The Best BBQ Ever

Hey, everyone, this is Monica, coach Monica, and I’m here to, just continue bring you into my family recipes. The recipe that I want to introduce you to
today is called – Involtini. And, I used to think that my family household recipes were like this big secret. And … It had to be prepared exactly the way that
it was taught to me. But, I’ve learned over the years that Involtini
in Italian just means – rolled. And that it… it could be any kind of meat that you roll. And that ingredients inside of it, as… as… deflated by a cooking show, told me that I
could put whatever ingredients I want in it because they did completely different ingredients. So this is.. this is the kind of stuff that
is to your liking and also to what you have in your kitchen. I thought like it was really serendipitous
today, though that I was able to get… from… from Susie’s farms, the organic Italian parsley. From the good farm box, that we get from the
elementary school, and then have some cloves of garlic. And basically, what am I gonna do is add a
couple of cloves of garlic and start to add some of the leaves of the
Italian parsley. And then a little salt and pepper and I’m gonna start create a stuffing. And then I’ll show you the next step in just
a second. So, I used this food processor to chop the
Italian parsley and the garlic. And then I add it to a cup of breadcrumbs and a half of cup of Parmesan cheese and then just put a little salt and pepper
in it and I strew it. And this becomes the stuffing for the Involtini and you do not need a lot. You’re just gonna put a little bit inside
of the sliced meat, which I’ll show you in just a minute. All right. So, now I’m preparing the mean that I’m gonna
be putting the stuffing into, with some toothpicks. First, the best kind of meet for this is a
lean eye of round, which you could specially request from your butcher if it isn’t available. Otherwise, just look, it actually says eye
of round. And then, you are going to thinly slice. Again, if you have a really good butcher,
make friends with him and ask him to thinly slice it for you; the entire roast into these thin little…
patties or whatever they are. So, I’m just gonna slice a couple and then I’m gonna show you how to roll them and prepare them and you, honestly, will be the most favorite
person at your barbecue. OK. So, the last part, I just use a little
bit of olive oil. I’m gonna say a table spoon of olive oil. And it gets the meat moist and then breadcrumbs stick to it. So, Dave, you might wanna zoom in on this, so that they can actually see the preparation. It is zoomed. It is zoomed? Al right. It is as zoomed as it is gonna get. So, I spread out the meat. This is not for the faint of touching raw
meat. Because definitely, I flattened out the insides
here, with the stuffing and then, I roll the meat up. And then, I take some toothpicks and I stick
them through. And they’ll go straight on the barbecue like
that. Like that. Just two or one more like so you can what
I’m doing. Again, they don’t come out perfect. Roll it up. Stick the tooth pics in. And you’re set. So, in order to prepare these Involtinies,
just heat you barbecue up. I also saw them cooked in a saute pan. That was lightly coated with olive oil or
coconut oil. It’s entirely up to you. Coconut oil. The coco… they are not going to… They’re not gonna burn, because the bread on the inside is gonna allow them to slow cook. So, they are really juicy on the inside and you can get them all roasty on the outside, like, to your liking. Medium well… to They cook pretty fast though.
– They do cook, they do cook. – Yeah. You wanna watch ’em and they cook. And again, you can use it with any kind of meat. And… Meat or chicken, or like you can use with
chicken or with, with lean beef. And… We never tried it with fish and then… you can use any kind of stuffing you want. We did it with almond.
– Yes. And… and… – Almond flower. Almond flower – instead of bread crumbs. Instead of bread crumbs. – Yes. And, we still use the parmesan cheese. So, then, you use whatever you have in your,
in your kitchen. If you wanna use basil and you like the flavorings
of basil and garlic, you can do that. – Let me ask you a question. In a addition to this, what’s going on behind you? What’s all that about? – Well, this is mine inspiration. I’m actually cooking, because, this is probably totally out of the line, that I watched this movie last night called Forks over knifes. And it was an argument for a plant based diet. Super-fascinating movie, on of course, my ears
are always… I’m always listening to Missy Costello, from
Karma Chow, who is the che… the personal chef of Tony Horton and it was a very compelling argument. So, although I’m very fascinated with watching
all this go down I’m actually going to make myself, homemade
tomato soup. So, I started with the tomatoes but I want to add density to the soup, without
adding dairy, because the argument was against animal products. Sorry Mr. Primal. And… dairy products. And now… I’m going to boil those down and puree them
to into a very delicious tomato soup. I added a couple of things. Like, a little
two cloves of garlic, two carrots, one cauliflower, three tomatoes, and a little bit of organic white cabbage. So, then you puree that? Is that what you’re
gonna do. I will puree all into a tomato soup and we’re gonna see if my daughter, the super sleuth is gonna actually know what it is, that is in there. She is actually suggest that I don’t tell
her what’s in it, because she finds herself falling in love
with the presentation and the process and as long as she doesn’t know
what the ingredients are I know I tell her to read labels, but as long as she doesn’t know
what the ingredients are, I can shove loads of vegetables into
things that normally wouldn’t contain the extra vegetables. Like, spaghetti sauce? Like spaghetti sauce, where… when you puree the tomatoes, you can also
boil in some carrots. onions and make it really savory without making it, without them seeing the chunks in it. I’m all about pureeing it. OK. Thank you for coming to my kitchen. I’ll be expecting my invitation to your Involtini
barbecue. Soon.


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