fitness mentor, a little workout partner that’s mentor, and just say,
“Hey man, you got a great physique, blah, blah, blah” however you want to do it. That
sounds a little weird but however you want to go about it, just see if you can work out
with them one day. Just be like, “You know, I’m really into this; I’m not getting stronger.
I want to see what you’re doing. I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone and
I want to learn from you.” Go about that, find a good workout partner. Another thing that I do is I switch up my
gym all the time. Now I have the advantage of living in Los Angeles; I go to 24 Hour
Fitness, and I have the advantage of going to all these different locations because – you’re
a member of one, you have access to all these different locations. But I do notice that
if I go to the same gym for too long, you kind of get in the same routine, you start
chatting with the same people every day, so I just notice that when I go to different
gyms, at any given week, I might go to three or four different gyms – that’s a little extreme.
If you guys live in small cities, you might not have that advantage, but you can still
maybe one day go – if it’s a nice day – you could do a body weight workout outdoors. Just
always change up the gym; always change up the location to stimulate motivation. Another thing that’s really helped me is find
a really good, online fitness mentor – whether it be me, whether it be someone else. I can
personally tell you that I have learned so much from Greg Plitt in and
all his awesome members’ area videos. There are so many really, really good fitness mentors
out there, so pick someone who’s going to motivate you. Everyone has their own style;
everyone responds differently to different forms of motivation, so pick someone who you
can learn from – someone that you respect, someone who’s – someone who has a physique
that you aspire to have. It’s no sense picking Ronnie Coleman as your fitness mentor because
the dude has freakish genetics! I could literally workout and eat perfect for the rest of my
life and I will never look close to him. That’s why I say pick someone who has a physique
you aspire to look like. So that’s it guys. Those are three things
that helped me tremendously burst through my personal plateaus, and I know they’re going
to help you guys get really strong, blast through those plateaus, keep those gains coming,
get you guys shredded for beach season and bulking season and every kind of weightlifting
season in the future. So that’s it guys.


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