The Best Supplements for Cutting in 2020 (and why)

what’s up you guys in this video we’re
gonna be talking about the best supplements for cutting. There’s gonna be
timestamps in the description below as well as links to all the products that I
mentioned in this video so there are four categories of supplements that are
best for cutting in my opinion also one more thing to note you guys before I
start this video there’s not one supplement on this list that you 100%
need to see success in your cut these are just recommendations they’re there
to supplement hence the name your cut your diet whatever you want to call it
so don’t think you have to buy these if you have the extra money item it’ll help
you a little bit but it’s not going to be the main factor of your success while
cutting down with that being said let’s get to it so there are four categories
of supplements that are best for cutting in my opinion the first being protein
and so there are two protein supplements that I think are the best there’s legion
way plus and there’s optimum nutrition and I’m leaning towards optimum
nutrition being the better option just because of Christ which I’ll get to in a
second so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative but that’s also high
quality then you should go with optimum nutrition and they’re not the best
tasting protein powder however it does the job it’s high-quality it’s just not
the best flavor and if you’re looking for to spend a couple extra dollars and
get it better tasting a great tasting protein powder legion Whey plus is the
way to go one reason why is because the amount of protein per scoop the
difference between the protein per scoop in grams is low meaning there’s 22 grams
of protein per scoop and each scoop is 29 grams which means there’s a
difference of seven grams there right which means there are seven grams of
other things that aren’t protein in each scoop which is the main reason you’re
buying a protein powder right with optimum nutrition I believe there’s a
difference a six gram difference okay now so most cheap low-quality protein
powders they have a difference of 10 grams 11 grams 20 grams and that stuff
is just pure shit so don’t buy anything with a with a high protein per scoop
difference you don’t want to you don’t want to invest in that even if it’s
super cheap that that’s just trash trash protein powder so those are the two best
protein supplements in my opinion now why do we want to have protein while
we’re cutting well when we’re cutting calories are low obviously you have to
eat less calories too lose weight and so when calories are low
the potential to lose muscle just grows and grows right to lose muscle to lose
string and that’s why the importance of protein grows higher when your calories
are lower okay to keep that muscle to keep that strength and a protein powder
helps you ensure that you’re getting enough protein each and every day while
you’re cutting I recommend one gram of protein per pound of body weight in
pounds now protein powders are an easy quick convenient way to get a couple
grams of protein here and there you can just have a shake you can pour some in
your oatmeal and your pancakes you can do a million different things with
protein powder again it’s convenient and that’s why I recommend it for cutting
and I believe that Legion Plus protein or the
optimum nutrition gold standard whey plus our whey protein is the way to go
so the next category of supplements that are best for cutting is a pre-workout
now my favorite is legion pulse from legion athletics the best pre-workout
I’ve ever tried I promise you I have a full review which you can check out on
my channel there’s no other pre-workout that I would take besides this one this
is the best pre-workout ever period why do you need a pre-workout I’m not saying
it’s necessary to have a pre-workout while cutting I just think it’s very
helpful now again while calories are low while you’re cutting we’re trying to
lose weight energy isn’t that at its highest or that at the highest potential
it could be and that’s why pre workouts are important while cutting I think
because you want to have as much energy as you can in those workouts you’re
you’re not eating as much as you would normally and so you want to have more
energy for those workouts and when you’re cutting weights can feel heavy
you don’t may not want to do that run all this all these things to take into
account while cutting which is why I think supplementing with the pre-workout
can take your workouts to the next level especially when you have one as good as
légion pulse again I have a full review about it on my channel check that out in
a link in the description also when you’re buying a pre-workout if you don’t
believe me and you don’t want to try Clete chin pulse and you have a
different brand or you’re looking for a different brand whenever you’re buying a
pre-workout make sure that it’s not super cheap I don’t care if it’s $12 $15
don’t buy it they might have all the right ingredients
however there’s so little of that right ingredient that it’s it won’t even you
won’t even see the benefits of that ingredient something like Legion Post
has all the right ingredients and also the right clinically effective dosages
which is why it’s costs what it costs so make sure to check that out in the
description and whichever brand you buy make sure it’s not super cheap or else
you will be wasting money alright the third supplement that is best for
cutting is creatine now if I could choose one supplement to buy out of this
entire list of this video it’s gonna be creatine especially while cutting this
is I’m gonna help you maintain your strength your endurance your muscle it’s
basically the best supplement to have while cutting again we talked about
while calories are low the higher potential to lose muscle strength all
these things is how they are higher so creatine is it’s cheap it’s easy to do
you can put this in water and your protein shakes in your food it’s
unflavored especially this one I just recommend going with the optimum
nutrition micronized creatine powder there’s also a pill format I don’t I
just do the powder this is just super easy to take five grams each and every
day while you’re cutting it’s just the most obvious supplement to take while
cutting I promise you you won’t go you won’t go wrong with taking creatine
every day and if you’re worried about creatine being unsafe there are it’s the
most studied supplement out there now I’m not a doctor if you have problems
from taking creatine don’t come after me but there’s been thousands of studies
about creatine as being the safest one of the safest supplements to take so if
you’re cutting please please please please be taking creatine I mean this
one creatine is pretty cheap and this is the best one
it’s simple is easy there’s also other ones but I go with autism nutrition and
have been for years alright the last and final category of the best supplements
for cutting is a fat burner now you’ll notice a trend here probably that the
Legion athletic supplements I’ve been using them for years I have a review of
every Legion athletic supplement that I’ve taken so check those out of my
channel but Legion Phoenix is the best fat burner in my opinion I’ve been
a fat boy for a very long time and I’ve cut multiple times
Phoenix always has been my choice a fat burner now now like I said in the
beginning of this video no supplement on on this list it’s gonna
be the main reason why you see success in your cut now if you need something to
give you that extra push Phoenix will help you out as well as a lot of other
fat burners what most fat burners do is they allow you to burn more calories per
day throughout the day now in Phoenix this case allows you to burn like fifty
to a hundred calories extra per day which they say which is what they say on
their website will allow you to lose maybe half a pound extra per week right
and that’s not incredible but they’re not lying to you like other fat burners
which say you’re gonna lose 10 pounds in a week or whatever they promise most fat
burners are shit I recommend Legion legion athletics
Phoenix again I have a full review on my channel if you want to check that out
again fat burners are there just to help you burn more calories throughout the
day they’re not necessary if you just want that extra kick and you want to
speed up your process of losing fat then a fat burner may help you however your
diet and your workouts already have to be in check you can’t how train a bad
diet regardless if you’re taking fat burners whatever those are the four
categories of supplements that I believe are best for cutting again there’s
protein a pre-workout supplement creatine and a fat burner and so the top
ones for each category is I believe Legion way plus if you’re looking for if
you’re looking to spend a few extra dollars for the best taste
I think the Legion way plus is the best protein powder you can also go with
optimum nutrition it’s a little cheaper sometimes and you get more protein
however the taste isn’t the best however it is still high quality for a
pre-workout there’s no other option that I would choose I don’t even look
anywhere else just try Legion Posts I promise you you’re not gonna be
disappointed Allegiant pulse is a great pre-workout
again creatine if you are being to buy any supplement from this video buy
creatine I use optimum nutrition have been for years it works there’s no other
option that I would choose from this list except for this one and the last
supplement is a fat burner now again these can help you burn a couple extra
calories here and there and in legions case you can burn like 50 to 100
calories per day and then lose an additional half
pound per week it’ll help speed up the process again
it’s not magic your diet and everything has to be in check so hope you guys like
this video let me know what your favorite supplement is in the comments
below like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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